Never Go without a Plan B

By Christina Kim - July 15, 2015

Always, always have a Plan B
That's the mantra and tagline of this restaurant, and even mine on a personal basis.

Creatively hatched with an aspiration to bring coffee, good food and an environment all swirled into a conducive setting is all this cafe restaurant is about.

This culture cafe is set to inspire their patrons with their ambitiously crafted menu of artistic and contemporary-styled food in a fusion style combo of the Australian tastes for good coffee and big breakfast intertwined with the fast-paced contemporary deli-style of the Big Apple in the States.

The interior says it all; when one steps in, it feels different from other cafes and there is just this artistic feel in the atmosphere.

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A coffee lover would definitely appreciate the artisan coffee served here; all swirled with that delicate and aesthetically pleasing style.

Cappucino (MYR10) 
Thoughtfully accompanied by a serving of biscotti, you know, in case you have that need to enjoy that in-depth flavor of the strong and aromatic coffee seeping into the crunchy tastes of the exquisite cookie.

There is something for non-coffee lovers; with that wide selection of teas available.

Peppermint Tea (MYR10) served with brown sugar and biscotti, is a delightfully refreshing drink to invigorate the senses with that strong mint flavor.



Lemon Tea (MYR10) for a sweeter and citrusy option, served with a small jug of honey to add to one's liking.
It is just wonderful to have that extra slice of lemon to freshen up and give it that zesty kick to every mouthful; it does wonders to awaken one's senses.




Go old school with that Root Beer Float (MYR10) 
(They are telling you that you don't always have to go to A&W for this)

(Maybe it's just me, I still think that A&W still has the upper hand on this. There is just something about the tastes; and I think the creator always wins )

If all fails, there is always the plain old water served on the table to quench that thirst.
The interesting thing is the way they serve the water in these big dark colored bottles; and they just somehow reminded me of those laboratory bottles back in high school.
You know, the types we see on the shelves; the ones we are not supposed to touch unless with the teacher's permission because they contain some dangerous chemical substance and they could, well, cause serious complications if they spill or just tampered with the wrong way.

Call me paranoid, I was just quite skeptical to drink the water poured from this bottle.

I know it's safe, of course, it's just me.
I felt like there was just something weird about drinking out of these chemical-laden bottles; crap, it's all those perception embedded from the school days.
You have no idea how the images of these bottles have scarred me, permanently, it's just great.

The selection of the drinks may be outdone by the choices they have on the food.
From burgers and fries to sandwiches and pasta, one will be spoilt (though not too spoilt) with the great variety just modestly fashioned to fit everyone's taste.
Breakfast and brunch are just the Aussie kind of thing, and then there's something for the Asians or just go for the mains.
For those with small appetites or just in the mood for something light, then the soups and salads will just work fine.

The BIG Breakfast (MYR35) is just the way to start your day like a king, or to keep you satisfied with that energy you need for the whole day.

Served with 2 eggs done in one's preferred style, grilled turkey bacon, golden hash brown, Italian sausage patties, stewed beans, sautéed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, avocado along with a crusty Ciabatta toast.
One can opt for Coffee or Tea along with an orange juice for this smashing portion for a breakfast.


For a dainty portion, Eggs Royale (MYR19) is the way to go.
Ladies would love the well-sized portion of the poached eggs delicately topped with smoked salmon and the cream of the homemade hollandaise spilling on the sides of the toasted sourdough muffin on the base.


For that Italian craving for pasta and with an exotic kick, Marinara Spaghettini (MYR30) will not disappoint.


Fresh tiger prawns; probably two or three, calamari, capers are in this combination mixed with the homemade tomato concasse and is just a scrumptious option for a good and filling lunch.

If all else fails, my plan B would be this, Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Salsa (MYR49)
Does it every time, and makes me a very happy person.
(You know my relationship with salmon; it's unbreakable)


An exotic combination of pan-seared salmon, as indicated by its name, with arugula, quinoa and avocado salsa.

(If you're not a fan of salmon, I'm sorry for what you've been missing out, you have my sympathies)


This is my Plan B.
I am a planner, I always plan and when I plan, I always make sure I do contingency planning.
The name of this cafe resonates with my nature, and there can never be too much planning or being too careful.

Now, what did I say about planning?
You can never go without a Plan B.

Always, always have a Plan B.

Class dismissed.


Location of Plan B featured in post:
1. Queensbay Mall, Penang
2. Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

**This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions, tastes and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.**

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