Hong Kong: In snapshots

By Christina Kim - July 06, 2015

(Citibank Tower, Hong Kong

One of the Five Tigers of Asia and consistently so, Hong Kong is one that proves with a mighty loud roar to its name.
From a magnificent skyline grazed by world class skyscrapers towering over the eclectic mix of modern and vintage buildings sprawling over the city, to the myriad of activities taking place simultaneously in various parts of the country; from the city centre to the outskirts, there is just no end to what this city on an island can offer.

(Lippo Building, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong is a financial city, to which it owe most of the reasons for the booming economy and immediate catapult to the city's global status today.
At the same time, the country still maintains many of the attributes from the past as reminders of her early and humble beginnings to its world class title today.

(Bank of China Tower in Admiralty)

It is a competitive city; with a bursting population of more than 7 million people within 1,104 square feet of an area coverage on this island, there is just every reason for the people to be constantly on the rat race mode every single second.
Density is high, and everywhere is just simply crowded.
In fact, even the scarcity of the land is proven with the multitudes of high rise residences where large numbers of families can be squeezed into multi-storey buildings often with small spaces to make the most of the area on the island for various developments. Some of these residences could be almost unimaginable in their capacity, and the prices are even more incredulous based on the square feet.
Anything close to or more than a 1,000 square feet is considered luxuriously huge to the local home buyers.


The cost of living is undoubtedly high as well, which contributes well to the nation's economy and with a high density of population in the city, the residents are just channeling all their energy into one thing; money and their aim is to make as much as possible to be able to afford a more comfortable living, if not luxurious. Not that it is any different anywhere else in the world, but it is certainly more demanding in developed and populous cities like these where job opportunities are constantly in demand to meet the sustainable growth within the country.

Hong Kong may sound like it is more than just overcrowded in its capacity, but the city is well-organized with the infrastructures readily available to support the continuous growth of the country as well.
From public transportations to the accessibility of information, it shows that the convenience and daily life improvements of the local Hong Kong folks are constantly focused on by the local government.
I am always impressed by the ease of the modes of transportation in this city, which makes it so easy for me to get from one place to another. Be it taking the public local bus, minibus, van, tram or the train, it is never a hassle at all with the well-planned system and the convenient stops available almost at all major points in the city.
It makes it all just so easy even for a public transportation dummy, or someone who just simply is not familiar with all these public transports.


It is this very reason which attracts many tourists from all over the world to this island year by year, and most do return again to relish and regain that taste of fast-paced civilization offered by the city; more so for the urban city dwellers from other countries as well (i.e: me).

It may be a little island on the map/globe, but what this island lack in space and area is made up in the load of spunky attitude evident through its diversified offerings.

(Causeway Bay)

Hong Kong, at a glance, through the photos~











Locations where the photos were taken: Sheung Wan, Central, Admiralty,  Wan Chai, Causeway Bay

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