It's Not (Just) the Bunny nor the Eggs

By Christina Kim - April 01, 2015

For many, Easter is all about colorful eggs and hopping bunnies (often masqueraded and seen through their overtly thick and furry costumes sending doses of hyperactive and perhaps that hint of cutesy factor through their wide grins displaying those significantly protruded large front teeth ).

Chocolates and candies dressed in bright colors enough to send alarms to even those living in color oblivion are often spotted in quaint baskets; carefully crafted and weaved with difficulties that only those who have been through the basket making process would understand.
It is as it is depicted; all colors, sweets, eggs and the cute bunnies.

The real meaning of Easter seems to have sunk with the ship of commercialization, just like many other festivities, but Easter, in particular; it seems, had been churned out as the alter ego of the much celebrated (and well transformed from the originally more ominous theme to its animated exuberance today) festival of Halloween. 
Spot the uncanny resemblances between the two; with candies and colors (though in repelling tones) and the theme of costumes (well, Easter is just a bunny though; fair enough).
The point is, the origins and the underlying reasons for the mass celebrations of Easter have drowned in the vibrant colors and spoonfuls of sugar-coated goodies which have just seamlessly transitioned (and settled comfortably) in the turfs of what constitutes the very foundations of Christianity.
Yes, in case you're (still) wondering, Easter is very much a religious festival with its origins rooted in the very veins of Christianity, and as mentioned, the celebration of Easter itself, is the solid embodiment of what Christians hold strongly on to.

Easter is about the gift of Life, and a testament to the divinity of the Holy Trinity; a concept strongly preached and encompasses the entire religion in a whole. 
From the prophecy and the fulfillment of the Scriptures, everything about Easter is religious.
The Son of God who became Man, was put through trials and his final trial claimed his life in a death filled with much atrocity that it would put any horror film to shame, and in what follows as a mourning for a king's death was then pleasantly jolted with the revelation of an open tomb and the return of the King in all His glory and majestic, bending all those who have seen and believed to their knees.
It is about resurrection, sacrifice and most of all, Love.

In all its symbolic representations and heavyweight significance, Easter is rightfully surpassing even the theme of Christmas in importance, if you were to look at it that way.
We celebrate the birth of a divine and heavenly King on Christmas, but Easter is about that gift of Life, the renewal of oneself through the forgiveness of sins; a spectacle ratified by the ultimate selfless sacrifice for the atonement of the sins of all mankind.
That journey itself spirals into the nucleus formation of the very faith bedrock of Christianity, in the religious perspective.

Now I am not here to debate whether Easter eggs or bunnies are to be evicted from the celebration, for quite frankly these are rather affable representations in a non religious way and of course, in an obvious show of unanimous acquiescence around the world.
Who does not love the idea of having children paint the eggs and make good use of their time (or the eggs)? Furthermore, eggs are themselves quite the quintessential of life; or rather of new life through birth, and that should be sufficient to even illustrate the concept of the celebration without the exertion of focus on the religious aspect; figuratively speaking.

My point is more on the importance of the festival; the cognizance of the reasons behind the many celebrations are vital to fuel the comprehension and appreciation for the origins and essence of one's beliefs.
That being said, let's not read too much into making this about the exaggeration factor in the enthusiasm leading to religious fanaticsm.

Like all festivals, Easter is not more than just a celebration for there are series of religious events leading to the triumphant festivities on Easter Sunday. Starting from Lent, the reverence of the festival is captured in the journey of reflection and redemption of one's sins and of others throughout the entire period, essential to understand the true meaning of the ultimate sacrifice.
It is also a time to make amendments and penance, in that wholly religious regard.
It is not just a time for oneself, but also for one to learn and look at others and how forgiving they have been.

Redemption always starts from oneself and home, and families are always the institution of our mere existence; thus the reconciliation with one's family is also marked as the important part in each celebration.
What more can be more meaningful than that quality time with loved ones and the sounds of the living rooms livened up by the continuous animated chattering and soulful banter as everyone convenes in warm embraces and doting smiles?

[The airline companies are definitely the ones smiling, with the increasing flights they are operating to ferry their passengers home in their home regions; particularly in the UK, most of Europe and even United States as early as 1st of April this year.
Reasonably so; since it is only a day away from the sombre commemoration of the Holy Easter Triduum starting from Maundy Thursday (1st of April falls on Wednesday)].

Easter may be religious in nature, but the colors and commercialization may come to nothing to scare the general public away from what could be an extremely buoyant celebration, and there is definitely no better way to spread the good news than to have the whole world joining in with that light hearted feelings of joy (in their very own ways).
One may not be Christian by faith, but festive joys are never marginalized by the religion one practices or even if one does not even believe.

Reunion and reconciliation with families and loved ones of course will always take centerstage; of course, understandably after the divine theological aspect of it all (especially for the Christians of course).

For the rest, the bunnies and eggs, and of course the colorful candies are always here to stay.
I, for one, would not mind that colorful eggs painted in stripes and polka dots, for all they are worth, right there on my mantelpiece and Easter bunny, come here, you look like you're ready for our yearly Easter hug.

So Easter bunny, eggs, colors and all?
You are still in favor, all in all :-)

For more information, read more about the origins of the Easter Bunny and the eggs here

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, and Happy Holidays to all!~

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