Matcha Green Inspiration

By Christina Kim - June 07, 2016


Desserts and sweets are not on my regular routine; though there are the occasional exceptions when I see something which catches my eye (and interest, or rather, appetite), or I happen to be "just in the mood" for that.
(I am certainly not your regular woman with a sweet tooth; well, not just sweet but almost everything in general. I am known for my picky ways for a reason)

When I was in Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City in particular, I noticed a lot of places selling sweet desserts and cakes, or even drinks. 
The locals loved their sweets; well in general, they love that sweet flavor in their desserts.
If it is meant to be sweet, they really like it sweet.
The Vietnamese don't joke when it comes to the flavors in the food.

One of the most commonly spotted, or often seen is the matcha or green tea theme.
It is almost everywhere.
(If you've been following me on my Instagram or Snapchat(@angelstarchrist), you would have noticed the number of them making to my feed)

Matcha muffin, green tea muffin, matcha cake, green tea latte, green tea pudding, matcha float, iced matcha; well whatever you can think of that can be made out of these two, they have it.
I mean it.

While it is probably attributed to the local's love for that green essence; as in green tea and matcha, it is also not surprising since the country is one of the world exporters for matcha.
Besides, if you have noticed, they are really huge on the real greens too, and I mean vegetables; looking at the huge amount of raw vegetables they pile on for each of their local/daily meal.
They are really diligent in piling on the greens in their lifestyle; literally and figuratively speaking.

Take note that matcha and green tea are different due to the way they are processed, though both are well known for their health benefits and have gotten into the way of making it to the list for a healthy lifestyle.
(Perhaps we can discuss that in another post, sometime)

Just for fun and perhaps as a source of inspiration, I have rounded up a few of these matcha/green tea finds I have stumbled upon on my trips there.

It may help to send that creative juices (no pun intended) to those who are looking for inspiration in the kitchen or just to try it out, though I do not have the recipe.
This is just more of a color/visual food board, and I am not the expert here; just a random post on some inspirations.

*This is not the complete list/guide to all the matcha/green tea stuffs, but simply based on what I have tried*


Iced Matcha Drink  (from MOF)


Plain matcha powder made into a drink; diluted with water to mix and served with ice and a tiny jar of liquid sugar for one to add to their preferred taste.

Refreshing on a hot afternoon (and it is always hot in the city, mind you) and I'd say it is perfect while chilling out in the cafe with a good conversation/companion and maybe a book? 
(Always a book, always)

Matcha Float (from MOF)


For a little more kick to the plain matcha drink, add that soft serve to the top for a matcha float.
It is definitely more photogenic too, and adds a little more flavor to the drink while keeping one busy for a little longer, which is definitely good when there is company.

Matcha with Azuki red beans Snowy (also from MOF)



To take it even further, go for a whole bowl of delicately shaved iced drizzled with that matcha blend flavored by the sweetness from the oozing thick paste of the glorious azuki red beans flowing from the beneath the crown of soft serve sitting on top.

It is a rather enticing picture to say the least; the exotic combination of colors, not to mention the chill taste when a spoonful touches the tongue.

An instant cure for all the heat out there, and the plus point is that it is not overwhelmingly sweet.

From the Bakery

Now on to the cakes, muffins and out of the oven

Matcha Muffin with raisins (from local bakery)


This is quite an enchanting one, and perhaps one of my favorite muffin.

It looks really green, but much of the green color is from the matcha powder used and it really tastes of matcha all the way, rather than that of flour.
There is just so much of matcha, that it is simply one of the finer matcha muffins I have tasted.

I am not such a fan of the raisins though, and I personally think it would have been better had it been red beans (azuki preferably) gracing the combination.

Matcha mini cake with azuki red bean paste (store-bought, directly imported from Japan)


This probably answered that call to the combination of matcha with red beans, in a cake, though this is a pre-packaged food.
(Let's just forget for a moment about the disadvantages of packaged food, we don't do this every day)

As you can see, the matcha theme is really very popular here for even imported stuffs are still abiding by the matcha rule.
They just love everything matcha, and a peek into the grocery store's dessert section just reveals almost half of the products are matcha-based.

What did I tell you, they take their matcha love very seriously here.

Tired of matcha, and for a lighter flavor/taste, there's the green tea too, which is just as popular here.

Steamed Green Tea Cake (from Breadtalk)


This can be found in Breadtalk Singapore too (where Breadtalk is originally from), along with a bunch of other flavors, though not in our local outlets.

Pandan Polo Pudding Cake (also from Breadtalk)


This is probably not in the matcha or green tea category, but I just threw it in since it is green as well, and this is more of a custard filling in the middle of a lightly crisp baked bun flavored by pandan.

Be it matcha or green tea, or anything green, it is really not hard to find anything of that theme in this country.
Try some, and you may even find yourself hooked, if you are not already.

Matcha with aloe vera juice and a cup of green tea on the right (from Hokkaido Sachi)


So what do you think, did I give you Matcha Inspiration?

It certainly gives another perspective to the whole green concept, and makes you think green.
(As long as you don't go green with envy, since I got to enjoy them, just kidding!)

May you find more ways to add colors and varieties with the above, to your meals or even ideas for the weekend.

Have a great week!

*I had originally planned for this post to share on Monday, to beat the blues but I was traveling and had a long day where I was just so tired when I arrived that I hit the sack almost immediately. Anyway, still good for Tuesday, or any day, hope it helps to beat that busy day blues at work with this green green idea board :-) *


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

Art Direction and Photography Styling by Me.
Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.
Please kindly ask for permission if you need to use any of my images.

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  1. I never saw this kind of information on Matcha before. I always think Matcha is used only in Green Tea and we can not use this product for other beverages or foods. But after reading the whole article, I am shocked, you explained a lot of dishes, Pandan Polo Pudding Cake, Matcha mini cake with azuki red bean paste, Matcha Muffin with raisins etc. But I think the best use of Matcha is when we use this product as a liquid, and Matcha Green Tea is the best use of Matcha.