Strolling with Yarra River on Federation Wharf

By Christina Kim - September 07, 2015

Walk around the Federation Square, or Fed Square, as the locals refer to it, taking in the abstract designs of the complex.

Bask in the sun while taking in the view of the historical part; with the St Paul's Cathedral right ahead or the Flinders Street Station, while standing or sitting on one of the steps.

Watch the birds in action as they fly above your heads and swoop down to land on the square itself.

Hear the sounds of the horns coming from the cruise ships on the other side as they launch themselves down the Yarra River.

These are just a few of the things one could do while on Federation Square, for a simple moment of relaxation.

It is an open space and it is only up to one' imagination in conjuring up ideas to keep themselves occupied while enjoying the liberty of oneself while standing (or sitting) on the square.

If you are done with the views of the city and would like to take in a different view, head over to the other side of the Federation Square or just follow the connecting stairways and lanes from the Square to the Federation Wharf.


An extension of the Federation Square which was opened in 2006, the Federation Wharf offered access to the docking of the ships and offers a beautiful view and proximity to the Yarra River.


Staircases and elevators provide direct access from the square or the complex to this tree-lined promenade overlooking the serene riverfront, with the famous Yarra River, running in parallel.




This part of where the city of Melbourne stands, or was established in 1835, forms the lower stretches of the Yarra River, which flows from its source in the Yarra Ranges in the westward direction through the Yarra Valley, for an approximate of 242 kilometers, winding through this part of the Greater Melbourne, before finally reaching its end at Hobsons Bay in the northern point of Port Philip.

There are also the river cruises where one could take to enjoy the ride down the river.


I prefer the stroll, and walking down the avenue just made up a relaxing activity in the morning (or even in the evening) and with the river flowing right beside me as I sauntered down the riverfront, it felt as though I was just strolling along with the great Yarra River.

That was a great feeling.

It was a cloudy day and there was light drizzle but it did not stop me from enjoying my little walk, while taking in the tranquility of the surrounding environment.

The green trees, the ripples in the water, the sounds of the seagulls, the bleeping of the horns from the cruises, the swaying trees and the pitter patter sounds of the light raindrops on my umbrella just added to that whole effect of the enjoyable walk along this wharf.



There's an occasional hint of coffee in the air too, emitted from some of the open cafes lined along the promenade.

Take a seat on one of the benches, pause for photos though be wary of the open edges on the side of the river and be ready to dodge and stay out of the way of oncoming cyclists who enjoy their rides too, down the way.



If you're lucky enough, you may even spot a few black swans enjoying their own swim on the river.

IMG_4992_Fotor IMG_4993_Fotor

It is a beautiful picture of serenity.

It can be rather quite though, depending on the time of the day (or perhaps of the year and the weather, as it was quite chilly when I was there) though one could bump into some office folks walking through the wharf, perhaps on their way to their office buildings located on the Federation Square.

While Federation Square offers the view of both the history and modern sides of the city, Federation Wharf offers that cross concept of nature versus urban development through the mixed views of the trees and river surrounded by the city's skyscrapers, with images of the overhead bridges, pedestrians and cars running on them in the background.




So there is the music from nature accompanied by the sounds of civilization as one walks along the boulevard of the Federation Wharf, beside the river.

An interesting mix, if I may say.




Who says nature can't go hand in hand with development?

It is just that right mix and creativity to make the perfect formula, along with a conscious mindset.




Despite being bordered by the urban development, the Federation Wharf was well-maintained in its state and even the trees and river were part of the conservation efforts.
(There were also ongoing issues rising on the pollution of the river which created the awareness among the people)

This is just the perfect picture of nature befriending modernization, in an undisrupted manner.

A stroll down the Federation Wharf is just perfect to take all that images in.




If you ask me, a stroll down the Federation Wharf and along with the great Yarra River is all you need for a moment of relaxation and to complete your tour of both the Federation Square and Federation Wharf, of course.

It just offers that perfect complete picture of Melbourne city; the CBD area, all at a glance.

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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