Living in the Charms of The World's Most Livable City

By Christina Kim - September 17, 2015


What makes a city to be ranked as the top Most Livable City in the World, for five consecutive years?

The environment?
The people?
The food?
The culture?
The climate?
The standards of living and the economy?
The development pace?
The education?

I would say, a little bit of everything.

There is really nothing not to like about Melbourne, and I am saying this based on my personal experience and with absolute honesty.

I spent ten days in this second most populous city in Australia and I enjoyed every moment I had with this city.
(Introduction to the city here)




There is just so much charm and allure in this place that words simply could not describe.
It seems as though there is a strong magnetic force that just pulls people into the realms of the city, and not ever wanting to leave.

It is a city that has, almost, everything.

From the vibrant city life filled with the buzz of a booming development to the momentary escape away from it all on the relaxing and breezy riverside with the city in the background, or there is always that welcoming lush greenery on the fringes of the city to offer that breath of fresh air and tranquility.






The beach is not too far away either; a short drive brings you to the amazing views of the sun over the horizon above the watery surface of the sea and greeted by the sandy beach dotted by colorful beach houses.

The breathtaking landscapes awaits on the outer parts of the city, winding through the rocky cliff roads with the raging sea below hitting high with their waving arms against the sharp edges while the awe-inspiring rocky masterpieces stand on its grounds, unnerved by the blazing winds.





Valleys and fruits of the earth beckons in the hills where grassy meadows abound softly treaded by the grazing cattle and sheep, decked in their fluffy skins.


Enjoy a glass of wine in the glass of the afternoon and be tempted by the fresh selection of mouthwatering seafood.

Be awakened by the sweet aroma of coffee for this is not a coffee capital for nothing with that scent of brewing coffee enveloping the alleys running through the city.




Be transported back in time with the mesmerizing history of the city, well preserved in most of their heritage buildings which are resplendent in their dated appearances bursting with their own stories and moments in time.



The weather is probably the only thing that is just perplexing though on a good note, it can be quite fascinating.
All those things that I have heard about the craziness of the weather in Melbourne?
Well, they are all true.
The four seasons could all happen in one single day, so there is no way to predict.
I have experienced it myself; it could all rain then it's sunny and then the winds blow you to the side and the chills freeze you to the bone.


One can never be too careful with dressing in layers in Melbourne; regardless the season and always have an umbrella.

There is so much to do, see and just enjoy in this city that the only constraint one could probably have is only time (and maybe energy)

There is just so much to say about this city and everything is good, that I actually found it hard to find something negative to say about Melbourne.
There's pretty much none, to be honest.

The toughest thing for me to do is to say goodbye to this city.


I just have so much I have yet to explore, and if there is one thing I have to nail about my trip, I would say that my time was too short-lived here.

There's too much to see and too little time.

Well, there's always the next time for I can see that this is on my list of places to visit, all the time.

I will be back, Melbourne, I am sure and I am already looking forward to my next visit.


Take my word for it, this is definitely a very livable and lovable city.

I could and I would live in Melbourne!~



*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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