A Letter to Our Beautiful Earth

By Christina Kim - April 24, 2020

Dear Earth,

   I am writing this to tell you how blessed I feel to be living and witnessing your greatness and to be provided a humble abode in your stead. There is no word that will suffice to express that gratitude and all my emotions to be a part of you. You are always working to make it the best and liveable place for us, your humble tenants, providing us with light, water and food, even gems to enrich our lives even more.
Everything about you is just so majestic that I do not even know where to start, and you just never fail to amaze us with your endless wonders. From the bright blue skies to the puffs of floating clouds to the towering gigantic mountains that follows to the bend of beautiful valleys and glides upon the surface of the rocky brooks that flows to the open arms of the vast blue greenery of the sea, you have had us in awe and lust for the magnificence that you offer. That temptation led us to want more, we just want to take in every sight of you and who could blame us when you are just this beautiful and magnanimous to offer that open invitation?

   So it began with our admiration through the sights and appreciation of your nature and we wonder about the many more that lies out there, on sides we cannot see nor reach. We then created the modes to move through the canals and paths of the mighty sea, braving the strength of the tumbling waves and the roaring sounds of the ocean and then we latch straps on your mountains and hills which are also connected to enable us to move from one end to another. Then as we wanted more and more of you in places we cannot reach, we started cutting into your mountains, gnawing and grinding at your rocky surfaces to make more pathways and then we found some precious treasures within some of them and we knew you were so generous with your blessings. We dug and scratched to unravel those treasures and as time goes by, we needed more and more that we invented explosives to blow up your mountains, not knowing that we are hurting your trust and causing your pain.
We enjoyed our inventions and we were so pleased with our accomplishments and the rewarding experiences of exploring your beauty, we wanted more to join in the fun and built larger vessels to bring us everywhere, making our journeys across the widespread sea, through the mountains and we even flew into the skies (yes, just like birds, we found out our own way how to), cruising along the pillowy cushions of the clouds. We made use of what you have given us to feed our inventions energy and we kept taking from you as we needed more and more of these resources to fuel our desires and needs. Over the years, we noticed the supply from you have been growing thin, but then we have also gotten so smart that we could even produce artificial ones which could easily stand in for your own. We were so pleased with our intelligence that we did not even notice that you were disapproving of them for they are again your deadly foes which bring you more harm than good.
   You fed us well, with your bountiful fruits which just grow so beautifully on your body and we love how sweet they taste. We love your fawning creatures which scampers over you so happily though they sometimes shy away upon the sight of us. We thought they were food but then our appetites grew and soon they turned into rampages. Now your fruits and roots shrank in fear at our shadows and your once docile pets shudder in terror, cowering in their abodes hoping they will not be seen as they foresee their dreadful ends in our hands. There is no more place for them, we have conquered most of you as we grow stronger in numbers and start to change, thinking that we are now just as mighty. Our complacence made us feel invincible and sometimes, we may just think that we have overpowered you.
We ravaged through most of your parts, no longer minding your secrecies, your privacy nor your dignity. We trampled upon every part of you, leaving trails of dirty footprints everywhere yet without realising how damaging it is to your mind, body and soul and maybe we do not even care, as we tick off each accomplishment of the parts we have landed our feet upon, the parts of you which we have forgotten are of your flesh and meat.

   We did not hear your cries, we did not see your fading colours and your growing pains which were slowly making you ill. You were covered in bruises and sores on the outside and bleeding on the inside, yet we do not see. You whimpered and sobbed but no one could hear you, you kept telling us again and again, that it hurts and there is no attention paid to your sorrows. Oh, how disappointed and hurt you must have felt! You must have been so tormented that you could no longer handle it anymore as it gets worse day by day.
You have indeed been very patient with us for you have tolerated them again and again, swallowing the betrayal in bitterness and anguish. Your silent cries continue to fall upon deaf ears every single time, drowned in the liveliness of our obliviousness. I simply cannot imagine the helplessness you must have felt.

   Now you're back with a vengeance, or so we have made it out to be, that you are retaliating against us. It is funny, why again, we made YOU the antagonist here when clearly you were the victim. We have grown so much in narcissism that we believed ourselves to be the good guy and tried to play God, throwing the blame on you that you were the one trying to hurt us instead, not realising that you were just claiming your belongings and healing your self at the same time. I do not believe that you were truly out there with intent to harm us, oh no, Earth, I know you are much more wonderful than seen in the naked eye. Your soul is just too pure to be this villainous and I know you are innocent in this treacherous mess we have made with our bare hands and rotting soul.

   Today you are already torn and covered with wounds that go deep into your veins and the depths of your heart yet you are still holding it up. You have to hold onto that fort you have built with your strength and fight to survive, as you are slowly wasting away, gasping for breath and deprived of your energy, yet still holding on as you dangle upon the thin line of life and death. You have to, for the sake of not only yourself, but everything you hold in your regard and your shelter, and I know you will continue to hold on.
For all the suffering and pain caused, I am here to apologise to you, my dearest Earth.
I know the harm that we have all done upon you and for the pains are unimaginable to us. I understand that the damage is done, but trust us, or at least some of us, who are working our hardest to help you heal. We may not work great wonders nor miracles like yourself and our hands are tiny, but just like how we work through your connected mountains and pathways, we too, are connected with our kind across your body and we are taking baby steps towards your recovery. I am not sure if we are able to fully restore you to your once much exalted beauty, but we will not give up in steering toward that direction.
I know it is hard, but I hope you will believe us just one more time.

     Though you are slowly recovering today, I do understand that we cannot work wonders in making you well immediately but at least we are seeing progress and we will continue to spread the news across borders on your surface and to make more join in the efforts, to save you our beautiful Earth and make you healthy again. 
It is a promise we make to you, as to shine you shine in pride and splendour is our biggest dream and for that, we will make it our mission to make you well.

I love you my dearest Earth, and I look forward to your pink of health.

With love, 
Your humble resident

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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