Here comes June

By Christina Kim - June 01, 2016


Hello June!

   It seems repetitive to say this, but time really seems to be whizzing past in just a blink of an eye.
I mean like, where did all that time go?

All of a sudden, here we are, at that mid-point of the year; where this is like that great divide between the first half and the second half of the year.
I am not even going to begin to talk about how fast we end up in this part of the year again, since it will come each and every single year, and then we will just end up saying it over and over again.
It is repetitive, and redundant.

So, June...the month where it is stuck in that part known as the part of the mid point of the year (though technically it is considered the first half of the year, to be fair).

The arrival of June would probably sends us into that reality check:

- How/What had we done/achieved since the beginning of the year

- Have we fulfilled any of the resolutions (or at least half of them?)

- Were there any major change from the last year (did we learn from our past year's mistakes?)

It is time to reflect and ponder on these points, not for any reason, but rather, for ourselves.
After all, didn't we make that resolution and even hoped for a better year, and to be a better person ourselves?

If you haven't, perhaps it's time to take a look at those resolutions and set your priorities so that you are on track with the other half of the year lying in wait for your efforts to see its day.

June is such an interesting month, and there seems to be so much packed into this month!
(Not for myself, but rather the entire month itself in general)

Interesting and fun facts to know about June:-

1. June was originally the fourth month in the early Roman Calendar, with only 29 days. It was during the reformation of the calendar by the famous Julius Caesar in 46 B.C that June was adjusted to have 30 days. 
June is the sixth month in the Gregorian calendar which is widely used though.

2. There are various versions to the origins of the name of the month:
-> June was named after the Roman Goddess Juno, who was the wife of Jupiter
-> June was derived from the Latin word, iuniors; which was said to mean younger ones compared to May, which referred to the elders.

3. June is often associated with the month of weddings; well, especially in the west.
There are traditional Chinese who believed that the month does not bode well for the couples who chose to have their weddings in this month for it is believed to be a month of division, and typically, this is not a popular month for perhaps the Chinese weddings, though now it is no longer really observed (availability of venues are preceding in priority compared to months, honestly).

4. The start of Summer in the Northern hemisphere (which is perhaps the reason behind the month's popularity for weddings, and of course beach parties)
The beginning of Winter in the Southern hemisphere (cooler weather beckons)

5. World Environment Day on June 5th

6. The start of the Ramadan month; the period of fasting observed by the Muslim community all around the world

7. International Sushi Day on the 18th June (Time to go wild on sushi perhaps?)

8. Father's Day on the third Sunday in June (19th June this year)

9. Official Start of Summer on 20th (date varies for the Summer Solstice)

10. International Yoga Day on 21st June

These are just the interesting and fun things about the month of June, though I am sure we have our own calendars filled with ways we intend to spend the month, though, there is definitely that reminder in place for Father's Day celebration.
Don't forget the World Environment Day either.

How does your June look like?

Whatever it is, let's just make it another fun month and one that we make the most of, again (as with other months).

Whether it is the end of the first half, or the beginning of the second half, it is really dependent on the way we choose to perceive.

We can choose to look at it as a beginning, or the end; as in the glass is half full or half empty.
It is all in the mind, though there is no right or wrong either as long as no time is wasted, at all.

Here's to another great month and a BIG HELLO to JUNE, to a beautiful month ahead!~

*I am looking forward to share more stories on my blog, on my personal life and thoughts regularly throughout the month.



*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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