Have your Cup of Coffee and Drink Tea too

By Christina Kim - November 08, 2015


There is always that age old adage that goes on about tea and coffee.
It seems that they are almost always, part of everyone's daily lifestyle.

You either drink coffee or tea; or even both if you are just up to it.
Some are fierce coffee or tea drinkers; some would prefer one over the other, some would have both just fine and some just don't even like either.

I am not much of a coffee person, and rather more of a tea person.
The only problem is that sometimes tea could just lead to sleep disruptions.
I am really not that immune to caffeine effects.
It's sad.

I know of people who could be drinking cappuccino or strong shots of espresso right before their sleep and yet sleep like a baby the moment their heads touched the pillow.
There are those who drink coffee as their bedtime drink.
It is almost unheard of; it is that unusual, but yet, it worked for them.
Then again, there are always exceptions.

There are people who could drink cups of coffee and tea continuously throughout the day and yet don't face problem sleeping.
They don't even think the caffeine kept them awake either.
They are just so used to it that they are just immune to the effects.

There are some who would limit themselves to the number of cups of either coffee or tea, and just drink to a certain time of the day before calling it quits, gushing down fluids in plain H2O for the rest of the day to make sure they do not have too much caffeine in their body.

Then there are those who just don't like caffeine at all, and choose to, I don't know, resort to probably jumping around or getting themselves yelled at to keep themselves awake.

Then there are those who could just lose sleep even over a cup of coffee or tea.

It's unfair.
It's sad.

Well, not that I am a big fan, but just think of all that gorgeous pictures of people holding cups of coffee as they snuggle into their couch with a book in their hand, or even sipping tea as they sit at tables overlooking nice windows as they drink out of intricate porcelain cups, enjoying the view.
Such a pretty picture.

I know it is photography, of course, but well, it is nice.

I am not that allergic to caffeine, but definitely not addicted.
That, I think, is definitely an upside.

Come to think of it, it is really funny as I am supposed to be genetically inclined towards both coffee and tea.

Well, for a start, both sets of my grandparents sit on both ends of the coffee versus tea graph.

One set are avid coffee drinkers, and the other, are just plain tea aficionados.
They are not really expert or anything, but it is interesting when I noted the religious habits they adopted.

These are not lattes or espressos we are talking about; but real roasted coffee beans which they then sift through and serve with boiling water in a kettle to drink throughout the day.
The black coffee.

The other; using actual tea leaves which they will grab in a handful and just pour boiling water to steep in a porcelain teapot.

My grandparents know a thing or two about coffee or tea, though they are not experts or anything like that.

I remembered going to the kitchen when I was younger, when I was at either grandparents' home and there is always that kettle or teapot there.

I, however, drank water from the other jug, seemingly uninterested in their brewing specialties.
Coming to think of it, I probably had that tiny window to Starbucks and even teahouse and yet I just passed on the opportunity.

Well, I do occasionally enjoy the Chinese tea which was quite a lovely taste when the water turns out to be bland but coffee, is really not my cup of tea.


These turn out to be age old secrets my grandparents knew about, even before researches turn out to reveal the benefits of both coffee and tea.

The secret of longevity.
Not of immortality.


Coffee has been associated with the lowering of the risks of cognitive decline; and could even help to ward off age-related nerve-damaging diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
Among other benefits include that of the reduced risks of stroke, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Tea, on the other hand, shares the same boost of benefits with the additional antioxidants and radical agents which could help with anti-aging, followed by its other benefits of lowering the risks of Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, heart-related diseases and even weight loss.

Of course, while the duo sound to be powerful agents to our health, like all things in the world; there is also the bad.

Addiction, diuretic effects, dehydration, shaky hands, dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitations, slow heartbeat, sleep deprivation are just the effects from coffee and tea drinking.

There should be a considerate amount to drink each day so that one could reap the benefits of either coffee or tea.

The key is still Moderation.

As to whether coffee or tea is better for you, now, I am sure that recent reports have also revealed that tea seemed to triumph over coffee in terms of its overall benefits.
(My tea-drinking grandparents would nod to that, definitely)

However, that doesn't mean one still can't enjoy their coffee, or worry about having to ditch their coffee or cup of tea.

I'd say drink whichever you want, if you want to, but just practice moderation.
Just like all others.

Don't go on a frenzy over tea drinking spree just because they are supposedly better, or you could just find yourself surrounded by a whole lot of problems just the way it would have been had you not been drinking tea.

You don't have to swear off your favorite cup of latte or cappuccino, or just turn your head away from your usual cafe haunts just because coffee is behind tea in benefits.

Coffee is not all bad; just as tea is not all good.

Neither is an elixir of longevity, if one were to overload on its amount or even form that addiction.

Continue that relationship with your coffee or tea, or even both, if you love them, just do not get addicted or even obsessed.

It is all about common sense and keeping it moderately simple.

Life is short, you are entitled to enjoy your cup of coffee and/or tea as part of your life or daily rituals.

In fact, psychologists do recommend one to develop and indulge in their very own rituals and favorite things to keep themselves happy.
It is important for one's mental health too, to be happy and not land into depression.

So you see, there is just a whole lot of problems out there; whether you drink your coffee or your tea, or both, or don't.
You either land with age-related decline issues or worse, mental illness.

And I don't think that's all, but I don't think I should continue making it worse.

In short, just enjoy what you want, don't read too much health articles to spend your life worrying about everything, or even landing yourself in dilemma or thinking clouds just because you are not sure if coffee or tea is better for you.

Have your coffee and while you're at it, don't think too much because you can still drink tea too.


Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend chilling out at your favorite cafe with your loved ones and friends, or just simply, lazing at home during the rainy weather with that mug in your hand.

Ahhh, such a lovely picture.

Now, I just wonder what my grandparents would say if they are still alive and realized that prices of coffee and tea have gone up more than a hundred times as compared to their time.

I am sure they would probably say, "In my days, that would have been more than enough to buy a whole quarter's supply of coffee beans/tea leaves

Maybe that was an exaggeration, but I really wonder at my grandparents' reactions if they were to walk into either Coffee Bean or Starbucks today.

*In case you're wondering, my grandparents lived to old age; respectably old when they left us.

It's my thoughts of them as I was in a cafe yesterday that made me thought of this article, and well, just to share my thoughts, or ramblings.
You know how I ramble, occasionally.

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal expenses, opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

This is based on my personal experience and is told in a subjective manner, entirely from my perspective.

Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.

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