Top Things to Do/See in Melbourne

By Christina Kim - September 17, 2015

There is just so much to see and do in Melbourne, that if there is one thing one really needs, that would be Time.

I have compiled the list of the places to visit; or at least must visit,  and things to do, if you are in Melbourne.

These are the best places, based on my humble opinion and also my experiences.

In any case you do not have much time but yet would love to take a peek at the city, the list could probably give you an insight of the beauty of the city (so you could plan your next and actual trip, where you actually have more time).

I would list the places; based on their convenience and also the attraction while considering the possibility of the accessibility (transportation, etc), in a prioritizing manner so you could at least board the plane and go back home with that perfect snapshot of Melbourne, without missing too much of what the city has to offer (there is much more, of course).

Please take note that this is just a guide and is not definitive at all; it is merely based on my opinion and experience.
I was also a tourist, though with a bit of help from the locals.
It serves as a reference and not an official manual/guide.


What to See/Places to Visit in Melbourne:
(Within the City) - not in any particular recommended order, though more of the proximity of the places to each other.

Take the City Tram (within the free zone) or Walk to the following places:


1. St Paul's Cathedral/Federation Square/Federation Wharf
It is not about the religion, but rather the fact that this is a heritage building and you could reach a few attractions within the area.


St Paul's Cathedral
Federation Square
Federation Wharf

Cross the street or capture that shot of Flinders Street Station from this area.

2. Walk along Princes Bridge to take in the view of the city and of the Yarra River
You can even capture that shot of the Eureka Tower (tallest building in Melbourne at the moment and second tallest in Australia)


If you are up to it, you could opt to go straight to the Shrine of Remembrance and walk through the gardens.
That would be approximately 20-30 minutes of walk from the Princes Bridge on St Kilda Road.


Another option would be to head from Princes Bridge to cross over to the side of Flinders Street Station towards the Southgate and walk for about 10 minutes to reach the Eureka Tower.
Buy tickets to head to the Eureka Skydeck for that bird's eye view of the entire city of Melbourne.

3. Head back towards the City, and walk past the Town Hall and the State Library of Victoria

4. If you are on Little Collins Street, look out for the Royal Arcade


5. Walk a little further or go through the Elizabeth Street that the Royal Arcade is connected to, to head to the Queen Victoria Market.

IMG_5149_Fotor (Do take note of the operating hours of the market though to plan your visit there)

Outside the City of Melbourne
1. Take the Great Ocean Road Trip  - this is simply must do, according to the locals when one is in Melbourne.

Top attractions on the Great Ocean Road - there are many, but the highlights:-

Loch Ard Gorge
Port Campbell National Park
London Arch 
Twelve Apostles

2. Check out the Yarra Valley for the wineries

3. Take a ride and dangle your legs out of the Puffing Billy (This is my favorite!)



4. Head to the beach and if there is any beach, it has to be the Brighton Beach.
    It's iconic.


What's MORE?
1. Coffee is the pulse here in this city.

IMG_5928_Fotor     Even if you are not a coffee drinker, just spend some time in a cafe (make time!).
That's the true Melbournian way.
 It's not just a cuppa. It's a lifestyle.

2. Enjoy Brunch at any of the cafes.
    Again it's about the essence of the cafe culture and lifestyle here in the city.

3. Take the Tram.

IMG_5131_Fotor     Yes, this is one of the few cities in the world with this iconic tram and it's free.
 There is just no excuse.

4. Take a stroll down the riverside or take the river cruise if you want.


5. Enjoy a walk through the gardens, this is the Garden City, after all.


6. Enjoy the wine from the Yarra River Valley.

7. Indulge in a Seafood meal

These are just the few things I could think of, as I am not really your Melbourne expert.
Hopefully, I could share more tips with a few more visits *winks*

One more tip, we may get carried away with the breathtaking views and just keep clicking away with our cameras or phones, but just once in a while, put that camera down once you are done with it.

Take that shot, or a few shots, if you have to, but put the camera away and just take in that view and that particular moment with your very own eyes.


That is the reason we travel.

We are there to see the beauty and take in the vibe and the aura of the place for ourselves.
Otherwise we could have just sent our camera over and have someone take it for us, or better still, just buy the postcards, or a photo book of Melbourne or even read a travel blog like this.

A camera can capture the shots for keepsake forever, but that moment is felt with the heart and stays as memories in the heart and mind, even the soul.

Memories are not just meant to be captured, they are meant to be made and felt with the heart.

Take in the sights and charms of Melbourne with your eyes, and FEEL the City, as you walk around sightseeing.

That is all traveling is about.

It makes a difference.

Enjoy your trip, if you are planning for one.
I know I did :-)


Recommendations for planning a trip?
Do drop me a message if you need sharing, you can contact me here if you leave a comment or head over to the Contact section at the top of my blog.

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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