The Storyteller

By Christina Kim - April 01, 2015

I have many stories to tell.
I have many stories running in my head
I have many of them which I would love to pen down.
Sometimes I see myself as just, a storyteller.

I write, with much conviction, of stories I have heard and that comes to mind which I am compelled to share.
I love that part of writing when it comes to the continuous flow which just feels like that surge of power barging through the nervous system and straight to the fingers (tapping away at the keyboard).
It is that storyteller in there; that muse waiting to inspire me as I write.

There are times when the mind seems to be just blank, and I have no idea what I want to write about.
There are also times when the mind is just filled with so many ideas; all bursting out of their skins that I simply cannot decide which one to pick and to write first
There are times when it seems like I am all set to write that one story or article, and as I start that writing, it churns into something else and I am all ready to just follow that flow
(Make that sudden turn and swerve into a different lane, no signal whatsoever)

Nothing is for sure for that storyteller
There is no definite start or end to any of the story
Things could change, anytime
There is no time set when the muse waves that wand or sprinkle that dust over my thinking cap
I could be up right in the middle of the night or early in that morning, or I may just stay up all night, to write, write and write
Characters change along the way, and the plot thickens
No one can tell, not even me sometimes

I just want to share my stories
That many running through my head that I am just dying to tell
A story a day, perhaps it's ambitious yet below expectation
But I am definitely looking forward
To do my very best
As the Storyteller~

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