Love is a River I Want to Keep Flowing

By Christina Kim - October 22, 2015

Life is a Road I want to Keep Going
And Love, is just that River I want to keep flowing.

Yes, just keep it flowing, never cease in its journey as it rides and sails through every little rock and pebbles; upstream and downstream.
It just glides upon them, every so smoothly.
There are many rocks, and then there is always that falling branch which suddenly cracks from one of the trees lining the banks and falls into the river, hurling itself into the currents.
The river will still keep flowing.
Withering leaves, feathers, twigs, pebbles, wooden logs, trash or just about anything could just stumble into the river, causing that light ripple or just stir that water in the river.
The river doesn't stop.
It will just keep flowing, amidst all the obstacles.
Big or small.
The river never stops flowing.

That is how Love is like, and it is how it should be; the way I would want it to be.

Life is to me, a journey, and that road that I will keep on walking and just keep going.

LOVE, is the constant flow like in a river, that will just keep flowing.
It never stops.
Unless, there is no river.
Then there would be no Love.

This is exactly my thought when I said I do, four years ago.


That was four years ago.

How time flies.

To be honest with you, I never thought I would ever get married, when I was a little girl.
Oh sure, every girl dreams of her Prince Charming.
That one brave hero who would just appear, whisk her away on a white horse, armed with a bright shining armor and be everything that she wished for.
That perfect man.
He exists in fairytales.

Call me a dreamer, but I do believe in fairytales.
Yes, until this very day.
Perhaps I am delusional, perhaps I just never grew up.
But what is life without that little dream?
Or just that illusion, that creeps into your mind once in a  while?

I never thought or envisioned that there would be a Mr Perfect for me, or that I myself would be perfect for anyone at all.

It is not that I never believed in love, but I never thought that love is something that you could just make up or just create on the spot.
It should be just natural.
Love comes naturally.
It comes out of the blue.
It takes you by surprise.
It comes when you least expect it.
It takes your breath away.

Most of all, it just feels right.

How do we know?

I used to wonder at that question myself too, but the answer is, we will never know.

Or perhaps, we just know.

I have asked too, how do we know if that person is the Right One?
If He is my Mr Right?

The thing is, it is all in us.
It is our own feelings, our heart, our soul, that will tell us.
It is that feeling in the gut that will tell you that it is right.
Or maybe it is right.

Nobody can tell us the answer.

I never thought of looking for the answer.
I never thought of looking for love.
It is the truth.
I am not complacent; it is just because I do not know nor do I have an idea where to search.

I just want nature to take its own course.
If it never happens, well, then I am fine too, because you can't find, define or just force your way into love.
It just doesn't work that way.
I don't know how to explain this, or even define Love, because I am just not a Love expert.
I just think it makes another part of the universe which remains a mystery.

It may sound like I never believed in love, or maybe I never really did.
Or that I seemed to visualize love in ultimate perfection, or nothing.
I don't know, but I just didn't even know what love really means.

Of course I would know the exceptional and unconditional states of love as obviously shown by parents or our Creator, but between two beings who could be complete strangers, that would never be a clear definition to how it should or would be like.

Perhaps I am unclear, and perhaps I have not recognized or seen love.
Love may have passed me by, many times but I did not see.
Perhaps I have just been too deluded in my own thoughts, or maybe I could just say that, it was never meant to be.

It is always written in the stars, they say.

I guess you could say that, else, how would two complete strangers meet, find each other when they are from two different parts of the world, or the country, fall in love, come together and be with each other, pledging to stay with one another for the rest of their lifetime?

I met him at work, we started off as friends.
Yes, the usual story and it was all over coffee and getting to know each other.
We just found that link that brought us closer to each other.
Perhaps it was the interests we shared or the differing aspects we see in life.
We don't drink coffee, and we are exactly in tune with each other on everything, yet we could talk about everything under the sun.

I didn't know then, but he was sure.
Maybe I am just always the unknowing, the unsure and the unbeliever.

Faith and fate pursued.

In a blink of an eye, we became closer and the best of friends.
We became each other's eyes, ears and companion.
We laughed at each other, with each other, and stood up to hold the other's back in times of need.
I have vowed to never cry in front of anyone, but he could have been one who had seen me shed a tear or two.
We have seen the best and motivated each other to achieve greater heights.
We believed in one another in a world of skeptics.
We have seen the dark hours and stood there, ignoring the harshness of the world.
We never gave up on each other.

We were best friends, then we were partners.

Then it was official, we walked down the aisle and said Yes, I will walk the rest of the journey of life with each other.


Love, just like life, is never perfect.
We could never predict what would happen next.

I was not looking for the perfect man; or the best looking man in the world.
I was not looking for the ultimate protector or warrior who must protect me at all times.
I am not looking for a superhero.
I am not looking for the smartest guy in the world.
He doesn't have to have everything in the world.
He doesn't need to be the richest man, nor the most famous man.

I am looking for a listener, a companion, a partner in crime, and that person who knows me.
It is probably not even considered as requirements, because really, there is no definite list to say who is the perfect person.

I am a perfectionist, I never settle for anything less than perfect.

But perfection is not about having everything sometimes and sometimes the imperfections make the perfection even more perfect.

I am talking about myself.

I am not perfect either.
I am not the most beautiful girl in the world, nor am I the smartest or richest and most famous.
I am not that best hot looking chick who seems to have the world.
I am pretty content and blessed with what I have, and that to me, is my world.

To be joined by someone who shares my laughter and my cranky jokes, to see me as that one person even in my worst, that is to me, perfection.


We don't have to match the world's requirements of perfection.
Who sets the standards anyway?
We just need to see ourselves in each other's eyes, and decide that this is right.

I don't need a perfect man.
I need a man who sees perfection even in the simplest things, because that is how I am.

Perfection is not about being right, being wonderful and perfect all the time.

Perfection is about that beauty in each other's eyes, even in times of good and bad, for better or for worse, in times of health and sickness and in wealth and poverty, that even age does not count as a deterrent, and we still look the same to each other.

We are perfect in each other's eyes.

Marriage and love is not about vows and about signing off officially as husband and wife.


It is about the flow.

It is about having that belief in each other, no matter what happens or wherever we are at any time.
It is about that faith and love that will always be there.

Nobody can guarantee how long it will last, or if we can tell if it will fade away someday.
It is always a feeling.

It is not a promise; it is not a commitment.
It is not something binding.

It is just a journey.
We continue to discover ourselves, and each other.

Like a river, we just want it to keep flowing.

Like a river, we want it to keep going and going.

May this river and our journey continue and that the four years, or many more, will always just be the beginning.


Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend and my Love, and to the River of Love that Will Always keep Flowing!






*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal expenses, opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

This is based on my personal experience and is told in a subjective manner, entirely from my perspective.

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