Stirring in the Warmth at The Alcove

By Christina Kim - August 10, 2015

The charms of Port Campbell town were not marred by the gloomy weather, as I have shown in my last post on how to make the most of the weather and create one's memories here.

While I enjoyed the rain and the scenic points in the town, it was also just proper to take a break and a bite at the same time since was also that time of the morning for breakfast, in one of the town's cafes open for breakfast.
It was awesome to see and feel the town; that it would be just proper to also leave with a taste of the town, and I mean that in a whole literal perspective.

The Alcove Cafe was my pick that morning, to start off the day with my first meal and just warm me up after all that chill from the weather outside (the rain was starting to pour).
(All that dancing and sashaying with the rain does consume energy, you know=) )

It was a welcoming warmth inside the cafe, which was tastefully decorated with their very own touches of personality; against that cold weather out there.
The front of the cafe was made up of the bakery section, with the freshly baked cakes, muffins, pastries, pies and the sorts sitting proudly on their respective shelves visible through the display glass window of the rack standing at chest level height with its stark borders neatly lined with a black strip; the typical type of display cabinet often spotted in bakeries.


The cafe was indeed unique in their personalized style of decoration; where walls were adorned with plaques of quotations and collectibles, adding to the livelihood of the place while maintaining the identity of their core business evident through the partitioning of the sections for their food and the dining areas for their customers.




There's also a section dedicated to juices, smoothies, ice cream which they call the Ice Bar.
Unfortunately, it was a little too cold for that when I was there.


The dining area


There was already a crowd when we were in the cafe, but service was prompt and the staff were friendly to attend to our needs and our breakfast was quickly served to our tables.

The warmth of the cosy interior extended to the food, to our delight (actually that is the most important part of a cafe since food and drinks are what make up their reputation anyway).

I do not have the list of the names of the food we ordered (sorry for that) but here's a peek at what we had that morning.

A hearty plate filled to the brim with these sauteed mushrooms and spinach leaves served alongside the lightly crisp toast buttered with avocado topped with the grilled tomatoes and poached eggs.
It is almost a picture of perfection, and tastes like it too.
(The mushrooms and spinach are just addictive once one gets a taste of it, trust me)

Raspberry muffin; while bursting with the fresh and juicy flavors of the fruit itself, was a little too sweet to my liking.
Perhaps it is the oozing juice from the fresh and ripe raspberries used in the making, that must be it.



A cup of frothing cappucino to warm one up and keep one perked up for the rest of the day (a long and exciting day ahead for us!)


The interesting part is the Peach Green tea, which was quite a fascinating experience and made for a lovely tea which was just so endearing in its taste and enchanting in its scent to send one's senses in the swoon.

It came in this form; the tea stick instead of the usual tea bag.


I know what you're thinking, so I'm going to help and put that curiosity to an end by showing you how this is done.


This is one of the best Peach Green Tea I have ever had, and it has sent me on the hunt for these Ticolino tea sticks!

I just love the combination of the sweet scent from the fruit and the soothing green tea, but I have to say that peachy scent has definitely dominated its tea companion in this pleasing drink.



It was a wholesome and joyful experience dining here at The Alcove, surrounded by their many fascinating collections calling for attention from the walls and around the cafe as one digs into their meals.
It is impossible to be bored even if you are dining alone here.

You will leave with many more than just memories of the food, as the decor in the cafe just created that opportunity for one to capture snippets of their time here.



We left with not just the satisfaction of our filled tummies but also with an extra shot of wisdom.



I thought I had walked into a cafe to keep myself warm; turns out The Alcove was more than just a cafe and there is definitely more than enough warmth in there.

The Alcove is definitely a lovely place for a break, all within its walls and room and one may find it hard to leave behind the warmth and ambiance.


With the dancing in the rain and this mesmerizing experience at this cafe, Port Campbell Town is definitely wired into my mind; no doubt about it.

I can't wait to visit them again when I am back in Melbourne!

This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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