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By Christina Kim - August 03, 2015

It's Monday again!
I know, this is not my favorite day of the week either, unless, I am on a vacation.

There is just something fun to just be chilling out when the whole world is working; not that it is sadistic, but you do get to see the world without all that crowds blocking your view, get what I mean.
I am not trying to rub it into your faces; maybe just a little, but sometimes, weekdays are just perfect to take a little breath, be it working or not.
I'm serious, look all around you, everyone is at work, there's lesser crowd at the shops, restaurants, well, pretty much everywhere, and that is just the whole lot of different world you see compared to weekends when everyone, just like you, is just having their day off from work.

Speaking of which; on the topic of vacation, I am pulling out some of the travel posts which I am working on (and deciding on which to share first, honestly, decisions are just daunting sometimes).

The last few months have been, well, sort of crazy, but not in a bad way, for I have had the fun of doing quite a bit of traveling(yeay, lucky me!), having been on quite a dry spell since last year.
It's not that I did not travel last year, but probably on a lower scale which was not exactly a bad thing either since I get to explore my own home country, hometown and just spend time admiring the natural beauty in my country.
No one ever said travel is all about taking a flight/train and just getting away from the country; it is just a perception.

Travel can be defined in many forms; and you will notice that way I will categorize and probably share many of my stories under the travel section in my blog.
I always look at everything as part of the journey; yes, life is a journey itself, as I always emphasized as my life mantra.

Everyone loves traveling; honestly, unless they have phobia of traveling, I think I could safely say that almost everyone is into traveling.
While many would say that you do not need to have a lot of money to be able to fund a trip and that you should get off that chair (I'm not going to use any word to refer to that rear end of your body) and just go out to see the world.
Do not wait.
Well, partly true, I'm sorry, but I am seriously practical and incredible (or annoyingly) realistic.

Like it or not, you do need money, and while you may not need an overflowing bank account, I still say a modest amount is still required to at least get you on a plane/train/car/ship or boat and then ensure that you stay alive when you reach your destination and return in one piece.
I have nothing on backpackers; they are admirable, I really do think so, because frankly, it takes a lot of courage to just pack everything in a bag (Heaven bless them) and then just wander around in that impromptu manner; without any idea of what to expect next.
It is all just so spur-of-the-moment and just go-with-the-flow.
I mean, I'm sure they have that planning done on the essential places to cover in their trip and also the basic items to keep them clean and respectable during their trip in their bags, but not knowing where they will end up at or even where they will be putting up at each day just sounds so exciting to me.
It is also frightening at the same time, for me.
That is the reason I really take my hat off to these amazing backpackers who have been through so much and are just ready to take a plunge anytime, without knowing what lies ahead (with precautions of course, I'm sure).
I really respect you guys.

I know I can never be a backpacker, well, maybe I am spoilt, for one, and I am just terrible with packing.
I cannot imagine throwing everything into one backpack, no, I can't do it.
(Actually I can; nothing is impossible, but I just could not do it without feeling lost and empty).
I have admitted I am spoilt, but the other reason is that attachment I always have with my belongings and the idea of not planning or just not going by the system, is probably alien to me.
It is annoying to want to be perfect all the time, believe me, I know.

Travel is not about fulfilling a bucket list, ticking off the places one have conquered or just to tell everyone that you have been to everywhere in the world.
(Nobody gives you prize for that; and it is only to fulfill pride in oneself).
Travel should be able a journey, to discover oneself and to see the world out there; a world that is, not your world.
In doing that, you will realize that the world is far bigger than you thought and yet at the same time, it is also quite small and timid. (You will eventually get what I mean)

Look at the scenery; not just at the natural wonders of mountains and seas, but beyond that.
Take a moment to just observe the daily lives of the people in the cities, and how they differ from those in remote areas, and even where you came from.
Understand their culture, their history, their background, and why they are doing things differently from the other folks in other parts of the world.
Learn from their best practices and reflect in the mirror.
Make new friends, and do not be shy to ask for directions if you are lost.
Be ready for hostility in return too, but don't be despaired by it, just pat yourself for at least having that courage to ask in the first place, and think in a way, that the person you asked probably just didn't understand you (language barrier) or he is having a bad day.

There are just so many things travel could make one see and learn; even if you're just exploring your own country.
Many may want to go outside their country and then come back singing praises of other countries, learning about other countries but yet sadly, without even knowing their own country well enough.
(Take note that country is geographical and country is just not synonymous with politics. A country is governed by people, and fundamentally, the country is where one should love and appreciate and that does not mean you love the politics, just so we are clear on this).

I am just telling you all this since I am editing my travel photos, and it just makes me think of travel and I just want to share my thoughts on travel.
I think these travel posts are coming up really soon because I have decided which one should go first; yes, I am just systematic this way.

I am bursting with excitement to tell you my stories and perspectives, and of course share with you the pictures captured on my trips; yes, more than one.

Travel, in a nutshell, is just a learning and discovery journey; from yourself and to the world around you.

That is the very beauty of travel~


On that note, don't forget to take lots of notes and photos and do some crazy stuffs
(I know, this is coming from me!), just make sure you're safe, and never forget to always smile and Laugh, a LOT! :-) )


You will see these stories (from the photos in this post) coming soon....

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