Dining The Godfather Style with Sofia

By Christina Kim - August 20, 2015

Italian food, black uniforms, classic wooden tables and chairs with warm lighting and the name Sofia are just the elements which bring the famous legendary classic of The Godfather to mind.

That is where the similarity ends.

Do not worry about having sudden gunshots or mysterious men dressed in overcoats with the stylish brim hats shadowing part of their faces sitting at the tables as though ready for a negotiation or to launch into gang fights.
There is nothing of that sort here at this restaurant here in Camberwell; located on Burke Road, although it may be quite cool to have Al Pacino or Marlon Brando making that special appearance; just saying.

Sofia Restaurant Camberwell is just that friendly neighborhood restaurant, famous for their heart warming selection of authentic Italian food in a casual dining environment.


I was glad that I was introduced to this restaurant for I loved everything here; from the food to the superb and attentive service and the ambiance.

It was a cosy and relaxed environment yet there is just that hint of privacy, enough for a simple and romantic candlelight dinner in the conducive atmosphere of the restaurant.


However, it was the food here at Sofia which won my heart (and appetite).

The menu was simple and descriptive in a really self-explanatory way; offering a fuss-free selection of Italian delights.

From their appetizers and salads to their mains and desserts, almost everything sounds (and reads) tempting for one to try.

What is one to have for their first meal here at Sofia when there is just so many mouth-watering choices to select from?

(I was here twice; during my trip because I just love the food here so much that I refuse to leave Melbourne without ending my trip with another round at Sofia)

I have tried two types of salads; and both were just equally as good to start the meal.

My first visit was glorified by this scrumptious Avocado Seafood Salad ($16.50)

A delightful mix of lettuce and vegetables with a really generous portion of seafood and avocado in a special seafood sauce is just a great way to start the meal and to accompany the mains.

I emphasize on the word generous; for the amount of seafood just almost had me falling off my chair in surprise.
(Well, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the size of the salad upon its arrival. It's just huge)

Fresh seafood were not depicted in the photo; unfortunately, and I am sorry that I did not have a better photo to really support my statement but you have my word that this was just amazingly good.
The prawns were just so fresh and succulent that it was just so addictive, and there seems to be endless of them in numbers which makes this an even more relishing entree.

If the entree was already glorious, the mains in the form of the Baked Avocado ($16.50) was just majestic.


The name may be misleading if it deceived you into thinking that this is just a large plate filled with mainly avocado in masses; baked with cheese, for that is just part of what makes up this dish as Sofia cleverly turns this into something much more palatable.

While a whole avocado was part of the deal, the plentiful fresh and juicy prawns teamed with the moist and luscious scallops folded underneath the baked cheese were the ones that stole the show.


Just a look at the sight of the luscious prawns and scallops enveloped in that creamy haven alongside the rich and pulpy avocado, decorated by the vivacious red of the reels of beetroot and that slice of lemon is enough to make one go weak in the knees and in the stomach.

A bite of this is enough to send one swooning over the moon, I tell you, for it was like a slice of heaven.
I am never one for creamy and cheesy stuffs, but this is one exception I am willing to make for it was just so fulfilling and my appetite was greatly teased by each bite of this.

It was more than enough for two people, and even if you are on a sharing basis, I think you would still not be able to finish.


I just had to show you exactly what I meant by the portions.
Yup, just compare it to the size of my plate, or my face, if you want to

Sofia is just that hospitable in their portions that I don't think anyone would actually remember the feeling of hunger after dining here.

On my second visit, we opted for something a little different, although I was torn between my cravings for that baked avocado and the yummy fresh seafood decked with fresh lettuce, it was only fair to give the others that chance to see light on our taste palates.

It was again a tough choice despite the simple menu, because everything just have to sound so heavenly and after my first experience, I knew that they would all be good.
That is how important first impressions are; they affect your judgment subsequently and probably for eternity.

Sofia does it right the first time, and the second time too, for we were not disappointed with the Salmon Salad ($16.50)


Don't even get me started on my love for salmon, which is eternal and while the abundance of fresh seafood from the first salad was already victorious with its place in my heart, these thick and lavish slices of smoked salmon are even more triumphant.
I lost track of the number of slices I had; there seems to be no end to the loot.
I am not complaining.

Throw in the spanish onions, dill, tomatoes, capers, cucumbers, avocado and beetroot, and you have the winning combination, again.

For the mains, we had the Garlic Prawns ($16.50); a creamy combination of garlic prawns (obviously) served with a concoction of a creamy garlic and white wine sauce right with the mount of rice at the side.

If you are disappointed by the sight of the few prawns and the rice, then you have learnt nothing from all the depictions of the food here at Sofia.
The name and even the looks could sometimes deceive, but do not ever doubt their quality.
Their dish is served like a treasure trove; with the jewels and gems all hidden and concealed underneath.
That thick and creamy sauce, is just the front acting as an undercover for that whole loot hidden underneath and that means the juicy prawns for which the dish inherits its name from.


You would think that after a huge round of servings, there would be no room for dessert.
Then you do not know women, at all.

Every woman knows, there is always room for dessert and my friend was just craving for their prized Tiramisu which she just could not stop raving about since our first visit.

Furthermore, what else could be better or more apt to complete an Italian meal if not the coffee-flavored dessert?
This is just iconic and is almost synonymous with the word Italian itself.

Tiramisu ($7.50)


Sofia nails this right on the head, and after my two visits, I am having doubts if there is anything that Sofia can't deliver right.

This Sofia speaks perfection, and straight to one's heart, and of course, tummies.

As I have said, no one would even remember the feeling of hunger pangs after a meal here.
It is probably stuffed and overindulgence that one understands.

I call it satisfaction and Sofia will definitely feed you well, with their humongous portions and affordable prices that it just speaks for their large crowds and returning customers.
Even students make up the population of their patrons.

This is definitely one Sofia I do not want to see dying and I am glad that many share my love for this humble and friendly restaurant.

It is certainly as lavish as how the clan in The Godfather would dine, don't you think?


This is definitely on my list of MUST-DINE and favorite places from now; bookmarked in my heart and mind for life!


In this post:
Sofia Restaurant (Camberwell)

857 Burke Road, Camberwell 3124

Phone: 9882 1142/9813 3294

This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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