There is just Something about Easter, This Year

By Christina Kim - April 14, 2015

I have had one of the best Easter this year; from the Holy Week to Easter Sunday itself (or at least, up until Easter Sunday) – that is the first part.
It was not extravagant and not any more special than the years before; but rather, it was a low key affair even, this year compared to the previous years.
In fact, I would say, the whole Easter celebration was not even in any way, resembling a celebration.
It was more of just a gathering and just observance of the occasion itself.
Yet, I just felt something, inexplicable, which just planted that warmth in my heart.
It is a lovely feeling and it just made my Easter so memorable.

I am not sure what it was, which made this year’s Easter so heart-warming but I just enjoyed every moment of it.
We even changed a bit of our tradition and chose to attend the Easter Sunday mass in the morning.
We did not even throw big parties or put on expensive dresses/attires for Easter.
It was really simple and just like every day, or every weekend.
There was nothing special or nothing out of the norm, at all.
I am not sure if it was the quality time spent with the family; quiet afternoon just with lunch and dessert in the mall.
Or if it was the laughter from the banter shared at the table during our meals.
Could it be the magic of the readings on Good Friday, or the sermons preached by the priest on Easter Sunday?
It could even be the muffins baked by a wonderful girl whom we are proud to welcome and to have as part of the family.


It was warm to be treated with muffins baked with love, and the meaning even sank deeper when you know that she was all tied up with her busy work schedule to spare that time to bake muffins for everyone to enjoy just for the occasion.
The notion of just for everyone is just beautiful, and I felt blessed to have people like her in my life.

Maybe, it was about the age.
Getting older and wiser could be a wonderful thing, though much dreaded by my gender.
I am still a normal woman too myself, and the thought of aging could often scare me too but yet, at the same time, I find it so magical and intriguing at the same time that I choose to embrace it with my own form of happiness. (Yeah, call me crazy, but I am not that threatened by the picture of aging that much, not anymore).
It is not really natural to grow old, while everyone definitely has that chance to be young at least once.
Aging can be daunting but also magical and a blessing at the same time, if you choose to look at it positively.
Perhaps this wisdom and age just injected that sense of calm and inner happiness or simple content in me on this magical occasion of Easter.

I have had the company of all the beautiful people in my life.
My hubby was with me for the weekend; and my small family was all gathered and together in one place.
We are all happy and caught up with lost time while busy with our daily routines.

The first part of Easter just left that inexplicably soothing and wonderful feeling which just seemed to touch that inner sense in me.
I smile as I remember the joy of Easter this year.
It is just something I simply could not describe, but it was definitely positive.

Enter the second part- the Easter week; following Easter Sunday where I was swamped with work and meetings.
The week was another memorable yet interesting one for me.
It is not entirely inexplicable though; for it was more than memorable in its own way, because it was probably one of the most unfortunate weeks I have ever had.
Unfortunate definitely came to tag the week I had because it was just a flow; a continuous string of events which did not seem to agree with me.
Yes, it was the entire week and as though that spell of Lemony Snickett’s series of Unfortunate Incidents just decided to insert the cameo appearance in my Easter week.
Nothing seems to be right for me.
Everything seems to go wrong.
It was that kind of luck; bad.

If I mentioned my heart was stirred and evoked in its inner senses in the first part of Easter; my heartstrings were definitely tugged and stretched in the opposite direction in the second part.
Joy and heartfelt warmth filled the heart first and then it seemed that it was torn apart later.
I lost one of my most treasured belongings and it broke my heart.
I tried to cry, and I tried to recall, but I just could not locate it until today. 
It has been a week, and somehow I realized that I seemed to have lost that ability to cry hence the reason I said “I tried to cry”
The loss of my treasure is just the highlight and thankfully, the only major thing which happened; I am not sure if I could handle another.
Then there was that hard time at work (the tension building up due to the deadlines and demanding/rude folks), that lack of sleep, that episode of nausea and disruptive sleep cycles, and just that negativity seeping into my thoughts.
(I am always optimistic and I keep myself cheerful, so I could deal with that but sometimes, I do allow it to sink in because I am still human, after all and a cycle of emotions could do some good too).
Almost everything went wrong in the week; nothing seemed right. Even things kept falling off, even from my hands (think drinks, paper, keys) - it was like all of a sudden I had butter fingers.
Then I bumped against the walls, chairs, cupboards, edge of the bed and knowing how easily I bruised, that was just an interesting landscape addition to the body.

To say that it has been one hell of a week, would probably be an understatement.

I could not wait for the weekend, or the new week to begin; which is this week.
Though, there is still that something about Easter this year I could not fathom, just quite yet.
Maybe it was a blessing that I have yet to understand
Maybe it was a test in that phase of my life, since I am learning to deal with life along the way.
Maybe, it is just part and parcel of life.

There is just something, about Easter this year….

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