Is Humanity Left Behind in the Race against Technology?

By Christina Kim - March 06, 2016


Stop, take a moment to close your eyes and try to recall the days in the past when we do not have cell phones, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), laptops, televisions and all the luxurious technology we are equipped with today.

Can you remember those days?
Can you imagine how it's like back then?
Now, take that image and plug it in your current lifestyle now.

Can you imagine how's it like right now?
Can you imagine not owning a cell phone or computer now?

I mean, like you're going to live your day without a cell phone or even computer to log into your Facebook and Twitter?

I doubt if it's an easy picture to conjure, let alone imagine or how many could really say with strong assertion that they can live without a cell phone.
When you know of people who won't mind forgetting their keys but would make an immediate U-turn back home to get their cell phone even when they are reaching their office, you know the profound effect technology already has on lives today.

Technology has certainly crept into our lives and then taken it by storm over the years.
Many of the inventions have contributed to improving our living; in areas such as health, sports, home, education, work, well, almost everything has seen a dramatic change since the evolution.
That change has been positive.

Tasks which were formerly done manually now could be programmed to run in an automatic mode; on a schedule and without the intervention of human beings.
This leads to the boost in productivity yet reducing the time and costs incurred in the performing of a single task.
Multiply this by hundreds as the same formula applies to the manufacturing lines and possibly hundreds of thousands as they cascade across the production plants spread across the globe.

The results are astounding.

The more technology evolves, the easier our lives get and today, we even have forms of artificial intelligence in the creation of clones and droids which could even walk and perform tasks just like a human being.
Well, almost and they are foreseeing a future where human clones could just be the answer.
They will be the replacements of actual human beings and will take our places at work or even at home, with the objective of assisting us with our daily tasks.
Technically so, or perhaps we could also eventually be replaced by them since our existence would almost close to pointless if they could do everything; or almost everything.

I am just saying.

Perhaps technology is the wave of improvement in ensuring the better living of human beings and there is of course no doubt that we have certainly led much easier and convenient lives when everything is pretty much, automated and accessible these days (think digital network and remote controls).

Technology has certainly improved our lives and they are slowly moving in the direction of seeping into humanity, promising to further improve our lives to better quality.

Sure, we have certainly come a long way and our lives have definitely improved with all the advanced inventions we have in place today.
Our lives are on the sight of better days, that's without a doubt.

But, can we say the same for ourselves?
We, as the living beings; the human race and humanity in general?
Has technology also made us better beings, or otherwise?

Now, lifestyle is one thing but that very own human nature breathing in us, are we truly improved versions from the past; or even as compared to our predecessors?

We have definitely changed, of course, that goes without saying, but the question here is, is the change in the good or bad direction?

Are we all becoming better selves of our past?

I won't need you to pause and think, for I am sure we all know the answer.

The answer lies in all the news we see appearing each day.
Be it on your online social feeds or official newspapers, it seems that humanity has taken for a worse turn.

Technology has made it easier for us to stay connected to everyone around the world, but at the same time, it is also providing an avenue for hate to spread through cyber bullying and criticisms taking place every micro second.

Controversies continue to rise; taking on a new breath each time, spawning issues which are sometimes unnecessary and even igniting sparks all over the world.
If we could see beyond the invisible optic cables, I think the fires are worse than that of the forest fires and it is continuously burning.

Then there is that reliance on technology to the extent of over dependence; where people don't even know how to do even the simplest thing anymore.
They won't even bother to learn doing it manually, since everything could be done with the flick of a switch.

Communication, interaction between two people do exist, but the ratio would tend to favor text more than actual face-to-face.
In fact, even if the two people are sitting together at a table, they would still somehow or somewhat text each other on their phones, just for the fun of it, or out of habit?
I don't know.

Breakups, getting to know someone or greeting a customer or family member; or any form of notification could be over the phone rather than in person, in the name of formality and courtesy is now regarded lightly.

People don't come out of their houses when even grocery shopping can be done online and delivered straight to your doorstep.
Sometimes it makes me wonder if they may even offer feeding you directly to your mouths, doesn't that just fit that one-stop solution pretty well?

These are just some of the issues, and they are only the tip of the iceberg which have started to make their appearances and presence felt.

Of course the authorities and everyone is aware of these; and everyone is doing (or at least) trying to do something about it.
Community messages, incentives, campaigns are all being circulated and promoted to curb these issues and to restore the real sense of living, as humanly as possible.

Perhaps this is just again, that foreseeable circumstance when it comes to anything.
There is always the good and the bad; the yin and the yang.

Technology is all good but there are also the perils which come with it.
It is always a package, but this is not something to just accept and ignore.

We are talking about the very core of humanity.
Our sense of right and wrong and all that values which we have taken generations to seed.

Of course we evolve and some traditions are obsolete or simply illogical to follow, but in general, virtues and manners never do expire.

That is the very danger if we don't pay attention to it, and continue to let the situation take its own course.

The main thing that differentiates human beings is the very notion of intelligence; with the existence of the complexity of the mind.

That is also the major challenge when it comes to simulating a human being; giving it that term of artificial intelligence.

We take control and have been shaping our race for generations; weaving culture to give it that life and harmony to improve the very core of humanity.

Technology takes years to succeed and to transform our lives, but so does humanity.

It is time to take a look and ponder on how we have been living our lives; and have we actually been losing touch with the very core values which made us in the first place.

Otherwise, if we are not careful, we may truly be no different from the droids which will soon set to replace us, since we are no longer filled with the warm senses and emotions which make us whole.

It is time for humanity to make a comeback; and to tug at that the string before it goes astray too far.

Don't just let technology take control, but let it be us who take control of technology and our very own lives, before it's too late.

Start by making a change, and getting in touch with your human self.

Start talking to people, show kindness and be mindful before you speak.
Appreciate little things people do for you by thanking them personally; in person, not via a text message.
Talk to people; in actual words and looking at them in the eye, greeting them with a smile instead of an emoticon.
Call your loved ones and let them hear your voices, instead of texting and emailing. It is you they want to see, not that fixed font family and size appearing on their screens.

Switch off your cell phone and computer once in a while, and live a little.
Look around the world; there are more things which deserve your attention beyond the screen.

Voice out your disagreement but do so politely.
Think of the receiving party's feelings; put yourself in their shoes if you were to receive harsh criticisms.
I am not telling you to hold back when you have an opinion; but it can always be done tactfully and still get your message across.
Learn to manage your emotions; don't just lash out because you're having a bad day then apologize for it later.

Learn to make your food from scratch; experimenting a little instead of just throwing into the microwave. Sometimes it could help to fix that bond (or even create one) when you are doing it with people you love and even just for a fun activity.

These are just the few things which could make a difference.
I am not telling you to live a primitive life; but rather, it is more of YOU taking charge of your own lives rather than fully depending and letting technology dictate your lifestyle.

You can make that choice to change.
YOU, are in charge of your life.

Technology is always there to assist and to make it easier, but YOU are the one who can choose to go with or without it.

But most importantly, don't let yourself be lost in the illusional world of technology.

Don't lose that human part of yourself.

Don't just sit and watch technology win the race.

As technology advances and moves towards improving our lives, we too, can move in parallel and improve ourselves.
Bring back or even strengthen the virtues of love and good in us.

Make us BETTER human beings along, or even ahead of technology.

May the Human Race win.

I am sure we can do it.


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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