Stories My Daddy Told Me

By Christina Kim - June 29, 2016


One of the most important male figures in my life (if not the most important) has got to be the one who brought me to this world.

My Daddy.

He is the first man I knew as a little girl, and the one who guided me through my growing up years to who I am this very day.
The one who taught me about the world and who would always treat me like a princess.

Yes, I am a daddy's girl, but aren't we all?
Don't we girls all have fathers who treat us like the most precious gems in the world, always sheltering us from the bad and any harm that could threaten us?

If there is one man we could trust completely, it would be only our dads.
The only one who would never ever hurt us.
At all.

I wrote a post to dedicate to my mother last month, in conjunction with Mother's Day (read it here), and half a month has gone by since Father's Day was celebrated widely in the middle of this month of June.
Perhaps many may think that I have forgotten about my daddy, or that I have nothing to write about him.
Or perhaps, I have forgotten about Father's Day altogether.

The thing is, I have so much to write about my Daddy, that I do not know where I could start.

Father's Day is meaningful, but as I have mentioned before, it is not that only day that I remember my daddy.

I know he knows that, for that is what he used to tell me,
"Father's Day is just a commercial gimmick to drive more business. Treat your parents well, and every day is Father's and Mother's Day"

Those were his words of wisdom.

They were not the only things he tells me, for my daddy is one who has shared so many words of wisdom and even stories to inspire me, or to guide me through the ways of life.
Perhaps most of us grew up with bedtime stories; but me, I grew up with books which I read before my own bedtime, courtesy of my daddy who would always buy me books as rewards for doing well in school.
He never said no to me, whenever I want a book (though I am mindful not to overspend my dad's money and only buy once in a while, or when I truly deserve it, by working hard at school).

Although I had those thick hardcover books (they are huge too, think the children's bedtime storybook version) accompanying me before bed, as I read those legends, myths and fairytales with intent, that did not mean I did not get to enjoy my daddy's stories.

My daddy tells me stories, not just at bedtime; nor does he buys me books so that he doesn't have to tell me stories.

No, my daddy tells me stories, all the time.

In my family, we talk a lot among ourselves.
Granted, we are a very small family which fosters a close-knit communication within all of us, and my daddy also encourages and keeps the communication alive within the family; as my late grandmother (his mother) would.

I would always chat with my dad, whether in the morning as we have breakfast, or even in the car and maybe even during the news hour.
There are just so many times when we are alone and topics would just come up.
It could be about my day at school, the dreams I had the night before, or my dad's work stuffs, or it could be just about anything.

My daddy and me; we could just talk about almost everything under the sun.
(Yes, I could tell my daddy anything and everything; including boys, in case you are wondering)

My Daddy would also tell me a lot of things; being the parent that he is, and there were just so many stories that he had told me over the years as I was growing up, and even until today.

I just wouldn't know where to start, and in fact, I never forgot a single one that he told me (even if he has forgotten, he always laughs at his poor memory).

There are just so many inspiring ones that have guided and taught me about life, for they all have that underlying meaning and morals which serve to shape us in being our better selves.

I may not be able to share every single story (it would be too long of a post!), but I would like to share a few which are more prominent and purposeful for you to enjoy.

I hope you find it just as inspiring as I did, here they are~

*Some of these are stories from the Bible, but not religious in any way, for it is the lesson of the story that deserves the attention rather than the origin of the story. I have also modified some of the religious parts in the stories to make it more generalized for everyone to enjoy*

Story 1: The Widow's Mite
A temple was setting up a contribution box as a way to maintain the funds for the temple.
There were many people who flocked to the temple to make their contributions; mainly the rich, obviously. Among the crowd of the rich people who were putting in huge amounts of money, there is a widow who was also chipping in to the contribution.
She was a poor widow, and she did not have much, but she threw in two copper coins (which are only worth a few cents) into the box.
Compared to the amount from the rich, it was almost close to nothing.

However, it was also far more than the biggest amount of contribution in the box, for it was all the poor widow had.

Yet she gave it to the temple.

She saw the temple in a far greater need than her own, and gave all that she owned to the temple.

That was truly far greater in value compared to all the riches in the world.

There are two important lessons in this story, as I interpret it:
1. The act of selflessness
The widow had nothing to thrive on and those two copper coins could probably keep her going but she chose to gave them up to the temple.
She put herself below the needs of the temple, choosing to focus on the greater good.
It is not an easy thing to do, to put others above oneself and putting one's own self to a struggle to survive.
To be able to see the need of others above our own needs is truly a virtue and noble indeed.

2. True value of worth is not measured by amount/monetary
The rich had everything and more to lead a luxurious life, and perhaps even a tiny bit of their contribution would already be able to sustain the temple.
The poor had nothing; like the widow and two copper coins could barely do anything for the temple.
Yet, in comparison, the value of the widow's contribution far surpasses the amount from the rich, for it is not about the monetary terms or even the size of the contribution which truly matters.
The true value comes from the heart.

You could have everything in the world, but gives only a small amount, or maybe even nothing, but there are those who own nothing or minimal yet give everything or their all to charity or the world.
It is about that worth and how it is perceived.
The willingness to give that truly measures the real value of the contribution.

*This (The Widow's Mite) is personally one of my most favorite stories and especially memorable even though I had heard this long ago, back when I was little*

Story 2: Cast that First Stone
A woman had committed adultery and back in the old days, it is a serious crime (even today, it is still not considered a small thing).
Based on the old time punishments, the woman; also termed as an adulteress would be subjected to be tied to the stake in the center of the town and to be stoned to death by the villagers.
(Yes, just like one would to the witches)

The day of the punishment came and the town gathered around the stake, where the woman was tied to.
Everyone was swearing and throwing out hurtful words at the woman who bowed in shame.
They then started to pick up the stones to hurl at her, when a man stepped forward.

The man said, 
"Anyone here who has never committed a sin, or done anything wrong; not one single thing wrong, in his or her life, can go ahead and cast the first stone"

The town fell in silence and no one stepped forward with the stone.
Some even dropped the stone to the ground.

It is simple, for no one could boldly or even openly say that we have done nothing wrong at all in our lives.
Not even the smallest mistake.

We are all just human beings and everyone makes mistakes; be it big or small.
Sure, the laws are all there for a reason, to govern and to ensure that there is no crime or chaos in the society/world.

The lesson here is not about one should not be punished for their wrong doing just because others are just as sinful, but rather, the whole severity of the situation and also the perception/act of others who are onlookers.

One person does something wrong, but rather than the executioner or the authority figure who takes the action of punishment; often others are quick to chip and feel they have the need to criticize or to add more harm to the situation.

Everyone feels they have that right to condemn another who have committed a wrong.

Why are we so JUDGMENTAL?
Why is that people tend to act all righteous in front of people who have done something wrong and make matters worse?
Why do people feel there is a need to add salt to the wound?
The worst type of people are those who fuel the fire; spreading rumors to add to the injury and create mountains out of molehills.
These are worse than the wrong doer themselves.

Are we all truly that righteous?
Have we truly, as the man says, have never ever done anything wrong, ever in our lives?
Do WE have the right to Judge, in the first place?

Everyone can and will make mistakes; and depending on the severity (depending on the situation), justice will be served.

What the world doesn't need is more judges who do nothing but add to that negativity.

Turn the whole picture around, if you made a silly mistake, how would you feel when others point their fingers and make it into a huge deal everywhere?
Think about it.

Story 3: The Hat That Doesn't Fit
A man goes to a shop and tries on different types of hats.
He saw one that was on display. It was the most expensive hat in the shop.
However, it was too big for him, not to mention it was more than what he could afford.
People were looking at him, and afraid of being looked down upon by everyone, he bought the hat and wore it out of the shop, proud to own such a grand and luxurious hat.
As he walked down the street, the hat flops down his face for it was far too big for his head.
He could not see the road ahead and as he was adjusting his hat, a strong gust of wind blew and the hat flew off his head.
He chased after it and did not manage to see the hole in front of him.
As a result, he fell into the hole and got himself dirty as he walked slowly back to his house.
Without his hat and even money, for he had spent all his money on that one hat.

I'm sure you could see where I am going with this story, and I have personally modified this story a little from my dad's simple words.
(Yes, he just used a few words to talk about not wearing a hat bigger than your head, but I spun it into a story to make it more meaningful)

There are definitely more than one lesson from the story, and they are lessons my daddy always reminds me of throughout my life.

1. Never be someone we are not, or do something beyond our means
The man was not rich and he definitely could not afford the hat.
He probably didn't even need the hat in the first place, yet he went into the hat shop because it was deemed prestigious and it was where the rich were.
He wanted to be seen as a rich man, to fit into the rich crowd.
He did not want to be looked down by others.
He wanted people to have that perception that he is rich, even though deep down inside he is not.

How often have we tried to do something just to be accepted, or even to make it seem as though we are capable?
There is a fine line between confidence and pride; or arrogance and most of the time, we sway towards the latter.

We try to show the world something which we are not, all because we are proud.
Yet it is not who we truly are.
We are trying to be someone else.
Someone in our mind, whom is acceptable by the society standards.

But what about our true selves?
What about our own standards?
What about our own values?
Don't we have them?

Be ourselves, someone else is already taken (by far one of the best quotes out there)
*My dad always tells us to be ourselves, and never pretend to be anyone else. Be TRUE and genuine*

2. Spend within your limit and not beyond
There are rich people in this world who can afford all sorts of stuffs, then there are the middle range income and there are also those who can barely afford anything.
No one is the same.
Only we know our limits when it comes to what we have.

We can't follow the crowd and just spend beyond what we earn.

Who are we trying to impress?
The rest of the world?
Others who are just onlookers?

We look good only at that moment, but the rest of the time, we could probably be looking at empty bank accounts.
All just to make sure we look good in front of others, or for others to look up towards us?

Is it even worth it?

Spend within your limits, and not to please others.
It is you who have to live with what you have, not others.

3. Be Humble
It is easy to get carried away with pride, because it feels good; like we are on top of the world.
But then, it makes us float above the ground and do dumb things just to keep ourselves up there.
Attention, admiration and awe are not the same as respect, but yet most of the time, they are mistaken for each other and are the ones that many yearn for.

To have a pocketful of money or to be the best in everything is surely a dream many would have, but is it truly doing you any good?
You are proud, but are you too proud?

Do you feel like you are above others when you are feeling good or doing much better than those around you?

Don't be arrogant, don't be too proud of yourself, for you could get complacent.

It is always good to be humble and to always see yourself in a simple manner.
You don't have to be beneath others, but you don't always have to above others either; and besides, no one is ever really above any other anyway.

The most important lesson?
Pride always comes before a fall.

4. What is truly yours will always be, and what isn't is never yours to seek 
When the hat fits, it will stick onto your head.
It won't be blown off by the wind.

Even if you chase after it, a hat that doesn't fit will never stay on your head.

If something belongs to you, it will come to you eventually even if it has not yet.
There is always a time for everything.
Be patient.
Don't always chase after empty dreams or unrealistic things.
They may seem ideal but are they truly you?

If something is meant to be, it is but if it is not, it is just a waste of time to pursue.

Ask yourself what you truly want, and who you truly want to be.
Only you KNOW what YOU truly want and what values fit best.

Story 4: The Prodigal Son
A father has two sons; one who was staying with him and the other left home to wander to find his destiny.
One day, the father received news that the wandering son is set to come home and he was delighted.

He ordered for a huge celebration and prepared a feast; so much so that the son who was with him was consumed by jealousy.

When his brother returned, the father rushed to the gate and threw himself upon the son whom he hugged so tightly and tears of joy just fell down his cheeks.
He then even gave this returning son gifts and showered him with so much love and attention to the annoyance of the other son.

The son who couldn't take it any longer, asked his father,
"I am the one who have been staying with you and never left your side, yet I have never seen you display such extravagant emotions.
But my brother, he chose to leave and never stay with us all this while and yet, you treat him with such attention when he comes back after a long time?
Why, does he deserve this, and not me?"

The father looks at his son and stroked his head, saying,
"My son, I have never forsaken you even though you have always been with me.
I made sure you are properly clothed and fed and enjoy all that I have for you are my son.
Your brother, on the other hand, left home and did not get to enjoy all these luxuries you had while he was out there. It was his choice to leave home, but it was also his choice today to return to us.
He is also my son, I did not get to share all that I have with him all this while because he was away but now that he has returned, I am only giving him something that he has not had for a long time, while he was away from us.
You are both my sons, I want the best for both of you"

At the sound of this, tears fell down the son's cheeks and he knelt at his father's feet,
"I am sorry my father, for I now know I am wrong. He is my brother and we are one family. 
Let us now give him a warm welcome as he returns to our home"

This is truly one of the most beautiful story; for it says so much about the bond of love and that bond shared in a family.
But most of all, it talks about a parent's love.

It is always equal and never divided.

A parent will not and can never choose between their children; for they are all his/her own flesh and blood.
Every child is precious to their parents; whether they are right beside them or far away elsewhere in other parts in the world.
It doesn't change the fact that they are their children.

A parent will never forget their children and they always want the best for their children.

Absence makes the hearts fonder, it is true, but that doesn't mean the ones present are not important.
A parent just wants to make sure they all feel the same love he/she is capable of giving.

Haven't we left home at some point and then being welcomed in a grand manner when we reached home?
Aren't we pampered when we come home after being abroad or away at college/work?
Don't our parents always ask if we have eaten or had a good time while away from home?

Parents will always think of us as their little ones, despite our age and that we are never fully well-fed, clothed or perfect when we are not by their sides.
They will always miss us, and worry about us every single second.
They are always waiting for us, the day we would turn up at that door and walk into their arms.

Every parent wants that.
Every parent dreams of that day.

If you haven't call your parents in a long time or even seen them, do so.
Give them a call, plan a trip to visit them.
They will appreciate it.
They are waiting for it.

I have many more stories, but like I have said, it will take a very long post and it could probably bore you to go through such a long post, therefore I am sharing only the stories above.

However, I have personally also enjoyed writing these stories, that I am thinking of sharing stories like these on periodic basis, or perhaps on a weekly series, if you like.

Do let me know if you would like me to share these stories too.

My Daddy has always been a very prominent figure in my life and it makes a lot of sense since he is the one who brought me into this world.
He always made sure he was involved in his children's lives and he makes that effort.

My Daddy is never too busy for us, nor is he too tight on his finances to buy us something we want.


That is my Daddy, the man who never once scold or even lift his hand to hit me before.
Yes, my Daddy has never once scold me before; not one single time.
I guess parents play their roles separately, as my Daddy told me too; one has always got to be the one to discipline and the other has to be the one to fall upon.

My mummy may have a stricter hand, but she has played her part well and even resigned from her role as we grew older; or as she deemed it was that time that we have grown up and she had done her part.

My Daddy, will always be the one who makes sure he holds us when we fall down and my Daddy, never says NO to us.

The day my Daddy walked me down the aisle, I remembered telling him,
"Daddy, whatever you do, don't ever let me fall"

He replied, "I NEVER will"


That is probably the only time he said Never, but in a good way.

To my Daddy, this is not a belated Father's Day post, for to us, every single day is Father's Day and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done and how you have always been the most important figure in my life.

The one who will never hurt me.
The one whom I will always feel safe under his umbrella.

Daddy, I LOVE YOU~

Thank you for all the stories you have told me, and perhaps now, I will be the one telling you stories (and tips) on the modern technology world! :-)

Happy Father's Day, every SINGLE Day!~

Yes, I am a Daddy's Girl, and I am proud of it :-)



*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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