My Journey into the Kitchen: The Beginning or the End? (Finale)

By Christina Kim - May 06, 2020

Okay, I promise this will be the last part of my boring story on I ventured into the kitchen. I mean, what is so great about another domestic part to add to the resume and that exploration in one of the corners of home, right?
Wrong, it is more than just a domestic thing, in fact, I forbid the word domestic being used to downgrade this whole world of the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, washing, baking or whatever it is we do in the kitchen.
It seems like there was a longtime perception that it is a woman's territory or that it is a domestic chore and can never ride the ranks of far more important things than signing a contract or chairing meetings or even flying across the globes to attend multiple meetings.
That is really an outdated opinion and even condescending, not to mention totally misogynistic-ally distorted.

There is really no end to the things one can do in the kitchen and it is far more than anything you can imagine. From organising the cabinet space to keeping it spick and span to measuring your recipes (and getting them right) to prevent burning down the house, it is far more responsibility than the simple mind could conceive and looking at the amount of time women (traditionally) spend in the kitchen, they have my full respect.

That is the reason I am sharing my story, for I had never really had that experience in the kitchen nor did I ever had an interest in doing anything in the kitchen. It was not disdain nor disregard, neither had I ever looked down upon the kitchen but it just did not resonate with me back then. However, fast forward to the present, I could have told my old self that it was all just not in the perspective then and that someday I would find myself actually looking forward to a new learning experience in the humble space once unnoticed by me.
It is indeed a fun-learning journey and as I experimented with the different things that surround my space, and also adding boldly to make new creations, I found myself enjoying the whole experience as well.

Will I get bored of it someday? I do not really know but I highly doubt because it seems to have become a lifestyle, rather than just a daily routine and I believe there is still so much more room (literally and metaphorically) to learn and experience.

When we are done (really, could we ever be done) with basic cooking of simple dishes and baking basic muffins and cakes, there are also desserts soups, not to mention the different (and countless) types of cuisines all around the world. When that list is exhausted, new creations are also prospective although I am already doing that, as I do not really rely on readymade sauces and seasonings but I like to create my own preferred tastes as I go.

Will I be going on with this journey?
Seriously, I can never predict the future, after all, I did not see myself cooking nor baking back then so I cannot see where I will be going in the future, though I have a faint feeling that this is not going to end as I am hyped to learn more. It is not about striving to run a restaurant or becoming a professional chef, but hey it is all about survival too, right?
We all do need to eat and what better way than to make them ourselves, the food just somewhat tastes better (I can see why chefs and people who can cook do tend to criticise food out there, not all of them though).
As for the professional path, again, we will never know.

So far from the end, this is definitely just the beginning...
To more kitchen adventures to come, and I will share more of my stories and my preventive measures to keeping my home intact and everyone alive :-)

P.S.: Since we are all staying at home anyway, it is time to put that creative mind to work!

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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