That Accidental Message on the Weather, All in White

By Christina Kim - May 16, 2016


The weather is turning for a little cooler this week (phew, what a relief) though there is still that high heat index in the lurks; still, it was much better than the case of heat fury to the point of desiccation in the earlier months.

Growing up in this country meant that I am accustomed to weather like this, I mean, I even told my friends abroad that our tropical weather is just like spring and summer all year long, and believe it or not, they thought that was romantic.
Even our rainy spells sounded wonderful to them.

I hear them, having had to endure chills and cold for three quarters of the year, it is no surprise they would worship the idea of having a little more of that sun shining through their windows.
That explains that whole relationship they have with the sun and why they love the sun; while, we, shy away (when we, on the contrary have the sun three quarters of the year, I think we wouldn't mind not seeing it so much once in a while. Think of the recent hot spell we just endured. *Sweats* at even the mere mention of it).

So, let's not judge each other here and just allow that cross idolization of each other's climate.
After all, the grass is always greener on the other side; or the moon always shines brighter on the other side too, doesn't it?

The bright side of it; despite our struggle with that love-hate relationship with the sun (I know I do), is the casual way we get to dress most of the time and actually get away with it.

Think skirts, shorts, summer dresses, flip flops, jeans and generally those light pieces where  those on some parts of the globe hid at the back of their wardrobes until that visit from the sun.

I consider that a blessing, to be frank (though I do love a bit of winter clothing too, oh well, we can't have the best of both worlds and it's good to be grateful for what we have rather than always moping over what we don't).

I mean, I can just throw on a simple blouse and shorts, or skorts; for that matter and just head out for a simple Sunday breakfast in town and look perfectly normal.

I can even throw on a scarf if I want or put on a hat.

As long as I don't throw on an anorak or heavy sleigh boots, or cover up with ski masks and gloves, I think I am going to be fine.
Even if I did, I think I may be passed off as someone going for a costume party or just shooting (for whatever reason).

Of course, that does depends on where you actually are, to be frank and I wouldn't encourage you to try that anywhere without getting some curious stares which could lead you to be mistaken far more than just a model.

My point is, while we are all brooding about the weather we have been facing and that heat from the recent phenomenon (it's terrible heat, I know); there is still much to look at on the bright side, pun intended, as the sun continues to shine ever so brightly.

And speaking of the weather, aren't we all responsible, in some way or another; contributing to the current evolution of the overall climate today?
(I don't remember the heat being this bad in the past)

It could get hotter by the year, I have read, and that is not really good news.

So much for wishing for snow in our country, I am not even sure if that is going to be an impossible thing in the coming future; as the world climate continues to shift.

Maybe there is that hope in winter clothing after all, I'm just saying.

In the meantime, it is a nice welcome as the weather is shifting a little, and we can all just get on with our lives (we already have been anyway).

Whenever we think of complaining about the heat, just think of the summer season our counterparts on the other side of the world are waiting for where they could pull out their summer clothing or go all in white; for a day out in town.

Crisp white ruffled blouse with that favorite pair of white shorts, paired with white wedges, yes, who says you can't go all white if you want to?

And who says there is no white after Labor Day; which I just did, coincidentally (not planned) with this whole white ensemble which just reflected my mood on a Sunday morning.

Yes, I love white and with no intention of looking like a snowflake or a snow-woman, this is liberating and well, white is just perfect to reflect all that heat.

Science says that.

Oh, and all-white IS the new Black, in case you're wondering.

Move past that whole outfit/fashion thing, and the whole white just triggered a little message which I just want to share here.

It is time we stop complaining about the weather, and if we want to change it, do something.

Start thinking about the environment, go eco-friendly, go green, whichever way it is, but the point is, don't just complain about the heat.
We are the reason for the heat, so just beat it.

If you can't beat it literally, at least beat the heat while you're at it.

With White; though the color is literally a symbol (not me).

But really, It is time we start thinking about doing our part for the environment, and really stop complaining how the world is going against us.

The Color says something.
The Color White sends that message; the Color White is THE message.

I am Not; ignore that person standing there, for the real message lies in the color itself.

The All White.

White just reminds us of that purity and cleansing our negative thoughts, but most of all, it is about new beginning, just like there was no pollution.

It is time to come clean and think clean, in terms of what we have been doing or are currently and still doing to the environment, and how we can really change all that.

We wouldn't want our future generation to grow in all that pollution; and clouded in all that dark and dirty smoke where they have to wear a mask at all times and not have clean air.

No, we certainly don't want that.

It is time to do a little cleaning, and it starts with the mind which will then inspire the act.

White is just that reminder; Clean and Pure Air, and without a speck of dust or pollution.

It is funny how just an all-white outfit could trigger all that thought, but that always happens, to me.

It was an unplanned outfit, and I always go with my mood.
Excuse the wooden-like poses and expressions, I am no model but these just give me the idea to share my thoughts on the climate and how we are just always complaining, when we are the ultimate cause of the climate changes.

Just for thought.

Oh ya, I love White too! :)


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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