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By Christina Kim - July 29, 2015

This is probably a simple post to wrap up my Hong Kong trip this year, with random photos of my trip in general (some of which are not included in my other posts).


Hong Kong is a place where I just love going back again and again, if and whenever I can.
I have posted many articles on this vibrant city, and you can read some of them on my old travel blog here for a full guide to most of the attractions in Hong Kong, since I went off the path and did a more relaxing route this round.

There is nothing less spectacular one can expect from this vivacious city; and while the city still remains populous with a growing population by the year, there is no stopping the tourists from continuing to flock the city annually either.
Many may have even heard of the reputation of the street traders in this city, where they are often described as rude and arrogant, believe me when I say they are in for a change with their growing economy. Furthermore the younger generation is determined to change that perception and have displayed their enthusiasm in improving the customer service in their bid to boost tourism and restore/rebuild a promising and welcoming image for the city.
It is a positive move indeed.

Food is in abundance and rest assured that regardless of your country of origin, you will not starve in Hong Kong. Rather, you may find yourselves stuck in difficult decision making most of the time while in the city with the wide varieties available, catering to almost every notable cultural community in the world.
Enjoy dining in fine restaurants or tempt your palates with the international cuisines available everywhere.
Try something local too; from dim sum to street snacks (if you are a daredevil and are used to street food).






Language is not exactly a barrier either, as most of the city dwellers could converse in English and even road signs are in dual languages; local Chinese and English, thanks to the influence from the earlier British colonization.

Transportation is the one that I always and will never stop praising (ever) for the one in Hong Kong is one of the best planned and most convenient that I have enjoyed in the world.
Thumbs up to their excellent system, it is almost next to impossible to get lost in this city.
(Do bring a long a map, just in case, and as long as you are attentive on the train - which is easy since it is always crowded and you will always be standing, at least most of the time, you should be fine).




Shopping is always on the itinerary when one visits a city; especially when this is one of the international ports. With modern development infused with traditions and culture in the city, one can expect to find something to buy be it from a multi-storey shopping mall or long streets lined with stalls and shops.





Whether you are planning for a city tour (conquering all the city highlights) or just enjoying a relaxing trip, or even for a gastronomy fill, this city just fits everything one could possibly look for and with the fast-paced growth in this city, one will simply be pampered with the infrastructure readily available to ensure your convenience.
Itinerary or not, the city will ensure you leave with vivid and animated images of the ever bustling scenes taking place everywhere.
All you need to do is just take a walk and take in the scenes, one by one, as I have done this round.









They say more than words, in real life scenes unfolding before my very eyes and leave everlasting deep impressions in the mind.
(I'm probably starting to sound like the city's ambassador, but it's based on my personal opinions, and experiences which thankfully, have been pleasant and memorable so far).

I am already looking forward to my next trip!

Do drop me a note should you need any help with planning/recommendations or just any information, I would love to help :-)

This is not a sponsored post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and experiences and do not represent the general public. Experiences vary from one individual to another.

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