A Night with Japanese Food in Wagaya Melbourne

By Christina Kim - August 13, 2015

The saying of "When in Australia, do what the Australians do" (as in When in Rome, do what the Romans do) probably brings to mind the total mimicking of the locals, in their daily lifestyles and of course, the usual eating habits.

I am not sure the extent of the truth of this saying as far as the Australians are concerned, for they are really a diversified lot and just like us Malaysians, there are just way too many types of cuisines they favored that extends to outside their own country.
It is fascinating but a positive trend nevertheless, to see that Australians have developed such flexibility and adaptive skills in their tastes in food which allows for seamless assimilation of the varying cuisines into their local portfolio.

If we were to really mimic the Australians' preferences in dining, that would mean total diversity and enjoying a wide array of international cuisine.

Remember I mentioned one of my Australian friends whom I have quoted as saying, "What's Australian food anyway?"
Well, this same guy also told me that he personally thinks, "There are more sushi restaurants in Australia compared to Japan" from his recent trip to Tokyo.
The poor guy was looking for an authentic taste of Japanese food, and ended up finding more international or Western cuisines in the metropolis.

It is a sign of diversity seeping into the veins of most countries; a living evidence of true globalization that is happening in the contemporary world we live in.


Sushi restaurants are technically the usual Japanese restaurants in our term; the Australians have their own way of references in their localized terms.
True enough, I had no trouble locating any Japanese restaurant in Melbourne; and it was how I ended up in Wagaya, located in CBD, for dinner one night.


I always welcome a Japanese meal; especially when it is a good one and it was a lovely treat to the taste buds to be touched by the endearing tastes of food that I am just so fond of and familiar with.

Edamame (Lightly salted boiled Soybeans

Sashimi Salad, one of the best I have had; filled with a generous amount of varying types of sashimi and vegetables spurting in its juicy freshness and is such a delightful dish that it is simply addictive.


Salmon sashimi is just my personal favorite, no justification needed.

Salmon on skewers is an interesting twist to the usual grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and this was even more addictive in its tender, lightly barbecued flesh marinated with



Kimchi rice



Affordable Japanese food in an elegant environment, along with lively banter with the best company is just the perfect idea of a warm and comforting meal in the chilly weather of Melbourne.



So what if it is Japanese meal in Australia?
A Japanese food fan will never say no to a Japanese meal, anywhere, ever.

If you have not noticed, yes, I did the unspeakable by not ordering sushi in a Sushi restaurant.

It is just against convention, but to eat what the Australians eat, is to just enjoy diversity and go with the flow when deciding on the meal; depending on one's taste cravings for the day.

Everyday can be a taste of anywhere in the world, and that's the style, so be it, and go with the flow.



Wagaya Japanese Restaurant (Wagaya Melbourne)
Address: Mid City Arcade, 201/200 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9663 7756
Opening Hours: Open Daily from11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 5:30 – 11:00 pm


This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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