A Hearty affair with Dim Sum in Red Rest

By Christina Kim - July 28, 2015

Dim sum is almost synonymous with the name Hong Kong, and it is not hard to stumble upon a dim sum restaurant in the city. In fact, most of the Chinese restaurants do serve dim sum in the morning or until lunch, for those who also incorporate main courses into their menu.

It is almost dim sum haven for anyone who loves this cuisine much, like yours truly.
I would not mind having dim sum for the entire day, to be honest.

On my last day, which happened to be a Sunday; typically associated with family outing day and is especially and strictly observed by the Hongkies, evident from the crowds everywhere in the city particularly in restaurants and eateries.
As we have seen through the television series and movies, Sundays are when the Hongkies flock to the restaurants with the families for a hearty meal and to spend quality time with each other and usually, this practice is their "Yum Cha" session (tea drinking); always associated with dim sum meal.
The trend is so popular that it is no exaggeration most of the people are depicted to wake up early to queue for their tables in the movies.
It is not a joking matter, for it is the reality here in Hong Kong and I can personally testify to that.
The Hongkies take their weekend, or Sunday "Yum Cha" or dim sum meal very seriously.

Red Rest is this restaurant we found in Popcorn Mall, which was slightly less crowded, or perhaps the crowd has slightly distributed among the many other restaurants (including western) in the mall.


There is still a queue, of course, but we were again lucky (yes, I am always lucky), that there was a table available and we were quickly ushered into the inner halls of the restaurant.

It is amazing that this restaurant appears spacious from the outside in its width; different from most of the limited space we see in some of the eateries in the city, but the restaurant actually stretches all the way in length to lead us to another dining hall located all the way at the back of the restaurant.




Red Rest may not be in the Michelin-star directory, but that did not mean that their dim sum is any less inferior.
In fact, I find almost everything here exceeding my expectations and truly, one of the most delicious dim sum meals I have had (and I have had quite a fair bit of experience, since I am a dim sum fan).

For instance, the handmade fish balls, are to die for.
I love everything that is made with hand; involving effort because it is just unique in its taste and is not simply replicated easily.
No machine can beat anything that is handmade.
These are just bursting with the strong flavors of freshness; filled with the rich texture of the hand-beaten fish paste.
It may not be pleasant in its appearance; with its evident form of fish paste wholly making a statement and occasional signs of fish bone sticking out of the hand sculpted form, but the tastes will definitely stay in one's mind, for a very long time.


Typically fish balls are usually the option for those afraid of the tiny bones found in the whole fish, but I can't say the same for this version.

A dip in this sauce would enhance the taste of the fish balls too; with the strong hint of vinegar in this; meant to expel the strong fishy taste which may even be perceived as pungent to some.


The rest of the dim sum were some of the standard fare for a dim sum meal; though not everything on the menu.
There is only so much space in one's stomach.

Chee Cheong Fun with prawns (Flat rice rolls stuffed with prawns)


Siew Mai (Pork dumplings)

Har Gao (Prawn dumplings wrapped in crystal skin) P1380346_Fotor_Fotor


Goon Tong Gao (Steamed dumpling in soup)


Deep fried beancurd sheets with shrimps

Char Siew Pow (Steamed bun stuffed with barbecued pork)


If dim sum is an integral part of Hong Kong's cuisine, the habit of sweet dessert soups for nourishment is not to be forgotten either.
From dessert shops to restaurants, these sweet soups, or Tong Sui are just part of their lives.

Therefore it is only proper to end one's meal with the dessert soup.

Mung Bean Sweet Soup is just perfect to nourish one with the proteins from the beans and cooling the body (as believed by the traditional medicinal methods that the mung bean has cooling or heat relieving properties).


Yes, dim sum is a hearty affair in Hong Kong and it is a sin to leave the Land of Dim Sum without enjoying at least one meal with these wonderful delights.

Dim sum is serious business, and I take my dim sum very seriously too.

Yum cha, anyone?


In this post:
Red Rest (Hung Lau) in Popcorn Mall, Tseung Kwan O


This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions, tastes and preferences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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