Welcome to the Breakfast Club

By Christina Kim - November 13, 2015


~ Nothing says Good Morning better than a lovely breakfast spread ~

So, I was just wondering, does anyone actually still have breakfast anymore these days?

Like, a real proper breakfast and not one that you grab on your way out along with your keys, bag and mobile devices, biting on the plastic/paper wrapper while putting your shoes on?
Or maybe you just stuff it into your handbag, winging it out with one hand while the other's on the steering wheel, silently groaning at the traffic and taking a bite, wishing you were in a far away land and not stuck in an almost static position at your seat, shifting your foot between the brake and the accelerator without much effort?

Perhaps you would make it all the way to the office early in the morning with that chirpy look and after a few Good Morning's to all your colleagues, you put your bag down and gather your usual breakfast buddies for your fix downstairs or in the cafeteria?
(Or whoever wants to join, as long as it's not that sneaky guy whom you know is secretly backstabbing you and thought you didn't know)

That seems like the definition of breakfast for most urban folks these days, doesn't it?

Some even skip breakfast, just because they simply don't have time.
"Do you know how much work I've got these days?"

"I can't help it, I always have these early morning meetings. We have meetings across time zones!"

Yup, sure, I know all about that multiple time zone meetings; it was the reason for me to wake up at 4 in the morning, drive to my office at 5 to make it in time for a 6am meeting, because of the different time zones we were working with.
Sure, tell me all about it.
It's the past now, but I can't say it didn't wreck my sleeping schedule until today.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or perhaps I should say, used to be the most important meal (I think they're still debating over it somewhere on cyber space, but that's not the question, everything's a debacle these days anyway).
It seems as though the importance of breakfasts has faded along with the modern development; like they were just a fashion piece from last season.

What happened to that warm and homey part of waking up to the sounds of the clanking of metal spoons against ceramic bowls and walking down to the heavenly smell of pancakes baking in the oven, then sitting down to a brightly filled glass of orange juice?

Then the whole family actually laugh and talk together, at least for a couple of minutes before everyone kisses everyone "Goodbye, have a great day!", grab their bags and walk out the door?

Okay, that's what we see in the movies, but really, my question remains, What really Happened to Breakfast these days?

It seems like nobody's really having breakfast these days.

I think it's a worrying trend that no one is paying attention to the first meal of the day, which is supposed to send that shot of energy to the body and tell the system to wake up after a whole night of hibernation.
I am sure the doctors and nutritionists agree with me.

I'm not about to preach about breakfast; or even to judge you even if you skip breakfast, or just ain't got time for it.

I never had much of a fancy breakfast myself, but I remembered growing up, my parents always made it a point to make sure we have breakfast.

We never had those major breakfasts like what you see in the movies, but we do try to do that once in a while, if we can, especially on weekends.

The school holidays would be our favorite (every school going kid loves school holidays, I'm sure, though I don't see much of the enthusiasm now that I'm grown up besides the obvious better traffic), where we would enjoy a treat by mum who would whip up something for us first thing in the morning.
We looked forward to it, every single morning when we were not going away for our holidays.

Then there is the breakfast spread you get when you are away on vacation.
There is just something about that part of breakfast that is just so exciting especially when you are on vacation.

The variety, the environment, that relaxed feeling knowing that you have nothing to do after that but lazing around and nobody's ringing you up, just sets one in the mood to wake up and head straight to the breakfast table and enjoy a good meal.

I can speak for myself, I love my breakfast time when I'm on vacation.

Why is it so interesting that breakfasts always seem so enticing when we are on vacation?

For all the above reasons that I have just mentioned, why can't we incorporate it into our daily lives?

Set that time on your alarm clock, make that time for breakfast.
Or not.

But really, there is just so much to look forward to breakfast.
Even if you are on a diet.

Did you know breakfast helps to curb hunger and keeps you satisfied longer throughout the day?
That first meal, if done right, packed with nutrients, fibre and that wholesome goodness will perk up your system for that much-needed energy to get things done throughout the day.
Yes, if done right.

It helps to keep one slim, fit and maybe even keeps aging at bay.

Whatever it is, it is important to incorporate that meal into your daily routine.
Eating it right or not, the first thing is to make sure that breakfast is part of your life.

I'm not a breakfast guru either, and there are times I do eat crap; I mean non-wholesome foods which I've recently discovered are causes to some of my allergies.

But it is a ritual that I've grown so accustomed to, that I just look forward to breakfast.
I think sometimes I even look forward to sleeping early so that I could wake up for breakfast.
Yeah, I love my breakfast.
It's my ritual.

In fact, recently psychologists have discovered that having rituals in your day could make you happier.
It's even better if you have more rituals.
So, does that mean I can have breakfasts more than once in a day?
(Just kidding)

I do hear you, that there are times we are just simply too busy to be bothered with breakfasts.
I have been through that myself, despite me being such an obsessed breakfast junkie, I confess, but still, breakfast would somehow find a way to creep back into my heart and reminded me how much it missed me.
Then we would rekindle our relationship and go back with each other.
And we would continue to live happily ever after, I'm sure of that.

Are you a big fan of breakfast?

What do you have for breakfast?

If all the above reasons to have breakfast still doesn't work, or if you have no idea on what to have for breakfast, maybe the following suggestions would help.

Pancakes with Banana Smoothie (yeah, it really screams banana) 22486603945_eaa59ef30e_o_Fotor

Cereal with milk are not just for kids.

 What's wrong with having a muffin?
I mean, muffins are made for a reason right?
If I want a muffin, I will have a muffin.
Just that, I would always, always prefer blueberry muffins. Anytime.
This is the only choice, still, better than no muffin (I'll figure out something)


Oats is definitely good and healthy for the heart; lowers down the blood sugar and cholesterol.

(Okay, I hear you, sometimes this could be dull and boring and you feel like you're forced to eat it. Kids find it disgusting too, believe me. I saw a kid once pouted when his mum put it down in front of him, forcing him to finish it before he could enjoy his yoghurt, and I'm guessing that's not Greek Yoghurt).
But either that or you will drop dead soon(if you have high blood sugar or cholesterol issue), it's not really hard to choose, right? 22497670611_2208545353_o_Fotor

Pair it with a steamed bun or something, or not. 22460627916_d80389d35e_o_Fotor

If you're into Oriental or Asian choices (aren't we all?), these would be some eye candies (though I'm not so sure about your health or if you're on a calorie count).

I will not be held responsible, this is at your own risk.

Fried noodles with sambal (Malaysian style) 22497637771_c8d04421bb_o_Fotor

Roti Canai with curry (not for the weak stomachs) 22490854425_8c2e8c769f_o_Fotor


Or if you're just too chicken to attempt spicy stuffs like me, then something with soup may be more comforting (or kinder) to the little tummy.

Koay Teow Soup with Fishballs 22464883106_0d4169a79b_o_Fotor

Or with meat if you want

Dim sum nails it too..but I like a full dim sum meal better because I can never find anything I like at breakfast buffets.
Sorry (not sorry) I'm a dim sum snob


Now, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to join the Breakfast Club?
Welcome on board, my dear friend.

I promise you won't regret it.
Your heart and soul will really thank you for it; even your GP would approve.

Choose your breakfast wisely, and if you have dietary restrictions, do consult your doctor or nutritionist to maintain your health at its optimum level.
I'm not an expert to guide you on this.

I'm too busy figuring out the choices for breakfast for the weekend.



Just for the note, I'm not responsible for the cravings or health risks from the above list of breakfast photos.
Those are just for viewing pleasure and to ignite that lost flame of yours for the most important meal of the day.

Don't mention it, you're always welcome.



I'm kind of thinking of forming a Breakfast Club, if you wanna join.
Please drop me a message :-)

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal expenses, opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

This is based on my personal experience and is told in a subjective manner, entirely from my perspective.

Photos/Videos all belong to me and are copyrighted.

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