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  I am Christina Kim, or you can call me Christy, and this is my humble space.

This is where I share my thoughts and all the bits and pieces of my very own life.
It is a mix of everything as I live through each day; based on my own experiences and perspectives of everything I see and goes through my mind, just the very way life is.
A mix of everything.

I write about things which I see, experience and change me in ways I never thought it would.
I also ponder and share my thoughts on things which keep me awake at night.

I am but a humble wanderer of life; curious about the mysteries of life yet await the revelation in natural course.

I am just like any one of you out there; I aspire and dream of many things while fears and insecurities breed in me as I stand facing the world.

I am not perfect, but I strive to learn to understand and to embrace my imperfections, while constantly yearning (and working on) improving my self to become a better person.

The past made me who I am today and I live today purposefully and gratefully to be better tomorrow.

This is my journey, and this is where you will read about the things I see, think and even feel  each and every day.

I don't aim to change the world or preach to make anyone take my word, but I hope to be able to contribute my part to serve the world and may you be inspired to do the same.
It is a big world, but every little action we take counts to create that ripple effect.
It all starts with a baby step.

I am just a little person; humbly living her life in the big big world out there and learning her lessons and taking a leaf from everything to make her journey as meaningful as possible.

This is my journey, in words and photos...

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.
Do share your thoughts if you have any too, I would love to hear from you!

With Lots of Love,


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