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By Christina Kim - August 03, 2015


The capital of the state of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia are maybe the first two relevant descriptions that aptly introduces one to the city of Melbourne.

Home to more than 4.4 million population (reported to be 4,442,919 million in the year 2014) in an area of 9,905km square/3857.4 square in miles outlined as its territory, this is a city which has many outstanding attributes to her name.

The city benefited from the Victorian Gold Rush era (in the middle of the 19th century) which saw Melbourne's quick rise to rapid development in the economy and subsequently a boost in the population growth. The city's early start, or rather its very existence came into light following that spike in its socio-economy, owing much to the Victorian era.
It is no surprise then that Melbourne is an eye candy with its fascinating mix of modern skyscrapers surrounding and encapsulating the Victorian era buildings located in the city centre.
It is as though the city is showing that they meant to highlight the 19th and early 20th century architecture as stark reminders of the past and at the same time; as a showcase of their conservation efforts in freezing time from the past to be admired by everyone, day in day out.

Melbourne may rank high in its population density, the city is famed for her high ratings in various departments; and safety is even one of her fine attributes; outperforming her other counterparts in the country and even comparatively among the cities in the world.
(Of course, one cannot expect a city to be totally safe or crime-proof, and Melbourne is still a city after all. Being safe does not mean there is zero crime in the city; it just has a lower rate  compared to the other major cities her size around the world. There is still a rising trend though, observed in this city due to the ongoing migration activity of domestic and international folks, but the last year saw a slight decrease yet it is still under scrutiny in the state of Victoria. One still has to take the usual precautions, definitely).

Education, health care, research and development, entertainment, cultural are the few Melbourne tucks under her belt for high ratings and to add to that, the city is also one of the leading financial hubs in the Asia Pacific zone and the headquarter for two of the country's four major banks; the NAB and ANZ.
Melbourne is also home to the country's second largest industrial base with notable manufacturers setting their plants in the city; namely Cadbury, Boeing, Kenworth just to name a few.

Melbourne is truly a city which wears many hats; or owns a long list of trophies that one simply could not stop listing at just a go due to the many achievements she holds in her own arena.
This city is even listed on the UNESCO hall of fame for its crown as the Cultural City; owing to the fine World-Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and the fact that it is also the home to many of Australia's oldest and historical buildings.


With all these many qualities, is it any wonder that Melbourne is even listed as one of the world's most livable cities?

Melbourne is on the top 10; and if that is not convincing enough, they have been sitting on that list consistently and firmly for four consecutive years; and that itself, says something about this beautiful city.



Can I not be excited to visit this amazing city, with all the facts staring at me right in the face?
It is almost impossible to turn down that opportunity, and it was something I have been talking about for the past few years, to visit a dear friend whom I call my sister (someone who is one of the closest to me; she's my soul sister) and I have never gotten to it.
Finally last year, we decided that it has to happen somehow, and I made up my mind to get on that plane and just make this trip.
I am glad I did, and I regret that it has been taking me so long!

It has been a fantastic trip, and I am looking forward to share my trip's stories in the upcoming posts.
This is an introduction to Melbourne, and there's more to come.

It is all just so remarkable; from the city itself and also the fact that this is my first solo trip outside work/business (and without the hubby).

It is just us girls, for a week of fun and pillow talk and the trip has created part of my best memories in life.

Detailing my trip in my next post...


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