The Meaning of Parents' Day to Me

By Christina Kim - May 10, 2016


Mother's Day or Father's Day, it never really had a place in my family.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that we don't honor or love my parents that we don't see the need to spoil and celebrate with them on the days dedicated to their sacred roles.
Far from it, our perception of the whole parenthood extends far beyond these designated days specially in their honor.

I have nothing against the day rooted in its notion of celebrating and being the main reason to let mothers (fathers on Fathers Day) let their hair down a little and enjoy that privilege pass to being spoiled, though part of the whole commercial concept do seem to gain its way to the over the top counter and that is not favorable.
(I just find it ridiculous when merchants use it in the direction of "Oh, it's your parent, there's nothing more worthy than their love and years of raising you" when they sell you their products. As if my parents' love is evident with that particular price tag.
Of course, I will just ignore them).

That was also mainly the reason I don't see much in the whole idea of Mother's Day or Father's Day, perhaps due to the years my parents telling me the same thing about that.

"You don't need one day to remember your parents. If you treat them well every day, it is just Mother's (or Father's) Day every single day"

Yes, I live by that.

Of course, the whole idea of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Parents' Day, and the list goes on, is not totally unworthy, for it started with the beautiful thought of honoring the very people who brought us to the world.

Growing up, I lived with my parents (there are children who don't get to, as their parents are working abroad or elsewhere or some, just don't have their parents with them all the time) and if you have read or followed me for quite a while, you would have noticed me mentioning that my family always spend a lot of time together since my childhood.
(My most recent post was on the importance of family dining together here, in The Family that Eats Together).

I remembered buying roses for my teachers on Teachers' Day, and making cards for my teachers and both my parents on all these dedicated days.
I made my cards by hand, partly because I really loved making my own cards and also because I always believed in gifts which comes with a little effort that makes it more special rather than shelf-bought ones. 
Of course, the other reason being, I was still in school with no source of income, well, that's besides the point.

The point is, I have always wanted my gifts to be special and making them with my own hands bring that additional touch.

It always works, and moved the strings in my mummy's heart when she receives that gift.
She will always mumble, "Thank you" then tell me that I do not need to get her a gift, for we, her children are her biggest gifts sent from above.

The same goes to my dad, who thrives on savvy spending, would always tell us that all these trends are just part of commercial gimmicks and that filial piety extends way beyond gifts and lavish dining.

I could not agree more.

As I worked away from home, that is where these days serve the purpose, just like festive occasions.

It is not that I forget about my parents when I was away from home, but having days like these made it special and even more meaningful when I go home just to be with my family.
For those extra busy folks who are always pursuing their careers and financial aims, these days serve as reality reminders of the very existence of their parents, who are always waiting at home for that phone call or just the appearance of their dear children at the door.

Parents always do understand when their children are busy, or have no time.
But do we understand their need for company and when they are just lonely, having their children all grown up and pursuing their own lives elsewhere?
Do we understand that they are living; in fact, they are in that empty nest, and that despite all that loneliness, they do not want to bother us, their children who are always busy?

I do not need to celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day on the actual day itself, though I believe the very concept of creating the days dedicated to the people who brought us to life, is just simply, to remind us that they are, the people who gave us life.
They are there.
They will always be there.

Some may not be fortunate enough to still have their parents around, but that does not mean these days are no longer worth their attention.

Our parents will always be there, even when they are no longer physically present for some, but that does not erase their everlasting love, for there is nothing far greater than a parent's love.

Their sacrifices weigh more and will always be in our lives.


For those who are still fortunate enough to have their parents around, take that time to spend with them or at least just talk to them whenever we can.

If you are far too busy, that's when Mother's Day and Father's Day come in to give you that valid excuse to take leave from work and just go home to see your parents.

Every day is Mother's Day, or Father's Day, or simply Parents' Day if we make it that way.

Sometimes all it takes is just a phone call, or even a text to make their day.

To all the parents out there, you will always be remembered even beyond these Parents' Day celebration.

To all the children, make every day Parents' Day, for our gratitude and treats for our parents will never outdo that of their sacrifices and love.

May each day be special and filled with love as we thank our parents for all that they have done, and may they be our inspiration to us and all bound for parenthood themselves in the future.

Happy Parents' Day, every single day.

Don't ever forget to say I love you to our parents.

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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