My Flight was Delayed and Rescheduled

By Christina Kim - August 04, 2015

This trip was not planned in advance.
Well, technically I did talk about my enthusiasm to make it happen this year, definitely, but I ended up confirming the trip probably the month, or rather; the fortnight before.
Don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to this trip; very much, because it is essential to get away from work once in a while, to get a life.
Work life balance is crap, if you ask me; so ultimately, one should talk about getting a life rather than just balancing work and life because that is just not going to happen.
That is the reason you are granted annual leaves by the company; to just maintain your sanity.

 I did not have to plan much for the trip; something I am clearly not used to.
Okay, I admit, I did plan, a little, especially for the day of my arrival; it is the most crucial after all. I was booked on the early morning flight which will land me in Melbourne in the late evening; which was just right because I would have time to go to bed early and be ready for the next day.
It was perfect.

That is, until my flight was rescheduled in its departure time.
My flight was delayed for a whopping total of six hours.
What was originally a morning flight; at 10am turned out to be a 4pm flight, which was probably the second last flight of the day.
The best part of it all was that I was only informed when I reached the airport, two hours before the flight is due to depart.
(Yes, I always, always stick to the 2 hours window time stated clearly, or recommended, but I like to adhere to it. It doesn’t matter whether I have done my web check-in or not; I will be there per the recommended time frame, unless there is any emergency. Don't judge.)

I did not even receive a text message on my phone until later; and I found out about my flight’s reschedule from... guess what, the information board hovering above the check in counters.
There was only one word for my flight; DELAYED.
Now, whoever responsible for informing the passengers did a really bad job for there was no one stationed at the counter to assist passengers bound on that flight.
I had to find my way around myself, and queued in line to speak to the airlines representative at the counter.
She was excellent and she even tried to help me to check if they could book me on another airline.

In case you are wondering, no, I did not lose my temper.
Simply because, I did not think that it was really their fault.

While the whole world may think that they are really messing up their travel itinerary etc, I just did not think that there is a point to be mad at the airlines ground staffs, who are probably not even informed beforehand.
I gave them the benefit of doubt; because anger just does not solve problems.
Furthermore, anyone attuned to the news would be aware that the airline is facing major challenges in their workforce following the company’s restructuring in maintaining their capital.

It has been a taxing year for the airline company; as they were hit by a series of unfortunate incidents following two really heart-breaking tragedies which took not just the country, but the world by storm.
I just think that it is not easy to maintain the staff’s motivation and keep things running at a usual pace with so much changes and attrition rates.
Of course there is no excuse, for the customers are still of the utmost priority to keep the company going, but let’s just have some compassion sometimes.
(I am not working for the company, nor its affiliate, nor am I paid to say this. I did not want to name the airline company for obvious reasons, but I think at this rate, many would be able to guess which airline this is. Yes, I guess I am patriotic in that way, and I still have faith in my very own national airline which had made it to the list of the world’s best airlines. Everyone goes through a rough patch).

Not even a little annoyed?
Okay, maybe, just a little, but is there anything that one can do when one lets emotions get in the way?
Problem solved with annoyance/anger/frustration or throwing a tantrum?
No, so get over it.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I had some time to rest before the flight (though not much, if you were to look at it).

I did exclaim that it was six hours delay, but it was not really that long, compared to those who had to wait for another day for the next available flight.
 The downside is, I ended up arriving in Melbourne in the wee hours of the morning; and I am talking about 3.30am.

Needless to say, the airport was just dead in the silence of the night.
Thankfully the weather was not too harsh as it was just chilly and I am blessed to have someone picking me up (Sorry again for having to wake you up in the middle of your sleep).

My trip may began at the oddest hours but the silver lining of it all?
I get to see parts of the neighborhood unobstructed by cars and people, though it is located on the outskirts but still, it is better than just being spiteful just because of a delayed flight, right?

I’m not about to just let my mood dampened by something so trivial.

Oh, and the airline did apologize and even compensated lunch for those waiting for the delayed flight though I did not take it.
It was due to a technical error with the airplane and they wanted to make sure that everything was perfect before taking flight.

I am sure, that any extra precaution is necessary (and much appreciated) especially when this is a huge giant carrying hundreds of people.
Six hours is just not that long compared to the value of one’s life; or the equivalent of a lifetime, I am sure.

I always, always choose to look at the brighter side or that hidden blessing.
That is, if I can find it :-)
(I'm still human, in case you have forgotten).

Find somewhere to chill and to while time away. Enjoy spending time with yourself, you need it sometime rather than dwelling on the anger.

This is how Melbourne Airport looks in the dead of the night.
Melbourne Airport is also known as the Tullamarine airport; and is the city's very own international airport which is the second busiest in the country.
Looks like even the busiest airport, or the second busiest, does have her alone time and peace too.

That being said, of course, I still don’t appreciate having each flight delayed every time, thank you very much.
Optimistic or not.
Enough said.

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