Sealed with Love, by the Andaman Sea

By Christina Kim - May 13, 2016


There is just magic in weddings; I would know, for I love weddings, and there is no reason not to.

I mean, the love surrounding the couple, in their eyes, their affection for each other, the beauty of the ceremony as they walk hand-in-hand towards their new journey, joined as one, are just all so magically powerful.
There is just so much which I could go on and on about wedding, and my love for weddings even made me want to be a wedding planner on the side, at one point.
Yes, just once.
(Everything has to be perfect for me, and planning a wedding is a huge thing. I would know, when I planned my own wedding).

I have always looked forward to weddings; to attending them and being a part of them for I just love to share my prayers and blessings for the couple.
Be it friends, colleagues, or even as a plus one, I still love to be a part of such a romantic ceremony.

What more to say, when this time, it is the wedding of my one and only sibling.
Attendance is not only necessary, it was mandatory.
I would not have minded that; for when it is the wedding of one within the family, I would definitely be there even if I was not invited, let alone this was of one closest to me; the best friend and pillar I had in my life growing up.

That, was the reason I was in Langkawi island, for that, was the location they picked for their wedding.

No, in case you're wondering, neither the bride nor my family is from the island.

It was purely a destination wedding; set to fulfill their dreams.
After all, this is their big day and they have all the right to have their way.

The bride, now my sister-in-law, is a big lover of beaches and this was her dream wedding.

Every bride wants the perfect wedding, and she had her beautiful wedding right here by the Andaman sea.

Just a fortnight prior to this beach wedding ceremony on the Labor Day weekend, which is back to the middle of April, they had solemnized their wedding at the local parish church, before God.


The lovely ceremony preceded this event; which was set against nature's backdrop, right by the sea.

That was the reason I had to be in Langkawi, for there is no way I would miss my own brother's wedding and witness his union with his beautiful life partner, and soulmate with whom he is set to start the next phase of his life journey and for the rest of his life.

We arrived the evening before the Big Day, and met up with the rest of the relatives.

The Big Day itself unwind in its own flow; smoothly and successfully.

It was a day to remember indeed, and I am always emotional when it comes to weddings but this wedding, being one that joins two wonderful people whom I love is even more divine in its own way.

It is something watching friends walk down the aisle, exchange their vows; but it is another, watching these two lovely souls whom I know as they take their steps towards each other and to their new journey together.

One; whom I have known all my life, of course, and the other, whom we have long ago treated as part of the family.
She is the one who will fill that missing rib and both are people whom I consider blessings in my life.

That is the beauty of marriage; which is just like that part of baking, where it joins two souls together as one and at the same time, blends them into that mix along with the other ingredients they came with, which are namely, their past, background and most of all, their families.

I remember I was told, that many think that marriage is about two people, but it is way beyond that.
It is not merely about two individuals, otherwise there will be no diversity or stories in the mix, and that means the resulting cake (if we are still using baking as an analogy; mainly also because my sister-in-law is really a passionate baker/cook), just won't be as good.

These two individuals are not stand-alones, for with them is their past; from the places they came from/born, grew up, the stories from their childhood, the experiences they had before they met each other, and the people they have around them since their time of birth.
That is what makes them unique.

And that, is the recipe required when it comes to joining and marrying them together to make that lovely mould.

A wedding lasts for only a day (though it may take more than a year to plan and prepare for), but a marriage is what that will last for a lifetime.

That is, Until death do we part.

That, is the vow we take and make (for all the married people) when we pledge to step into marriage.

From the morning ceremony which involves the traditional bridal pickup and tea ceremony for the elders (according to the Chinese customs), to the beautiful vow exchange by the sea and finally the poolside dinner reception, it was every bit the perfect day for this sweet couple to start their journey.





Being the sister and part of the host, I have to say that I have shed more than just a few tears throughout the day and even in their earlier church ceremony.

There is truly just so much magic in a wedding day, and I am just such a proud sister to be part of this amazing journey.

To the lovely couple, may all the blessings of joy, laughter, and most of all love, be with both of you always as you stay together through the thick and thins along the journey.

To my sister-in-law, you probably have your own share of sisters and may not need another sister, but I will still treat you like my own whom I never had and may I be the sister-in-law you hope to have.
We may not be the perfect family, but with all our eccentricities and everything, we still welcome you into our family.

To my brother, my best friend and one of my greatest pillars in my life, I wish you every bit the blessing from above as you begin your new journey with your wife, with whom you will learn and love, just like yourself and even more, to your aging days and when your hair turns gray (naturally, not chemically).

It is not easy to plan a wedding, but it is far more than just a pretty picture when it comes to an everlasting marriage.


Love, faith and courage are what it takes to build that fairytale ending and the journey is only to be experienced by both husband and wife.
It is never one that one can walk alone, for what was one, is now a union of two, merged as one.

You have made it, you have created that perfect, gorgeous and memorable wedding day.

Now, may you continue to do the same for your marriage as you journey with each other.

That, is the prayer I have for the two of you as I continue to keep you in all my prayers every single moment.


You have both made such heartwarming vows, which have moved everyone present to feel your love and stirred that emotions within us. 

Keep them always in your hearts and minds, Remember your vows the way you made them and how you feel when you made them as you walk hand in hand always and be there for each other.

For What God hath joined, NO Man shall put asunder.

To love, to every blessed wonder, and to Happily Ever After~


And, That, was just what I did during the Labor Day long weekend; where I drove all the way to Langkawi island to be part of this meaningful day for this is indeed, the #WeddingoftheYear for #TheKims, where #PatWedsElyn.

It is all worth every moment as I watched them both embark on their new journey, towards marriage; vows and promises of faith...
Sealed, with Love, by the Andaman Sea.

P.S: #TheMostBeautifulWedding

~This is a Special Post Dedicated to the newlyweds~

(The entire wedding ceremony is organized in multi-parts, taking place on different dates and locations)




Location Featured:
The Westin Resort and Spa, Langkawi
of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Group

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