A Daily Dose of Happiness

By Christina Kim - April 20, 2020

"Find a reason to smile"

I always find that reason, each and every single day.
Yes, there are days when things do not go out well and the day does not start off right, and it can be tough to force ourselves to lift the sides of our face in the upward direction but it does not mean it is impossible.
I am just human, and like everyone else, like all of you out there, I have days when I am just down and just cannot help but slip into the pit of emotions but I still try to pull myself out and remind myself that things do not always go well each and every single day, otherwise, why, won't the world be just so dull if there is no other shape but just a flat surface as it is constantly staying in that state and there is no rotation?
If the world does not rotate, we will always have countries looking at darkness and others, will never see the day end. The sea will not have waves, nor will mountains have bends and valleys and the river will not flow and so forth.
The thing is, there is nothing that stays constant and the only constant, is change.

Happiness is something that I have shared in numerous posts yet I will never tire of writing about them because it is just something I and everyone should keep in mind. Nobody wants to be unhappy right?
Happiness is always a choice and you can choose to be filled with happiness or even just be happy for that split second or you could just pick to be drowning in sadness. Nobody can decide that for you or me.
Every day is just bound to be different and it is not something we can control every single time but we can control the way we look at it, receive it and respond to the things that unfold. As I always say, it is always within ourselves to make that choice.
If there is anything we can control, that is our own choice.

Tears, feelings of heaviness, despair, frustration, anger, desolation, along with many not-so good feelings have also made their way into me and there are times I give into these emotions but after a good cry or vent, it is also time to rid ourselves of them and just hold our heads up. If I continue to dwell on them, what will change? Nothing. Will it make me feel better? Definitely not either. So, why keep myself in that state?
I can choose to mope all day or just mellow in misery but it will not change anything for the better. Instead it will make me feel heavy in the chest and sink into a state of oblivion and then unwell. There is really nothing good out of it.

"Things happen for a reason"
Everything, good or bad, always happens for a reason or a purpose, be it seen or unseen, known or unknown to us. That is what I have always believed and will continue to as well. It may seem like my own self-affliction to view things that way but it is indeed true for the reasons always come to surface even though long after the occurrence. It may seem to be a misfortune in the beginning but sometimes it could turn out to be a miracle and vice versa though the way I view it, it is always the former that prevails. Therefore, depending on how you view it, even misfortunes are actually miracles if you believe and besides, 
"Behind every cloud, there is always a silver lining" and it has never failed me so far.

Every day can be a good day if we want it or see it that way.
Of course, some would scoff and say that it would be easier said than done, or no hardship had I undergone to be able to say such things easily. I have no right to tell someone who would be constantly hit with hardships in their lives nor convince them otherwise, and this is also not a command that everyone must adhere to. I understand that there are many who cannot nor are given an opportunity to even smile let alone try to be positive when they are hit with endless mishaps and I am not going to even try to say that I understand what they are going through because I truly do not, and my heart and soul go out to them. However, the only thing I can do for them is to keep them close in my prayers that they will find happiness or happiness will somehow present itself to brighten their days.
I am not a happiness coach nor preacher, I am just sharing my own perspectives to share that tiny bit of window for one to look out to and I think we all need that, especially in a time like this where everyone is filled with anxiety, fear, uncertainties and hopelessness as things seem to be grimmer by the moment. There is nothing we could do to change anything in the numbers of cases across the globe and the only thing we do is to continue to comply with the call to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, I take charge of my own life and look for my own ways to grapple the situation towards something I can control, my emotion and perspective. 

That is how I find myself my daily dose of happiness, something to look forward to each and every day and they do not have to be something spectacular nor of material. All I need is just one thing (or more) and it could be anything.
If there is one thing I look forward to each and every day more than anything, I would definitely say that it is the rising sun at the break of every single day.
That ray of light, from a tiny flicker to its slow but sure and magnificent reveal of a majestic brightness that burst across the skies as they disperse to make way for the mighty sun is just that lift-me-up.

It provides me much satisfaction to just stare at this wonderful scene every single morning which also at the same time, kept me in awe of its wonders and sometimes, I would just stay fixated to the scene even long after, silently pondering upon its greatness.
I would even be inspired to pen a line or two, be it a poem, or just my thoughts of admiration for the beautiful and mighty scene that just takes place.
This, does not even cost a dime and already put a smile instantly on my face.

I love the sunset just as much, as I have said so myself many times but let us just focus on the break of day for now. After all, we don't need much but just one dose to make ourselves happy and of course, feel free to indulge in more.

It is just that easy to find something to smile about, if we can find a million things to fault with.

I leave you with just one thing today, that scene of sunrise which I captured in a few mornings, and I will continue to share more in my upcoming posts whenever I can.
This will mark the start of my new series, as titled and I look forward to these daily doses as they increase in numbers.

Have you found your daily dose of happiness?
What is yours?

Oh, and today, I even got a bonus, as there was even a rainbow on the other side of the sky!

Here's wishing you to find your rainbow too, every single day.

Happy Day, every single Day everyone!

*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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