10 Reasons Why Eating in Tsukiji Must be on the Itinerary

By Christina Kim - March 23, 2016


There is no better way to experience a fish or seafood market than to actually get a taste of the freshness of the seafood itself.

Move past the auction, the fresh seafood for sale and the scenes at the market; one should not turn away to leave just yet, thinking that is all there is to this world's biggest fish market, for that is truly not.

The freshness of the seafood which made the branding of Tsukiji is out in the open for everyone to enjoy and taste.

From grilled tuna on skewers to fat juicy scallops and fried seafood of all sorts, there is just no end to what the street has to offer.
If street food is not your style, there's also the sushi joints to choose from; though the lines would be really long.

We may not be able to bring home those fresh fish, prawns or seafood, but that does not mean we can't bring them into our stomachs and get that taste firsthand.

Here, a glimpse of the food I have tried as proof and reasons to make you start craving for seafood.
This is truly epic; when seafood IS the Street food.

You will be craving for seafood after this, I assure you.

Reasons to Eat at Tsukiji Fish Market (as if you really need a reason for eating, at all)

1. Eat 'em Fresh!
Seafood of all sorts are being cooked on the spot; right in front of you and you take them just right from the pit.
Smoking hot.



2. Freshness of the Seafood is cooked the way you will enjoy


These are the experts, leave it to them to decide the way to cook the fresh seafood.
There are many stalls and cooking styles to choose from; so take your pick.

3. Watch the cooking LIVE in action


There are bound to be a few stalls that will catch your eye; as though it was a whole performance.
Take for instance, this grilled tuna stall.
It caught my eye right from the start, and I knew I just simply must have it.
It was the best decision I've ever made.





4. Friendliness and great hospitality 
Of course vendors always treat their customers well, but the street vendors here take it a notch higher.


They definitely are strong advocates and living testimonies to that whole concept of "Service with a Smile"

5. The behind the scenes are often the front scene itself
The cooking, the preparation are all out there on display.


6. Experience the local culture; just like a local
It is the norm in Asia when it comes to street eating, or rather, eating on the streets, and marketplaces are often that breeding ground for street food.
You will find people standing in the corners, or even skulking as they enjoy their food right there and then.



7. There is something for everyone
Choose from street snacks to sushi outlets and even packaged food for souvenirs or to munch on back in the hotel, the varieties are just endless.







8. How can anyone say No to such luscious and mouth-watering seafood?
Unless you have a serious allergy to seafood, there is no reason...at all



9. There's also dessert for the sweet tooth
Local Japanese treats; flavored ice-cream in their favorite shades of green tea, peach, and all to enjoy from.



10. Because, just because you've GOT to Eat
Why not make it fresh seafood, or street food at a place where they are just right out of the sea?


Besides, after all, you ARE already here and have probably been here to take in all that market scenes.
You might as well stay for your meal, and snacks, and desserts, well, at least you will be well fed.

There is truly no street food like seafood, and Tsukiji just hits that nail on the head.

Right from the open sea to the market and the street; well, practically the whole sea is brought out in the open, right on these streets.

Tsukiji brings a perspective to the fresh seafood in that wholesale aspect but it also provides that glimpse into the local Japanese culture and how seafood plays its integral part into the nation's cuisine in general.

It is certainly more than just food or all that auction, but a whole new insight into the entire Japanese culture on the overview.

That's really a lot to take in, don't you think?
(pun intended)


Place featured in this post:
Tsukiji Fish Market (築地市場 Tsukiji shijō)

5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

Open: Every day except on Sundays, some Wednesdays and public holidays

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

Art Direction and Photography Styling by Me.
Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.
Please kindly ask for permission if you need to use any of my images.

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