Strategic Breakfast spot for the City Travelers

By Christina Kim - September 10, 2015

Melbourne CBD is right in the heart of the city and as its name suggests, the central business district area, where all the action takes place.

Well, at least, if you are referring to the context of the commercial and business hub, then this is where you would find most of the major investors and development in their places, comfortably presiding with a view over the city in the large buildings and city skyscrapers dotting the city area.

This spells job opportunities and is also the point of most of the working population in the city are assembled.
The retail businesses and even colleges and universities set up their turfs here and one can only imagine the number of people who flock to the city, on a daily basis.

Throw in the tourists and visiting working population, and you've got yourself a crowd.

It is a good thing that Melbourne is well-equipped with the infrastructure to support the crowd and one of such is the public transportation.

Most Melbournians take the train to work, to school, and well, getting everywhere around the city; especially when you are heading into the city centre for that is where the congestion breeds.

Taking the train was a breeze, you just need a Myki card, keep that loaded with monetary amount enough to send you back and forth or if you are a traveler like me, make sure you have more so that you could get around anywhere.
It also helps when you get lost, or missed a stop.
Always make sure you keep the card loaded; it's like your cash card, and more is always better.

With the train being the major transportation mode, the train stations are definitely the most visited places or at least passed by, by most of the working class population, students, and tourists.

If you are thinking to start a business where the most crowds would be at, I can't think of a better place than a train station to target the majority of the population.
Make sure it is affordable and accessible and you have got yourself a great business plan.
(If you are thinking of a luxury gourmet style restaurant, well, we got to look into that from a different perspective)

The proximity to the train station is the best way to ensure a crowd and it is not unusual to see convenience stores, confectioneries, drink and light snack stands and even cafes populating the area.

These are the smart business folks, I tell you, and that is exactly what business is all about.

Food Inc is just one fine example who knows this too well.

The view of the cafe from the street (the train station alighting point is at the back of the picture)

Their location is flawlessly strategic; and is practically the first to meet the eye when one alights from the escalator to exit the train station.

That is not all, this is not just any ordinary train station or one of those connecting stops, we are talking about the Melbourne Central; one of the main and central station where most of the interchanges take place, and the station is flanked by office building complexes right beside it.

If you are talking about a strategic location, this is the exact definition.

It was just perfect and personally I appreciate the convenience of its location, which made it our choice for breakfast that morning as I was sending my friend off to work.
It was just right to try out this place since it was in vicinity of her work place and judging from the crowd, I think they are doing fairly well too.

The ordering counter was just right at the entrance of the cafe, from the side (entering when one exits from the train station).


Food Inc is a true Melbourne cafe; serving a wide selection of coffee to go, or to be savored in the premises, along with juices, soft drinks, bottled drinks and tea.

There are also the quickies for those who are on the run; mainly sandwiches, wraps salads, muffins, baguettes and sweet cake treats available on the display cabinet at the side/entrance of the cafe and at the counter itself.

If you have a little bit more time to enjoy breakfast, then you can choose from a selection of soups, salads and breakfast mains on the menu.
A simple and straightforward menu that helps to streamline the choices, so you won't have a hard time to choose, at all.

These people sure make it easier for their customers.
They know their business.

The cafe itself is pleasant to the eye, at a glance, with its neat fuss-free contemporary style centered on the use of a combination of mainly white, black and red in its theme to exude that clean formality in their environment.

Large and long tables are exempted; with only one at the center of the cafe, while the rest of the tables are standardized in the form of square tables which are mobile to be combined at any time, at the request of their patrons.


It saves space and is hassle-free, and saves their customers the embarrassment from hogging the large tables when they are alone, and if we are talking about the typical office worker, it is not unusual that most of them do dine alone.
Dining alone is a norm, and there is nothing wrong about it, at all.



Our table, at the corner of the cafe which is flanked by many exit points in the form of lanky tall glass push through doors.


Beautiful red flowers adorn my table and kept up with their core tricolor theme

My friend has lived in Melbourne long enough; well, she practically lives on coffee anyway.

A cup of coffee is crucial and is not an option for her.
Cappucino to start the day, always.


Thick coffee scent fills the air when this arrived and the dense flavor along with that froth edging on the cup, this is one good brew, I must say.
It almost made me want to convert to coffee.
Well, almost, I said.

I am pret-tea happy with a good cup of tea for breakfast, and occasionally I will go for a dose of peppermint.

A View of our morning cuppa

A slightly disporportionate Apple Cinnamon muffin, but who cares, it was really good.


Initially it arrived a little cold, and I requested for another round of re-heating and the staff just did it obligingly, "Yeah sure" and with a smile.
That's real service.


Their signature is the Melbourne's Best Big Breakfast (A$15.0) which comes with two eggs poached (or you can opt for scrambled) served with crisp slices of bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown and chipolato sausage on your choice of toast with a complimentary cup of tea of coffee.


That meant the earlier cappucino was free.
Yes, that came with the Big Breakfast set.


The best Big Breakfast in the city, as it says.

The view of our lovely breakfast that morning.


Food Inc is not just offering breakfast but brunch as well, and even after work drinks on Fridays.
This is one happening food joint, all right in the city centre, fashionably located at Melbourne Central.

You just can't miss it.
Unless you don't take the train, or get off at Melbourne Central.

If you really don't, well, locate Melbourne Central if you want to try this place out for breakfast.

The place is busy in the morning, expectedly since it's the time when people get to work and hop in for a bite or just takeaways.
Be prepared to wait, but don't worry, the friendly staffs are always ready to welcome you.

They will be a little busy, but wave your hand and they will drop by shortly.

I am not a breakfast reviewer or anything, nor am I an entrepreneur, but I just think that this place is advantageous for its location and thankfully, that was not the only thing they were depending on.

The food quality, environment and service just enhanced and made them stand out from the crowd; adding to that advantage of their location.

That's business and that's what priorities are all about.
If you are just interested to grab the crowd and skimp on the quality; food, service and cleanliness, you won't survive, trust me.

The fact that Food Inc continues to draw its crowds say something.

I have experienced it and I don't work for them.

I am just a tourist, who had my breakfast there, one fine morning.
It's my personal experience.


I had a lovely breakfast and I enjoyed it~


The view of Food Inc from the street


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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