The Accidental Adventure

By Christina Kim - October 04, 2015

I had planned to visit Vietnam; sometime soon, but little did I expect that "soon" was fast forwarded.
It was without planning, but just a twist of fate which landed me in this country; one that I have read about in social media account and one that I am familiar with her brutal past.

I have heard so much about the controversies surrounding this country.
Many have been there and did not like it.
Those who liked it, were just a handful.
It is filled with ambiguity, and mystery and I wondered what could possibly make travelers detest a place so much?
Mind you, these are all well-seasoned travelers and most of them have been to almost all the countries in the world and yet, this is one country many vowed, never to return.
It was with hatred, disgust and contempt as they shared their stories and made their vows.
I hear them.

Stories of conniving locals, unpleasant attitudes, insatiable greed and bad behaviors are just some but many experienced by most of those who have visited the country.
It is enough to set off the alarm for anyone looking at the prospect of visiting the country; let alone relocating or head there for a temporary assignment.
The name of the country itself sends off looks of disapproval, heads shaking and sympathetic gestures  .
It left me wondering, is this really that bad?

Beware of snatch thieves
Don't wear too much jewelry.
Don't walk on the sides of the roads.
Don't go out at night.
Buy from shops where prices are fixed.
Do not board any cab; but only those metered ones (only two companies are recommended).
Bring along a local if you have to hunt for a bargain in those local-infested areas.
Research, research, research before signing up for tours.
Don't go out alone, always make sure you have company.
It is not safe.
Be careful.
Be Careful.
Be Careful.

These are just the many warnings I have come across during my research on Vietnam, and from hearsay by friends/colleagues and fellow bloggers who have been there.

It sure says a lot about the reputation and the image of the country.
However, I am not ready to just form my conclusion without embarking on my own experience and as though hearing my call, the opportunity presented itself.
Just like that.

I am on my way to share my experiences, stories and insights on the controversies and to see for myself, what it's really like in Vietnam.

I have turned into the accidental adventurer, and I will be sharing more stories on my trip (sometimes live).

It is an adventure that I am on, and hopefully to discover and debunk the myth for myself.

Have you been to Vietnam?

Do share your stories, if you have any as I continue to unravel mine in my upcoming posts.


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal expenses, opinions and preferences and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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