Minimalism: What is it All About?

By Christina Kim - March 01, 2016



This term has probably popped up in some of your feed as you browse the Internet, or you may have even heard it being mentioned. 
By a friend, or someone you don't know.

But what is it actually?

In Definition, the term originated and is strongly related to the arts and musical arena; describing a certain style used in the creation of a piece of work.

Right here, I am referring to its definition in the context of Living.

Referring to that perspective, the whole definition of Minimalism is exactly as the term suggests.

However, there has been a number of distorted speculations on the theory of minimalism.

That you should not be in possession of many items; perhaps you should only live with a minimum amount of items, i.e: 5-10 items

You should not have a car, a house, a big wardrobe, or even a lot of money.

You should not enjoy anything in extravagance.
The list goes on.

But really, minimalism is not really defined as the above.

Sure, minimizing your belongings to necessities are part of the concept, but it is not the ultimate goal nor should it even be enforced as a requirement.

Minimalism is about making choices; and that choice must come from you.
That choice is the key to freedom, and that is all this is about.

It is about letting yourself go in the way you want; freeing yourself of guilt, worry, anxiety on that path to real happiness.

It is about making decisions in your life to dump the excess and burdens to focus on the truly important things in your life; your family, yourself and that person within yourself.
It helps you to find true happiness, contentment and the meaning of life itself.

In short, minimalism is not just a term.
It is in fact a tool; a concept which helps you to make these decisions.

Freely, consciously and purposefully.

If you want to own material things, go ahead.
There is really nothing wrong with owning a car (or even two or more), houses, clothes, or anything that you really like.
The key is you are making the decision to purchase on your own will and that you are sure they are adding to your happiness, not the other way round.

The only thing is, are we focusing too much on chasing after these material stuffs that we have forgotten and neglected the far more important things in our life; such as ourselves?

We seek the best careers, the most comfortable and luxurious homes, powerful and desirable cars and designer clothing; but often than not, we are working ourselves to death and barely enjoying ourselves.

We put our health at risk, our loved ones in misery for not having spent time with them and even not having that time to unwind ourselves or to even go for a short vacation.

Is that truly happiness?
Is that truly the fulfilling life in mind? 
Are we content that all our hard work are plastered everywhere like they are trophies on the wall, but we are still out there, ploughing hard to reap more and more; barely even realizing how many 'trophies' we already have?

We may even risk the precious time of our youth and sabotaging our health in progress.

Sure, we live in a world where we are forced to be realistic and that everything revolves around financials and materials.

But how much do we really need?

Do we really need everything in the world to make us happy?

Does having a whole glass cabinet filled with every collection of crystal ornaments makes you feel content and fulfilled every night you go to sleep?
Does having a huge wardrobe where you only wear half of the clothes makes you feel like you've achieved much in life?

Only you know the answer.


Some would probably start by clearing their cupboards and getting rid of old stuffs; decluttering and keeping only the things which they know are in use.
Some make lists of things they really want and need in their life.
Some would clean up the entire house and to make sure it is not messy yet is a home they look forward to go home every single day.
Some start to let go of the past and unhappy memories, allowing themselves to live in the present.
Some learn to accept themselves and identify their own strengths and weaknesses; accepting what they can do and coming to terms with what they can no longer control.

This is just a list of examples, and there could be many more where minimalism is utilized as a tool in aiding their decision making.

Sometimes it is not about having the most things or even having everything, that defines happiness.

It is about being able to let go and freeing yourself to feel that you could finally breathe out in relief.

Freeing yourself of financial debt and worries.
Freeing yourself of the maintenance you have to go through.
Freeing yourself of the mental stress of your public image and self-presentation, or what others think of you.

It is all about freedom.
Making choices as you see the purpose deemed fit in defining your own happiness.

Use minimalism as a tool.

Start by asking, Do I need this?

What truly makes me Happy?

(To be continued with more stories of personal experiences...)

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*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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