Monday Inspiration: A Day to Look Forward to (Cue from Nature)

By Christina Kim - June 13, 2016


Mondays are not popular in general, I think we acknowledge that.

Not many look forward to the start of the work week (Sunday is the start of the week, you know that), especially when they have had that taste of relaxation and fun during the weekend.

That is unless, you have something to look forward to on Monday.

Something worth looking forward to, that makes you excited and just can't wait for Monday to arrive.
Otherwise, it is just well, Monday, as we know it, and don't we pretend we don't want to know it either.
(You know what I mean)

We may not like Mondays, but they are going to be here anyway, and they stay; like it or not, as Garfield would put it, you can choose to put a blanket over your head or face it.

But, not with a drag, for you can choose to look at Mondays differently, and make it less-Monday like.


Let's go back to the earlier point.

Think of the times when you would look forward to Mondays, just as mentioned earlier.

Perhaps it is the day you are taking off for a vacation you had long awaited, or it is an important day where you know you are going to enjoy (wedding, birthday, a baby's to be born, social event, picking up your significant other from the airport, etc)

The key is, when you were looking forward to that event, did you realize it was a Monday?
The start of the work week?

You probably did, or you probably didn't, and here's why.

You were excited, you were happy; you were anticipating something that YOU feel and think is going to be great.

Focus on that feeling.

That is the key to making Mondays less painful; or even any day for that matter.

If you feel like you're dragging yourself out of bed for work or school this morning (Monday), think of why it is so.

It is because you are thinking of today, as it is; a Monday and automatically, you are setting your mind to the Monday mode, in which it has been conditioned to detest.
You told your mind that it is going to be dreadful, and guess what, that it is going to be.

That is when the Monday blues hit.

Take a cue from nature, while focusing on the above point on something to look forward to.

Find something you can view with eager anticipation, with joy and just with that light note.

Just like plants.

They bloom even when it is Monday, don't they?

Do they look less than what they looked like over the weekend?
(That is, unless there was a drought or perhaps bad weather which just wrecked their productivity)

A flower will bloom regardless of which day it is of the week; or even dry when it is time, but the thing is, when a flower is in bloom, there is no stopping it.


Take that from the flower or the plants.

Whichever day of the week, the flower will bloom if it is its time.

Even when nobody is watching.

It is easier said than done?

Then focus on that whole issue on why you go to work or school in the first place.

If you feel forced, who is forcing you?
If there is something you are avoiding which is going to take place on Monday, can you avoid it forever?
(Exams, interview, meeting?)

If you are just so unhappy about going to work/school, why?

Is there truly nothing that is worth your effort?
If yes, then why are you still doing it?
If it's for money, you have found your reason.

But, think about it, there is always something that will soften that effect.

Perhaps lunch hour with your team, or the updates you can't wait to hear from your colleague.

Even if you are surrounded by hostility in your office/school environment, maybe you could find something to make a difference.

Bring or make something new for your desk, or create something for lunch.

The key is, DO Something for yourself.

It is YOU who decides how Monday is going to be, or how it is going to be like.

Sure, we are all humans, and inevitably, the blues strike once in a while, but the thing is, whether we want to call it blue or create a rainbow out of it.

We don't always have to wait for something to look forward to, don't we, and if there is none, then just CREATE that something to look forward to.

It is just that simple, don't complicate it.

Just like nature, they always look forward to the day and seize the most of the sunlight, even when they are hanging by their fragile stalk.

Make it a mantra, and you will get rid of the blues; not only on Monday but every single day that you dread.

Have a lovely Monday and a great week ahead everyone!

*Just something for inspiration*





*Author's Note: 
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