My Hong Kong Travel Diary: Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣)

By Christina Kim - July 06, 2015


Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) or Tung Lo Wan, as it is fondly known in its romanization to the locals in Cantonese, is one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong, often referred to as a major shopping districts in the city. 
It clearly explains the crowds comprising of both the locals and tourists thronging the district from the point of disembarkation at the Causeway Bay MTR station.

Major shopping malls dot the landmarks of this district:-
1. Sogo (13-storey Japanese department store) which is the largest here
2. Times Square
3. Hysan Place
4. Windsor Place
5. Lee Gardens 1&2
6. World Trade Centre
7. Fashion Walk
8. Fashion Centre
9. Hang Lung Centre 
10. Island Beverly Center

If you are into more localized flavors, there are also bazaar street styles with the notable Jardine's Crescent located right behind the Forever 21 building.

It is interesting to note that this modern day heavily-laden shopping commercial district was once a fishing village; which made sense due to the origins of the name indicating the existence of a bay.
However, the bay was heavily silted before the progress of development and urbanization followed by the reclamation of land to expand the area coverage of the island.
Signs of its early origins as a bay can be traced to the former shape on the map detailing its past based on the outline of Tung Lo Wan Road, which was along the line of the bay itself, and also the existence of the typhoon shelters at both Causeway Bay and the Tin Hau Temple.

Causeway Bay encompasses the area of the Eastern district which covers Tsing Fung Street, Causeway Bay Market, The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Victoria Park, Jardine's Noonday Gun and the Police Officers Club.

The areas of Yee Wo Street, Jardine Street and Jardine's Crescent with the indicative names hint directly at the ownership of these areas under the Jardines (a Bermuda-owned conglomerate) to which the British sold to. These places are clustered under the East Point whereby it derived its title from the pointed peak from the eastern side of the bay; from the centre of Victoria City.

The classification and cluster of the East point makes the area indistinguishable from the modern day Causeway Bay with both the areas incorporated and lumped together. Causeway Bay and East Point is an assimilation whereby East Point makes up the subsequent part of the district and is defined by the area from the Causeway Bay MTR station, while the original Causeway Bay is actually closer to the Tin Hau MTR station.

One of the busiest districts in Hong Kong and with such high spikes in the daily crowds swarming the area, it is no wonder that the rental rates are sky high in Causeway Bay and are in fact the highest in the world; even overtaking New York's Fifth Avenue for two consecutive years since 2012.

There is just so much activity in this area; though mainly shopping and of course, food.

Causeway Bay in pictures







For a good bargain (if you're good at it), Jardine's Crescent is a local bazaar located right behind the Forever21 building.









Kai Tan Zai (Egg Waffles) - Read about my previous encounter with them here


It's just another customary tourist shot :-)


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