The One Who Cooks

By Christina Kim - August 02, 2015

There are many attributes a girl looks for in a guy, or their Prince Charming.

Be it looks, or wit, good sense of humor, patience, kindness, physique, wealth, or even a combination of it all. 
(who does not want a best of ALL worlds, anyway. 
Trust me, God is aware which is why He listed Greed as one of the 7 Deadly Sins - God has put serious thought on it).

Now, women are not the only one who are consumed with greed when it comes to their men, for the same applies to the men as well.
After all, we are looking for that Mr/Miss Right to spend our lifetime with; that one soulmate who will be there to tolerate our craziest and dullest moments and just bear with us until the day we die.
At least, for most of us.

Everyone has their list, I am sure; me included.
That is a list that I will probably never reveal; well, I have found the man after all and it is between him and me.
(Maybe I may share it someday; someday)

I am not perfect; well, no one is, unless they think they are, then who are we to judge anyway.
Personally I think the simplest and most basic element everyone is looking for is just someone who completes them.
It sounds so cliche but it is the fact and it makes sense.
If we are not perfect, we are always lacking in some department and that is the reason our partner should compensate us in that way; some way or another.
Logical, ain't it?

I don't have a lot to ask for; though I lack in so many departments and the best thing this man in my life has done for me, is to make up for one thing which just slipped my talent section.

That is cooking.
(I'm sorry to say that if you want to enjoy your meals, just don't make me cook for you).

Yes, my advice to you, when you can't cook, marry someone who can.

My hubby is the wonderful one who cooks, and I am blessed because of that.
He does simple dishes wonderfully, just to feed the picky eater in me :-)

This is just one of his cooking samples...
The pictures say it all

Pan-frying the cod fish

To make this, Pan-fried Cod fish with sautéed onions and cherry tomatoes

Stir-fry vegetables with carrots, garlic,onions, cherry tomatoes and shrimps



Top view of the dishes he whipped up, just like that in a quick and simple easy cooking method which took less than 40 minutes.


Setting the table


I'm not writing a review because I am definitely going to be biased, and very biased.
I am a picky eater, that's common knowledge, but let's just say this is one besides my mum and my mother-in-law's which suits my taste buds.

I feel blessed indeed.

So, when you can't cook, find someone who can.
This is the one who cooks, and sorry he is not someone who likes to have his photos taken (camera-shy guy).

This is one who definitely can cook.
My mum; or I mean our mums, will be proud.

These bring back such wonderful memories and I am thinking of starting a series to just show photos of his cooking, or the home cooked meals I enjoy, what do you think?

Have a Happy Sunday everyone!


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