The Reality of Fairytales

By Christina Kim - October 29, 2015

Once upon a time, a girl was wishing upon a star that she will meet her Prince Charming.

A dashing and handsome man who will come riding on a horse, sweep her off her feet and whisk her away on his horse in a tight embrace, galloping together; with their visible silhouettes towards a magnificent and beautiful castle in front.

They shared that magical kiss and they will live happily ever after.

This, is a fairytale, of course, but it is a fairytale that has made its way into every girl's head since they were, well, a little girl.
Every girl believes in fairytales.
Every girl believes in that concept of Happily Ever After.

Yes, every girl, like it or not.
Maybe you're not one of them, then, well, Most of the girls believe in this beautiful picture.

Blame it on the great authors, the animation makers, and all those who have painted that perfect and glossy picture of how true love is like.
Of how it would be like when girl meets boy and be with each other, forever.
Of what, marriage Ought to be like.
It's about being happy together, always.
Until eternity.

After all, that's what Happily ever after means, right?

It is that picture that snuck into little girls' minds, following them to the age of adolescence.
It is something which they have grown up with, and accustomed to.
It is one that they have lived to expect, and to search for, waiting for the day it will realize in their lives.

Every girl dreams of that perfect man, and how her wedding would actually look like.
It is not always the same, but the notion of happily ever after is the ultimate objective.

Of course, we all know that it is not realistic that it is the case, but it one that many could hope for.
It is so beautiful because it represents that hope.
A hope that many wants to materialize in their lives, and would spend their lives waiting for that perfection.

Sometimes it turn out unrealistic, as some starts to mar the line between fantasy and reality, often turning away potential love interests in their wait for that Prince Charming.

They never realize that Prince Charming is not all about perfection.
They never realize that he is fictional and that it should not be a quest to find that exact same person.

Perfection is how the person appears in one's eyes.
It is not about matching exactly that dashing suit and that white beautiful horse, nor is it about the status of the Prince or the beckoning castle promising a life of wealth and luxury.
These are all just metaphors.
They did not realize.

Instead they spend their time waiting and hoping for that person to appear.

The same goes to the boys.

They dream of princesses; with fair skin as white as snow, and hair as black as ebony, red rosy cheek and lips.
Elegance, beauty and grace make that ideal impression of their potential life partner.
They want to be that Knight in shining armor, to flash their swords, striking at the beast to save their damsels in distress.
They want to be heroes, and to be always seen as one.
Their escorts will always be nothing less than the belle of the ball.

It is just this mirroring image replaying itself in both gender's minds, for generations.
It is something they have been brought up to believe in.
It is something which they believed they were destined for.

Of course along the way, some broke out of the spell, but strangely, there are still those who remain hopeful of the miracle and that fairytales do really exist.

There is nothing wrong to believe in anything.
The mind is a powerful thing and it can make you believe in just about anything you want it to.
There is nothing absurd or unrealistic about believing in fairytales, and who are we to tell them otherwise if that is what they want to believe in.
It is their life partner after all, and they have every right to be selective and to even set the requirements for that person they want to spend the rest of their lifetime with.

We can never say that they are unrealistic.

The point is, don't judge.

We don't have to.

Each and every one of us have our own image of that person.
Some of us have already met that person, and have walked down the aisle, saying "I do" and committing to that lifetime together.
Some of may have just started meeting a few potential love interests and are still deciding or wondering which is The One for them.
There are even some, who already knew right from the start, that The One was right there with them.

The key is, everyone has the right to decide on who is right for them.
Who is The One.

Don't try to compare with each other.

No two person are the same.

There will never be.

Even identical twins are not born to be exactly the same.

Love and that whole picture of ideal love is something only the beholder can tell.

Only You know what and who is Right for You.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

For You are the one, who will be spending the rest of your life with that person.
That One Person who will be in your eyes, heart, mind and soul for eternity.

Strive for perfection all you want, but don't try to change someone into what you perceive him/her to be and what you believe is Right.

What is right for you, may not be right for your partner.

Love is not about finding the Perfection.

It is about the Right Person, and that Right Person is about You.
He or She does not have to be Prince Charming or Princess Snow White, but He or She makes you feel right.

Perfection and imperfection, altogether.

When you find The One; that Right Person, the stars will align themselves together.

Happily ever after?

It does exist, but it comes in many forms.
Do not expect a smooth path, for without the little pebbles, and obstructing rocks, you will not know and appreciate the true meaning of happiness.

The shining armor will appear when that big rock falls down from the cliffs above.

The sword will materialize when you are in extreme danger.

That horse to take you away, is always there and ready to gallop when you are ready.

That beautiful maiden with a shining tiara shines when you are in your worst.

That is the reality of fairytales.

They don't always have to match word for word.

You will know.

The Real Prince Charming and Princess Beautiful is not what they seem, just purely on the outside.

They are more than that.

Trust me, they will dazzle in your eyes, like precious gems when you find them.

No one else will know it is them.

Only You.

At that time, your Fairytale has materialized.

**Photo taken from a portrait hanging on the wall of a hotel, does not belong to me and is for illustration purpose only

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal expenses, opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

This is based on my personal experience and is told in a subjective manner, entirely from my perspective.

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