A Lil' Something on Halloween and the Freaky Friday Themed Cupcakes

By Christina Kim - October 31, 2015

It's HALLOWEEN today.


The 31st of October.
Not the 30th.
It has always been the 31st, the last day of October.
Don't forget that.

A Lil' Something on the Festival of Halloween
It is known as Hallow's Eve; originally, for a reason, as it is from a Scottish term to refer to it being the evening before All Hallows' Day.
It means hallowed evening, or Holy evening.

All Hallows' Day is also known as All Saints Day.
Therefore, this is actually the Eve of All Saints Day.

The STORY and Origins of Halloween
Originally Hallows' Eve, it was probably due to the continuous and repetitive pronunciation which soon led to the sound of 'een' or 'e'en' to it being coined as a term which is Hallow-een as it is then slowly known.
It was probably for the ease of pronunciation, and of course, the way it sounded, in tune and harmonious, literally speaking.
(The Scottish word for Eve is "even" which also led to the phonetic sound to roll off the tongue adjoining both Hallow and -een to lead to its name as it is so widely known today).

While All Saints Day is of a Catholic, or Western Christian origins; it is a day to commemorate all the canonized saints, the same cannot be said of Halloween, or Hallows' Eve.
It is said that Hallows' Eve is of Celtic origins; having been influenced by the harvest festivals and also possibly of pagan roots.

The notion of All Hallows' Eve, marks the observation period of the Allhallowtide which takes place in the course of three days in a row, remembering or commemorating all the saints (also known as the hallows), martyrs, the departed, and all the faithful souls who have left the face of the earth.

The religious Christian theme continues until this very day; though it is not the same gaiety as popularized by the contemporary celebration of Halloween, and rather, it takes on a more sombre tone as Christians observe the practice of abstinence in preparation for the commemoration of the hallows (all the saints) the day after.

November 1st is the day where the Roman Catholics celebrate the All Saints Day; exalting those who have been canonized and join in the intercession of prayers through the saints.
It is a huge and obligatory festival celebrated widely in the Catholic Church worldwide, where songs of praise and glory are sung in exultation of these great saints who have led noble lives and now rose to their places in heaven.

The day after; November 2nd is the All Souls' Day, where Catholics remember the dead, the departed souls of their dear family members who have gone to eternal rest.

Hallows Eve, is that holy evening, before this major liturgical event which, like Easter is celebrated in a trinity, over a period of three days.

The Eve, is that day of solemnity, where Christians observe a day of abstinence and fast; staying away from meat to prepare themselves to join in the celebratory feast with the angels and saints the day after.
It is often a common practice for the Christians/Catholics to observe a period of abstinence, or penance prior to a major festival celebration.
The same goes for Easter and Christmas; which are preceded by the season of Lent and Advent respectively.

Therefore you could see the stark difference between Hallows' Eve, versus the Halloween festival today which has undergone tremendous commercialization and popularization by the contemporary culture.

While traditionally it is of a religious origins, just like Christmas and Easter, and is deeply rooted in the Christianity faith, it is interesting to watch the evolution and also how it has just seamlessly assimilated into a phenomenon all around the world.

Halloween today is widely celebrated; with themed parties where party goers play dress up in costumes from fictional characters (mostly from scary movies) and children go trick or treating, knocking on the doors of the houses in the neighborhood, asking for sweets.
It is a culture, a trend which have just seeped into the world.
Of course, we can blame the television, but really, it is amazing how this can take the world, by storm.


All in the name of FUN.

It has evolved to become a fun-filled festival, and like I've said, no one says no when there's that bit of Fun involved.

No one says it's Right or Wrong, there isn't really a Right or Wrong anyway.

The rest of the world can celebrate, and the Christians continue to observe their own way.
Everyone is happy.

The trend of Halloween is also creeping into the East these days, and it is not uncommon to see themed decorations and even celebration parties thrown in Asia as well.

Everyone loves a reason to celebrate.
Celebrations are always FUN, and they make everyone Happy.

I don't really celebrate Halloween, to be honest, but I couldn't help looking forward to the themed decorations and to even go around taking in that dose of creativity which is just bursting in the air.
They are contagious.
You have to admit that.

That is the power of the pop culture; and of social commercialization.

In this age of social media and digital technology, there is no way you can miss any form of new trend.
They are just all over the world, as in the world wide web or the Internet.
That is, unless you've been living under the rock.
I don't judge.

You will be amazed at the number of thriller slasher films making its way to the cinema just when the month of October approaches.
Flick on your television or even hop onto the Internet, and you will be surrounded by all the scary movies, supernatural themed films or anything in that horror genre.
They are all in.
To Scare the living daylights out of you.

All in the name of Fun, and well, festivity.

You don't need to celebrate.
You will automatically be sucked into the entire fantasy of the phenomenon.

I don't celebrate either, but I was pleasantly surprised by little gifts yesterday.

They are GIFTS, I did not make them.
I have no such talent, not now, not yet.


Halloween themed cupcakes.

22594978672_7129782926_o_Fotor Innocent and just so cute.

Though not for this one.

This is just a little gory, for me.

It's a severed bloodied finger, in case you're wondering.
YIKES (holding my hand to muffle my scream)

I will pass.

But, it's still amazing to see the creativity spurned by the mere notion of festivity.
I don't think you need a reason to be creative.

I am still a little freaked out by this second cupcake.
Very sick joke, people, not funny.
Especially on a cupcake!


This definitely brings a new meaning to the TREAT and the TRICK.
Side by side.

After they scare you, you get up, recover and enjoy the Treat.
That's how it works.

It is just something Freddy Krueger would approve of.

It's a real Freaky Friday, though a fascinating one.

Who cares anyway, nobody is watching.
Or maybe someone is watching.

Just for the freaks.


Enjoy dressing up for your parties and Trick or Treat!

XOXO, AngelstarChristy

All dressed up in festive colors. I'm feeling festive!

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Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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