Shopping in Melbourne

By Christina Kim - September 14, 2015

On my last day in Melbourne, it was all about shopping.

Who goes to a city without doing a little bit of shopping?

Melbourne is a city with endless choices for shopping.
The city centre is bursting with street after street of shopping malls, boutiques and outlets, tempting the avid shoppers to their lairs with their attractive bargains and ongoing sales.

Royal Arcade

Queen Victoria Market

Some of the merchandise items on sale at Queen Victoria Market

Chinatown is filled with bargain stores

For more shopping, there are also the DFO (Direct Factory Outlets), with one of the nearest location in the South Wharf from the city centre.
This would be something like the Premium outlets housing all the major brands and even local brands at a discounted price.

Enjoy a scenic walk on the promenade before and after shopping.




If you don't think much of the shopping in Melbourne, well, at least take a look at this iconic building located right in CBD.

The Melbourne's GPO is another Victorian-era heritage building in CBD listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Originally a post office (General Post Office) in 1837, the building revamped to take on its present retail identity as a shopping arcade since 2004.

*Currently the Melbourne Post Office is no longer located in this building, despite it still being known as the GPO building. The post office has relocated to the corner of the Lonsdale and Elizabeth Street a short distance away.

The other interesting fact or hat to add to this heritage building besides it being historical, is that it is currently home to the world's second largest H&M store.
(H&M is a Swedish based fast fashion clothing store for men, women and children)


It is crowded, all the time.

That says a lot about the shoppers in Melbourne.


Shopping is definitely part of their culture.
It is a lifestyle here in this city, when you see an international brand having their second largest store in this world's most livable city.

It really says a lot.

Can I now say, most enjoyable city to shop in too?

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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