Quit the Quitters Game

By Christina Kim - September 15, 2015

Winners Win and Quitters Quit

I have recently read an article about people who quit; well, basically, termed as quitters.
The article talked about how those who quit their jobs write about it everywhere, that it seems to be turning into a trend; as though glorifying the act of quitting.

While I do agree with the perspectives the author had projected in his piece, and the frustrations over the number of articles spamming the Internet (indeed, the numbers of articles of such nature seem to be taking over the cyber space), there are probably a few other points that I would add or see from a different light.

He talked about people who would publicize about how they made the decision to quit their jobs.
They write about quitting, about how it made them feel better, and making that decision to leave was one of the best they have made.
He mentioned that it was frustrating, the way people seem to be always talking about quitting and that it is getting tiring to this point as there is nothing new.
Everyone is writing about how they quit their jobs when things did not go well for them.

The author asked one question, 
"How about those who thrived on? 
I don't want to hear about those who quit because quitters quit. 
I want to hear about those who stayed on, amidst all the challenges and emerged successful at the end of the day. 
I want to hear about how they continued to survive and the challenges they faced and Why they did not think of quitting"

I agree.

We have heard so much about people who called it quits, but how about those who stayed on?
How about those who probably had no choice but to stay, and then proceeded to make the best of the situation to their advantage?

These are the unsung heroes.
These are the people who choose to take up the challenge and went for it.

I am not criticizing those who quit either.
Don't get me wrong.
I am merely looking at the whole thing about writing about it, and putting it on public display about their decision.
That is probably something I don't quite see the point.

To motivate others?
To publicly announce to others that you are officially jobless or no longer with the company and moving on to your next endeavor?

It is probably a momentary exaltation that propelled one to share about their feelings and happiness, and consequently tell others to do the same, or at least consider?
Maybe that is not what they meant or wanted to do either.
They did not want to tell everyone to leave their jobs nor are they saying, follow their tracks.

They just did not realize, that sometimes, their act of announcement and public display of that sense of achievement to make them feel good about themselves, are simultaneously inflicting pain onto others.

What others did not tell you is, they absolutely do not care whether you stay or quit your job.
It is not important.

While they are envious of your newfound sense of liberty away from your workplace, they do secretly wish that they could just follow suit.
They harbor a sense of hatred towards those who quit, those who are more successful than them and those who urged them to stay for that 'better tomorrow'.

But most of all, they hate themselves more than anyone or anything else.

They wished they had that courage to make the same move.
They wanted so badly, but they had no choice.

They kept telling themselves that, to be conscious of their own situation and to be responsible that they ended up hating that whole bunch of crap they told themselves.

They wanted that liberty as much as those who quit, because seriously, do you actually believe that everyone loves their jobs?
Maybe some do, but most don't.

There are two sides to the coin.

People who stayed on their jobs; did it probably because they had to or they saw a better chance at promotion (that 'better tomorrow' right there).
They slaved away, worked hard and kept improving themselves to achieve that end goal; that bright shining trophy cup sitting there, waiting for them.
It is something that kept them going and they harbored that hope.
They see that there is indeed that opportunity that they could count on.
It is that tiny doorway to that heavenly staircase up the corporate floors.
That is what they are banking on and the reason to thrive.

What happens when someone else takes that grand prize away instead?
Someone else was picked to be the winner or was deemed to be more suitable and more worthy of that trophy.
That someone took your place; that spot of promotion you have worked yourself to death all that time.
You see, when there is a gleaming prize like that sitting on a high display table, you didn't think you would be the only one competing for it, did you?
Unless there is only you and your boss and probably another employee in the office.
If you are in a huge corporation; a multi national corporation, chances are, there are many other contenders to that tiny throne, or trophy.
It gets worse as one goes higher in the hierarchy.

However, it is not all bleak, because if you look at it in a different light, there is always someone who Will hold that trophy.
Someone will be selected.
Out of a bunch of people who are competing for it.
There is always a winner.
The only question is, "Who?"

Nobody really knows, except the management or the people doing the selection.
Sometimes it could be pre-determined; based on the various criteria, not overlooking the relationship card as well.
However there are times when change comes into the picture and suddenly the whole decision takes on a different turn.
Someone who could have already been chosen would end up being pooled again, and the selection process begins again.
From being the first in the queue and almost touching the handle of the trophy, he or she ends up having to queue all over again.

There are just a million different possibilities out there.
That is the point; it is not easy.
That is why it is challenging and the people who stayed and survived, are the most admirable of the lot.
Not all emerge as winners, but the point is we don't hear about those who did not win and merely survive.
We always hear about those who won, or simply, quit.

The company does recognize the loyalty these thriving employees demonstrated by awarding them with the numerous loyalty awards marked by the number of years and milestones they have served the company.
Those are publicized in company events and probably appearing in the website, newsletters and notice board.
How often do we hear of these people in the mainstream media, unless again, it is by advertisement?

Do these people share their stories?
We do know most of these people, and some of them will jokingly tell you, "I don't have a choice"
There are also those who just love the company, environment, the renumeration package and such that they just could not bear to leave.
There are many more reasons for those who stayed and not leave.
Everyone has their reasons.

The same goes for those who quit.
Not everyone who quits makes a big deal out of it.
Sometimes there is that other side of the story.

Why do people quit?
The same thing; a multitude of reasons could be pushing them in that direction.
Not everyone wants to quit.

Not everyone who quits gives up easily.
It is not always the case.
It is not about chickening out or not being able to handle the challenges or changes in the organization.
It is not all that.

Quitting is a decision and more often than not, those who quit will always say that it is a tough decision.
It is not a typical response (well, maybe it is, for some), nor is it a prefixed script to give it that little emotion into the fact of one's departure.
Sometimes, it is the reality.
It could really be the case for some people, as not everyone really wants to quit, as I have said.
It is not always the case that one thinks about leaving their job all the time and then just decides to pack their bags and leave.
Maybe there are some who does that, but not everyone, definitely.

I speak for myself, and also from my experience.

I am not defending people who quit, but I am just sharing a different perspective.

I have also made decisions to leave my companies before.
There are times when I just wanted to leave; so yes, these are the times when thoughts like these do cross the mind.
I won't lie about it.
Then when I think about it, it could be a different thing.
Sometimes I could just tell myself, I could do this, why leave?
Others could do it, so can I.
It is that self inner motivating machine that kept me going.
So you see, there is always that mechanism where one will not simply be blinded by their thoughts and act on impulse.

People who quit do put thoughts into it; not because they are always thinking of quitting the moment they were put on the job, but because of certain circumstances which could lead them to come to the decision.

To think and to decide versus to actually do it in reality are two different things altogether.

Those who never quit, could have been thinking all the way that they wanted to, but never did.

Those who quit, just happen to think and act.

There is never a right or wrong to anything.

There is just that list of a million possibilities for reasons to stay or just quit.

Unforeseen circumstances, management, unhappiness, career growth, working environment, salary, better prospects, you name it.

It is not about glorifying the fact that one quits their job, over those who didn't.
It shouldn't even be that way.

Quit on your own account and only you have to answer to that yourself.
You do not have to rub it into the faces of others who did not make the same decision.

Sometimes it is true that Quitters quit.
That is where the word is derived from anyway.

However, it is not the same the other way round.

Not all who quit are Quitters.

Sometimes they could have their reasons unspoken of.
Who are we to judge?

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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