The Sun always Rises first in the Land of the Rising Sun

By Christina Kim - March 02, 2016


Everyone is always chasing after their dreams, along with many other things they seek for in their lives.

I am too, chasing after my dreams; and along with many others, but most of all, I am always, always somehow chasing the sun.

Don't get me wrong, I am not hoping to own the sun or anything like that, but I just love to catch that glimpse of the sun at the very first break of the day and right before it goes down to sleep at dusk.
I just can never get enough of sunrises and sunsets.
I could just sit there, lying in wait and then watch that streak of golden light appear, or slowly disappear, for that matter.

I would probably say that I could sit there for hours watching the rising and setting in action, but the truth is, those are merely moments which just pass by in minutes.
They say time and tide waits for no one; that is so true and sunrise and sunset is just part of that definition of time.
The waiting however, is a different story, but totally worth it; at least it is, for me.

That is my obsession with sunrise and sunset.

I personally couldn't choose between them both, but I guess sunrise always comes first.

I mean, it's just so magical to see the rise of a new beginning.

That streak of light that first crosses the sky casts the new hope and cues the beginning of brand new day.
To me, that is just a miracle unfolding before my eyes.
Every moment of it.
It's magical.

There is no better place for the sun to cast its first light than the very first place it first rises, and when it comes to that, there is only place that comes to mind.

The Land of the Rising Sun.

After all, it must be named for that very reason.

In fact, the name of this place, as revealed in kanji is just that very meaning; "Of Sun Origin"

Japan or 日本 is just that.
It is all about the Sun.
Sun Origin; where the Sun first begins.

It is where the Sun always rises first.

It is The Land of the Rising Sun.

Beautiful name for a country and even its flag depicts their pride; with that red filled circle in the very center of a white background flag.

The country is not just beautiful because of its name, but Japan is no stranger to the world; for various reasons and rightfully so.

From an intense yet spirited historical background rising fast as one of the strongest powers in the world to its forceful and determined hand in economy, which is then well-balanced by the graceful mannerisms by which her people are well-praised for, this is a country which holds far more than what its size was intended for.

A stratvolcanic archipelago of more than six thousand islands, as Wikipedia describes, this country may not boast an enormous size like many of its counterparts but yet it packs in a mighty punch and makes its way into many impressive records.

It is possible to say that there is nothing Japan can't do.
I would say that it is just as close to the truth as one can get.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan, as mentioned, with its more than six thousand of islands forming its nation, is mostly comprised of islands in nature with four of its largest islands; namely Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku forming the vast land area of Japan, measuring approximately ninety seven percent on land.

The country is divided into 8 regions; which are further governed by 47 prefectures.

The country's origins and early inhabitations could be traced back to as early as the Upper Paleolithic period, and today, the population in Japan has grown so much that it has reached into the world's list with one of the highest population.

It is no wonder, with its 126 million population, Japan is certainly on the world's list as the World's Tenth Highest Population, with their very own Japanese making up the majority of the population; close to 99%.

There are many more records and achievements that this little country on the East has made; establishing themselves as one of the strongest powers in the East yet upholding the Eastern Pride.
Japan's influential powers and their strengths in many arenas even highlighted them as one of the role models; where there was even a trend to Look to the East, in strong reference to take Japan as an example in boosting each country's own growth.

Japan is:-
1. World's 3rd Largest Economy (by nominal GDP)
2. World's 4th Largest Economy (by purchasing parity)
3. World's 4th Largest Exporter and Importer
4. Country with Highest Life Expectancy
5. 3rd Lowest Infant Mortality Rate
6. World's 8th Largest Military Budget
7. Highest ranked Asian Country in Global Peace Index
8. Country with the Most Michelin star awards 
9. First in Country Brand Index
10. One of the World's Most Livable Country

The list goes on.

There is just so many things Japan could boast of, and if that is not enough, their people are just well-spoken of all around the world, for their culture and courtesy.

There is no doubt a Japanese would be proud of their own country.

And add to all that, just remember that this is where it all began.
At least where the new beginning; as signaled by the rising sun.

Take the cue from the sun.

This is where I watched the sun rose and I am happy to be finally back to revisit one of my favorite countries (my last visit here).

I am back to watch the sun; rising here in the Land of the Rising Sun...


For more stories and the places on my Japan trip, please stay be continued...
Follow me on my journey and adventures!

*Author's Note: 
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Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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