Say What You Think? But First, Think What You Say

By Christina Kim - June 28, 2016


Words are powerful; I should know, for that is the reason I love writing and enjoy a random word game.

There are so many things you can do (or play) with words and they are well, the figures of speech, figuratively and literally speaking.

However, on the other hand, the power of words can take on an adverse turn as well as just as powerful as they are in expressions, they could be just as lethal.

Words can truly be comforting, but they can be equally destructive as well.

Words spoken can never be taken back, I am sure we all know by now.
There is no way to undo the damage caused by words which are uttered in a haste and hurt another, even if you don't mean it.

That is why it is so important to choose your words carefully, before you say them aloud.

It is inevitable to say things in a bout of an emotional outburst, or even to just amplify a notion in discussion, but the consequences leave behind a trail which could sometimes last a lifetime.

Words can be THAT powerful.

We are often told to be bold with our speech; and to speak our minds rather than suppress them.
It helps to build one's confidence and vocal skills, while at the same time honing our interpersonal communication and public interaction.

It is not a bad thing to be outspoken; in fact it is even more encouraged for one to be daring in speaking out or even to share their own opinion.

However, this is to be practised with caution though.

When you speak up your mind, did you also understand the impact?
Did that piece of your mind truly goes through your mind before it leaves your mouth?

That is the problem we see these days, that everyone always has something to say about everyone else, or everything that is happening in the world.
It is fine to want to share your thoughts and opinions, but not in a way that is deemed hurtful to others on the receiving side.
Maybe not everyone is as open to your thoughts as you are, and you probably just want to give your two cents on the matter, but are you truly communicating effectively, or just merely to make your own point for the sake of your own satisfaction?

Some don't even give a care to the thought before they speak, and perhaps even bent on causing that damage right from the start.
They are just releasing their emotions without considering the impact their words have on others.
They just don't care.

Some just want to create that noise, and add to the already chaotic arguments and discussions which already ensued.
There is no specific objective to their words, but rather to just fan the fire.

Some could just say it for the sake of saying something and not even understanding what they are even saying.

These are just few of the many scenarios of communication and how words have truly make their way out of the mouths and landing on the ears and even hearts of the recipients; some who may not even be present in person.
(Think of rumor mongering and baseless gossips, or anonymous backlashes)

Some think thoroughly with intent, some don't think thoroughly enough or some don't even think of their intent before communicating their words.

That is where all the problem starts.

Words are misperceived; misunderstandings happen and offenses are taken which could lead to long term discomfort as one harbors ill-feelings and hatred towards each other.
Simply because of words which were said and interpreted differently across the ears of those who hear it.

It is a pity when this happens.

Words are not meant nor intended to be this way in the first place; for they are meant to convey one's thoughts and foster interaction between people, though effectively so.

To be effective, one should always weight the outcome of their words and take that split second to consider the objective of one's words before they are uttered.

What are we trying to say?
What is the purpose of what we are about to say?
Are we making a strong point, and what are the risks?
Will someone get hurt?
Will my words make a difference?

All within a split second as the words flash through our minds.

I am not saying that we should all think and rethink every single word before we say it, for that would also lead to the suppression of speech in which people would also end up being timid and unsure when they are required to speak up in situations.

What I am saying is about the way words have been taken to the extent where they are no longer considered, and that harmful and hurtful expressions are just thrown in all directions at any time, without a care in the world.

We are fortunate enough to be living in today's world where we are surrounded and well-connected by the technology which has made it possible to reach out to anyone or everyone everywhere in communication, via the Internet.
Social media are flooding the cyber space, and the possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to staying connected with each other.

Look around us, almost every one and at every single moment, we see people talking to each other on the phone, laptop, in person, or even writing blogs and websites to convey our thoughts to one another.

That is exactly what we are all doing.

We are expressing ourselves, we are telling others what we think and listening in return what they think as well.

All in the form of words.

Words come out in bundles, everywhere and anytime.

We are bound to say all sorts of things, and even a child learning to speak will be learning about words.

That is why, we should be careful with words that we use and say as we express ourselves.

There are people around us, and not everyone thinks or even perceives those words uttered the same way.

Be mindful of that gap in perception, but most of all, be aware of the impact of your words.

Think of how it would make others feel, and better still, think of how it would make YOU feel if the words were spoken to you in return.

Words can be just as powerful as they are venomous.

Choose them carefully.

You don't want to hurt more than express yourselves, and always be ready to apologize if you say something which hurts another's feelings.
You won't lose anything by apologizing.

The same words do not have the same impact on every single person.

After all, that is why we are all born different.

One man's meat may be another man's poison; one may take your words as compliment while the other may take it as an insult.

That is the complexity and yet, the integrity of the power of communication.

Be forth in your communication; you can always say what is on your mind, and say what you really think.

But first, think about what you say and whether it is effective.

A lot of arguments and wars could have been prevented, if we were to just take that split second to choose our words.

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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