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By Christina Kim - September 11, 2015

I've enjoyed great food all the way in almost all the places I have tried in Melbourne, and I look forward to my breakfast the most every morning when I was there in this livable city.

Well, mainly because I am a morning person and breakfast is my kind of thing, and secondly, because Melbourne is simply bursting with cafes seducing even the most skeptical who foregoes breakfast.

There is still brunch, unless you skip it altogether.

It is unheard of and just unjust to be in Melbourne and not follow the culture, especially when you have all these great cafes just waiting to reveal their talents in that cup of coffee, or their selection of pastries and breakfast/brunch sets.

You will not be forgiven, and you will have missed out part of what makes the local lifestyle of the Melbournians.

It will be that missing puzzle in that picture of your entire trip to this city, without taking away one of the most common and practically embedded in the bloodstream of the locals here.
It will not be the same.

That is the reason I look forward to a new cafe each morning, to enjoy a simple but fulfilling breakfast while taking in the regular bustle among the local breakfast crowd.
Nothing beats a good setting along with the warmth of the food and cup of coffee (or tea) first thing in the morning.

Corner and Bench, located on Bourke Street just fits that picture as I stumbled upon this cafe towards the end of my trip.


We popped into the cafe on that unusually cold morning (the temperature took a dip and it was just freezing on the streets).
The cafe did not help as they left most of the doors open, to let in the air for a brief moment.

I wouldn't have mind had it not been that cold, and we were sitting right at the corner of the cafe too, as though we were just trying to fit into the concept of the cafe.
We did not do that on purpose, I promise you.

Well, while I was freezing in the cafe, I must say they were apologetic about it as they were after all, trying to just air the cafe early in the morning.

The aroma of the freshly baked pastries; with some still in the oven, emitting that heavenly scent all over the place which could send stomachs growling and the freshly brewed coffee along with the warm smiles and friendly greetings from the staffs at the counter (along with their lady owner) could just do the trick to warm things up in the cafe.


They pride on their concept of freshly baked and sourced ingredients, with no additional preservatives/additives such as MSG along with gluten free breads and even salad dressings should there be a request.

Prices are reasonable here and they offer daily deals for lunch at A$10, offering different choices every single day.
It is just the deal any office worker in the area would jump up to, at the mention of an honest pricing down to fit their daily budget yet without compromising the routine meals further spiced by the variety each day.
It is a bargain and is the reason I see the cafe packed during the peak hours of lunch.
(I have walked past this cafe during my tour around the city, since it is just in the centre of the city and they are packed almost every time).

With a bargain like that, one would be inclined to think that their menu would be just downright mundane and ordinary.
Far from it.
Their variety of the different types of set lunches are chalked all over the whiteboard placed high up on the wall facing the main entrance of the cafe, for all to see.


It makes even the breakfast crowd start to think of lunch.

There is no breakfast set available, though there is also special combination which comes with coffee or tea.

However some of the breakfast specials are also on the whiteboard, which are in addition to all the freshly baked pastries and options on display at the counter.

It just makes it harder to choose.

The following are our breakfast choices for two days.
Yes, we liked it so much here that we came back, twice.


Raspberry muffin which was just insanely good, and it was almost as though the muffin was oozing of fresh raspberries itself.
I am a big fan of berries, so I can vouch for that.
It was definitely freshly baked and served hot, which makes it even better.
It was simply irresistible.


The best part was that they have this side order where we could just order the smoked salmon.
As sides.
I have been hunting high and low for smoked salmon that this made my choice almost immediately.
(well, I was craving for it at that time, or when was I not craving for it anyway?)
This must be the main reason I like it here, so much.
It's because of the smoked salmon, or at least most of it.

Served in a rolled up manner the first time

Served in the usual slices style the second time.


Apple Cinnamon muffin was just as good, and pleasantly aromatic to the senses.
All gluten free and I liked how it was not as sweet as most muffins I have tried.


English Scone set was on promotion the second time we were here.



How can a breakfast be complete with coffee and tea?
Especially when you are in Melbourne.
It is a mortal sin.



The unique Honeydew Green Tea I fell in love with (from Tea Drop)
I am searching for this, frantically.



A view of our breakfasts on both times we were here.



Well, I insisted to return for the second time; on the last day, at least before I leave Melbourne.

I would want to leave Melbourne with these tastes in my mind.

This is my breakfast spot the next time I return.

I only wished I had found it earlier.

Then again, to the justice of the other cafes, I won't be able to enjoy them for that matter, so there is a reason for everything.
I always believed that.

I have at least tasted the local cafe culture and Melbourne made me love breakfasts even more.

The best part is, I have found my own corner; here at Corner and Bench! :-)


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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