A Night in Colac

By Christina Kim - August 06, 2015

Driving at night can be challenging, especially when there is a long stretch of road ahead and one has been driving the whole day.
Our road trip down the Great Ocean Road was a long and winding trail and the absence of the street lights along the road adds to the danger factor.
It is not advisable to drive at night, for this stretch of road due to the topological features of the slopes as it cuts through the thick of the woods.

Well, personally, it is never safe to drive at night anywhere, for that matter, as night driving increases one's need for concentration on the road as one's eyes adjust to the dark and the bright lights from the cars in the opposite direction could sometimes be too much of a glare, leading to a deceased accuracy in the estimation of distance.
Take this from a frequent highway traveler and also from many accounts I have heard, and it is also scientifically proven (in case you need more convincing).

Furthermore, one's concentration tends to wane due to the brain's activity simulation mode to the evening light where it is often associated with rest and relaxation.
This could even be accelerated with the mental and physical fatigue experienced following several hours of driving (or even traveling) on the road.
It is just plain logic.

Searching for an accommodation is not difficult in Colac; as there were plenty of bed and breakfast style inns and motels scattered around the town.
Since it was also the low peak season, I was definitely not worried about not being able to find a place to rest for the night.

Of course, finding places for accommodation is never difficult, but settling on a decision could be the real challenge; that is, unless one has previous experience or recommendation.
For us, it was more of an intuitive game as we drive past the various inns and decide based on the outlook of the place.
It is certainly the time to really "judge an inn by its appearance" (literally speaking).
After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and one's guts rarely can go wrong (especially when you are a woman - no sexism intended).

We settled on the Baronga Motor Inn which had this really inviting vibe from its exterior.
(Well, technically any place that resembles a residence is welcoming when you are tired from your long day out)

It was the right choice.

We met a really friendly lady at the front desk who gave us a good rate and even advised us on our route for our road trip the next day.
She was just so hospitable that I knew I liked this place already.

I was not wrong (I do have a pretty reliable intuition and didn't I mention about the good vibes?)

I am, and I am sure most of us are very particular on cleanliness (no dust or just any badly kept place is a huge no-no, as I am just sensitive to dust particles and I just tend to be obsessed with having it really clean)

I was not disappointed.

The beds looked really inviting, don't they?





A little LED TV in the corner to make sure you are not bored out of your wits even though it is just for the night.
You know, there are always those who just love the TV so much, and some would use it to accompany them to sleep (or to keep them company when they cannot sleep)


My make-or-break always has to be the bathroom.
It must be clean, no bargaining on that.

They passed the test (Yeay!)
I danced to that; literally, and no, that photo is not for posting :-)



There's also tea and beverages.
Oh, how thoughtful, there are even snacks, in the form of their local country cookies.


I love the idea of how they kept their drinking cups, spoons in such a sanitary method.
(It reminded me of my own mum!)


Everything was just spick and span; and the way I would want for a place to stay even for just a night.

They may not be a 5-star hotel, but I think these basic requirements and their cosy environment made up for their very own stars.
I enjoyed a good night of sleep, and it is usually not easy to get me to sleep in a new environment.
Maybe I was just tired, and happy at the same time?

What's that?
I can't hear you, I've fallen asleep...ssshhhh....


It was good night of rest at the Baronga Motor Inn, which was just comfortable to our liking.

We woke up to the birds chirping early in the morning and left early.
One only need to drop the keys at a designated area near the main lobby (even if the office is not open at that hour).
All the payment has to be made on the spot when you make the reservation.

The inn in the morning.






Goodbye Baronga Motor Inn!


We were on our way again, driving on Princes Highway running through Colac town.



Baronga Motor Inn
Address: 35-39 Murray St E, Colac VIC 3250, Australia
Phone:+61 3 5231 2100
Always Open

Rates: From AUD$120 (subject to change and availability)
Please check on their website

This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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