Wellness Wednesday: Taking Charge of What We Eat

By Christina Kim - June 15, 2016


Clean eating, eating healthy, low fat, low sugar, low sodium and the likes are making their way into the health trend lately.
They are all the rage these days.

Almost everyone is following the trend, or rather, even trying to make themselves observe the trend, in some way or another.

There is no right or wrong, of course, as long as you are happy and of course, you are feeding yourself the kind of food you want and would want to eat for the rest of your life.
Needless to say, with the right nutritions your body needs and as recommended by doctors/nutritionists (I only believe them) and not the Internet.

It is your body and the way you want to take care of it is entirely up to yourself.
No judgment.

At the end of the day, all this is only attributed to one thing; our HEALTH.

Yes, there is no greater gift than having a good health and it is something we are in control of, completely.

We are how we make ourselves to be; and how healthy we are depends on ourselves.

We have the choice to make in ensuring our health is at optimum level or not; and our well-being speaks so much about ourselves and our daily habits.

Sure, there are some of us who may not be blessed with the privilege of sunny health all the way, while there are those who has never even once caught a flu in their whole entire life (I hate you), but ultimately, we can still take control of our lives and make an effort to ensure our own good health.

Making an effort is not a blessing; it does not come from above.
It comes from ourselves.
We can make that difference.

We need to make that difference.

We don't need to be a doctor, or a health practitioner to take care of our health.

We can all do that ourselves, and it is all within our own hands.

We are who we make ourselves to be.

It is not difficult at all; it is not rocket science.

It all lies in our lifestyle.

We can all do it.

Exercise, get plenty of rest and adequate hours of sleep, drink lots of water, eat well (balanced diet), stress management are all that we have heard so often that they are no longer new or anything unusual, yet at the same time, perhaps it is because they have been mentioned so many times that they have lost their meaning.

But, that is ALL there is to it; the most basic and easiest way to maintain a good health.
There is no complex formula to optimum health.

It is just That simple.

Of course they are all equally important, and while many could overlook these points and continue to indulge in their lifestyles; ignoring these simple mantras.

The best way to start is to just take a look at our current habits and find one area to begin with.

Perhaps there is no time to exercise, or sleep, or even that the stress levels are inevitable due to the demands of the job; maybe there are hectic schedules which could prohibit one to drink too much water (you don't want to end up making a dash for the restroom every few minutes during an important meeting), but of all these, there is one that is easiest to make that slight tweak to kick start a difference.


You Eat, every day; and everyone just can't move away from that relationship with food.

Yes, even anorexics and bulimics, or anyone with eating disorders; who claim they don't like food have that struggle with food because they just want it yet they tell themselves not to want it.

Food is the fuel for our body to function properly, and you have got to have something in the system for it to run on; whether you like it or not.

With such an important role and food playing that essential part in our lives, it is entirely logical that it has a major impact on our health as well.

We are what we eat, basically.

There is nothing more true than that.

Most of our ailments could be traced back to what we feed our body, and there is no surprise that these days the market is just jam packed with all that products which claimed plentiful goodness promising the best nourishment to ensure optimum health.

Food, is what enters into the bloodstream and gives us energy to go about our daily routines.

You can't ignore that fact.

Yet, are we all eating as healthy as we should or just ignoring that fact and enjoy whatever we like?

Sure, there is no reason not to enjoy food, but do we take time to listen to what our bodies really want or what they really need?

Are we putting the right stuffs into the body; the kind where our body would thank us for considering their interests, or are we just there to battle with our bodies and keen to wreck havoc in our very own systems?

Take a moment to think about it, before you put that bagel into your mouth or opt for a bowl of oatmeal.

Do we eat that bagel because we think it is good for our body or because we enjoy the taste?
Do we even think about our body when we eat?

Of course, eating shouldn't be THAT complex where we have to start drawing the flowcharts and pulling all the calorie apps, but it should just be as simple as understanding the impact or the nutrients of our own choices.

It is not that complicated, is it?

We can indulge once in a while, of course, no one goes to jail for that (unless you stole that piece of cake from the shop), but in general, be mindful of what we eat.

Start to take charge of our eating habits.

Choose what we eat, with proper consideration for our health.

Choosing health does not mean sacrificing enjoyment or happiness in general.

We are blessed to be born in this era where everything is just made with so much creativity and quality that it is just ridiculous for one to say that healthy eating is simply an illusion or impossible.

Even the tastes are no longer compromised, thanks to the variety of natural flavors and assortment of fresh ingredients which make healthy food so much more flavorful; sometimes even more appetizing than processed food.

Healthy eating does not mean you have to start eating like a cow; munching on raw grass all day, but rather, making the right choices with what is good for your own body and its functions.

Be creative as much as possible, enjoy your treat a little, but always remember that food pyramid we were taught in school.

More vegetables, more fruits, more Real Food and all that is Good for our health.
(I am sure you know what is good, or not. If not, well, refer to your school books)



Maybe some would adopt the primitive method, or some would make drastic changes, but always be mindful of what you are doing to your body, for that is what happens to your health.

Even if you strike off certain food with claims that they harm you, take time to think if your body really does not need them (unless you have an allergy).
If you make drastic changes all of a sudden, can your body really adapt and are you really doing your body more good, or you are just forcing it into a shock state?

Be MINDFUL at all times, not just change, and think, how would your body react to your decision.

A baby does not walk nor run the day after he/she is born, what makes you think your body will, when you change instantly?

Take baby steps, make it a gradual process, take the time to understand and let the body adapt.
Listen to the body for it does tells us what to do.

Start with simple changes to your diet; it is not the only thing to ensure great health of course(there's still exercise among other factors), but it is a start, for what goes into the body makes a huge difference.

Healthy eating is not a torture, or a death sentence.

It can be as we make it.

It is a Choice.
A Choice we make for Good Health.

It is something we can ALL do, we just need to start somewhere.

Start to Take Charge.
Only we can make that difference, for it is our own body after all.

Start with what we eat; Take Charge of What we eat and good health is just a bite away.

Choose your favorite fruit, your favorite vegetable; you must have one and start from there.
It will be more enjoyable when you choose what you already like, and not adhere to something out of the blue.

Healthy eating and taking charge should not be just a spur of a moment or temporary change; it should be a lifestyle.

Go ahead, your body will thank you for it.





*I am not the healthiest eater either, but I make my own choices. We all do, and when we do, we choose not our own food, but our health*

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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