My Road Trip to the Center of Peninsular Malaysia: Preview

By Christina Kim - May 28, 2016


Or a place which was once believed to be the center point of Peninsular Malaysia.
(It has since been clarified, following extensive measuring efforts and calculation to identify the actual central location)

A quaint little town, if I may add, was the destination of my road trip last weekend.

I have lived on the west side of the Peninsular all my life, with an occasional trips to the east coast and perhaps the central where the majority of the greenery abodes.
It is interesting to note that despite them all being on the same peninsular, they are essentially different in their own characteristics and it feels like you are in a different country altogether (sometimes).

That is the beautiful part of my country.
Everywhere is just a piece of its own uniqueness and dwell in its identity but yet come together like tiny pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to make up the entire country as a whole, and flawlessly so, if I may add.

Exploring your own backyard is truly a rewarding experience and delves so much on that meaning when it comes to traveling within Malaysia, even for the locals (like me)!

That is the reason for Malaysians traveling all over the country come weekends, for various reasons; to escape momentarily from the hectic week and boredom, to optimize their time and keep themselves on the run, to spending time with the family, and even just to drive on the roads and find new places in the country.
(The new generation these days are all about discovery and adventures, all thanks to the immediate availability and accessibility to information digitally).

It is also really convenient to travel within the country; especially here on the Peninsular, with the various connecting routes and interlinked highways passing through the major cities, while offering the glimpses of the towns located along the way.


Some of these little towns are accessible via the trunk roads, or smaller freeways/passways exiting from the major highways.
(Just turn on your Waze - popular in Malaysia, or Google Maps to guide you through, though I would recommend doing your research as well, to have a better grip of your location, you know, just in case)

It has been a while since I have gotten on a road trip which doesn't involve work (as I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts), though the nature of my work does allow me the opportunity to travel within (and out of) the country; which was really quite an advantage since it has brought me to even places I have known of before.
But, as I said, it has been a while.

This road trip I took last weekend, was purely out of leisure.
Well, technically so, since I was still there for an objective, but it was one filled with family time and of course, a bit of venturing on our own to this part of the Peninsular.


It was a leisure ride, as we took off from the capital city and headed eastward; escaping the hustle bustle of the city (not that I don't like all that bustle in my own city :-) ), and the journey was a winding one, though relatively interesting at the same time.

From highways to the smaller roads (which are trunk roads, or at least what we regard them in comparison to the highways - think two-way roads; one in each direction, partially dotted intermitting with double/dotted lines all the way), it may be a long journey (though it was less than three hours) if one were to drive alone.
With company, well, the journey always seemed less daunting and effortlessly so (if you're the one driving).

It was quite refreshing to escape into this part of the Peninsular, as the roads took us through the links into that part of the green sanctuary of the country which is located in the central region.

Sceneries of plantations and trees, dotted by the occasional pop up stalls located by the roadside greet our view as they seemingly move along in motion with our vehicle.

It was at least a different scene from the usual gray and glistening concrete we see in the city everyday, and of course, a welcoming one for the eyes (and mind) with the glimpses of green on the weekend, after an entire week of staring at the flickering or glaring screen and being plastered to the same position from morning to night.



More to come in the upcoming post, on this place and insights of the charming town where I spent my weekend.

Of course, more photos too.

This is just a sneak preview, and to perk you up with some ideas (or perhaps entice and motivate you to take on a road trip?) for the weekend, since it is after all, Friday.

Besides, that's what we Malaysians do, don't we?

We don't always need to get out of the country, when even within the country there are still so many places; nooks and crannies which are still left unexplored (yet).
Perhaps some we may not even have knowledge of!

Hence the age of digital technology makes it all the more easier these days, so there is really no more excuse to say that we don't really know our own country, or even complain that we don't get to travel much if we have not even traveled or been to every part of our own homeland.

After all, to Know Malaysia is to love Malaysia, isn't it?

In Malay, we say, Kenali Malaysia Cintai Malaysia, rings a bell?

Have a lovely weekend folks, I will be back with more stories on the trip and everything else!



Be Right Back!

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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