The Unspoken Words of a Proud Sister

By Christina Kim - May 14, 2016


At the risk of sounding emotional and over sentimental, I still want to write a post for this guy whom I am just so proud of.

(Yes, the overreacting sister, and about to cross over to dramatic, or am I already?)

Well, I don't have many siblings to begin with, so I get to do this.

I gave a little speech at the wedding; one that I did not prepare at all (not bragging or anything), and given the long hiatus I have taken in public appearances or emcee-ing; perhaps even throw in the fact that this was my one and only sibling and the emotion, I came out as sounding a little nervous and unlike my usual self when I speak on the stage.
That, and given there is no stage, maybe that's the explanation.

I probably stuttered a little in my speech, but the whole thing was brief and summarized as I ended it on a poetic note.
(And also partly because everyone was just waiting for dinner to start and I didn't want forks and spoons to be thrown into my face if I were to prolong my speech, hangry people are not nice to face - yes, hangry is a word, don't ask)

I didn't think that a blog post or even anything could ever say all that I want to say, for there are a lot of sentiments which I am sure, anyone with siblings would understand what I am talking about.

And we are talking about a sister who is feeling extremely proud here.

Of course, like normal siblings, we have our squabbles and disagreements growing up, but the bond is always unbreakable.
Blood is always thicker than water, remember?

I know a lot of people who have a few siblings; and some even who just have so many that they are just so sick of each other (literally).

For me, I only have one and given that we are of different gender, many are amazed at how close we are.

Perhaps it was our parents, or perhaps the fact that we have seen our fair share of people who do not get along with their siblings, but most of all, I think it was because we only had each other that established that bond.

I mentioned in my speech that as a boy, he was indeed quite a mischievous one and there were times when he would just annoy the world out of me.
We were quite opposites in our demeanor, to be honest, well, that's always the norm since no one is ever born similar, in any way.

There are the ups and downs, like most siblings would have gone through as well and there are definitely the times (note the plural) when we certainly don't see eye to eye, at all.

But in all its good, it is what makes us unique in our own way and develop our own personalities.

That is when it comes in useful as everyone sees through others' eyes their strengths and weaknesses and how all of us complement one another, in some way or other, as we all co-exist on the planet.
There are no two identical souls in this world, not even identical twins.

Yet when it comes to that blood bond, it is unspoken of yet it is amazing how it seems to always comes through in times of need.
It is as though nature has its own way of showing you through the mysteries of life which simply cannot be explained in words.

That is when siblings are always there for each other, and how they could sense your misery beneath that facade of joy you display for the rest of the world.
It is different from that bond with your soulmate, spouse or life partner, and perhaps more similar to that with parents.
We call that the blood bond.

Whizarts Wedding Photography

This guy has always been there for me, and being the guy, he does not always say it all through words or display in emotions, but rest assured, he will always have my back.

In fact, he is probably one whom I could always trust to do anything without explaining everything, he would know my fussy requirements.

There is never a moment of doubt when I need his support, even when it is not asked.
If the world is against me, I could always count on this guy to stand behind me, even if it is in silence (of course, along with my parents and my other half).

He has done that before, and there is no way to erase that gratitude I have.

Being the guy, he has always been the protector who will make sure the women in his life will never be harmed; i.e.: my mum and me.

That is why I know he will do the same for his love now; the one who has made her way into his life and heart and will continue the rest of his life journey, hand in hand with him.
He will continue to fiercely and fearlessly guard and watch over her, in a different manner though strongly in the same way he has for the female figures in his family.

He had said that he was always proud of me, and that he looks up to me, but I am sure he knows that I am just as proud of him; in fact, even more than he thought.

He has certainly grown from the playful little boy to the mature and successful man he is today, and I am very sure he will continue to soar in his successes through life.

My wish is for him to continue to achieve greater, even way better than myself, for there is no greater joy and pride to watch your own sibling achieve greater in life.

People say there is always competition among siblings or that old sibling rivalry, but we never had that, don't ask me why.

We only have the best hopes for each other, praying for each other to do better; much better than ourselves.

He has done that, and I continue to hope he will do even more, now that he has a lovely wife by his side, whom I know, is just as capable and amazing as he is.

They are a beautiful couple, that I see (biased or not, since I am the sister) and for whom I will always pray for bountiful blessings to be upon them always.

It is true that we can never choose who we want as our family; but even if I were given that choice, I would not change anything in the world.
We may not be perfect, and we have our crazy moments; which as most say, only your family would understand, but that is just makes up the whole picture or the very essence of being a whole, as a family.

Thank you for being there for me all the way, and for watching my back all these years.

Thank you for being proud of me, and to show off to the world that pride as my sibling.

Thank you for everything that you have done 
(except for ruining some of my toys; which as I have mentioned, I will claim them with my receipts).

But all in all, Thank you, my brother, that boy who is now a man.
You have indeed taken that journey, step by step.


I am indeed and always will be proud of you, my brother.

From, your ever proud sister, who will also always have your back.
I'm sure you know that, no doubt.

THANK YOU, simply for being my brother.


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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