By Christina Kim - January 27, 2017


The flowers are in full bloom, a sea of varying shapes and colors with light petal heads swaying lightly to the sounds of the wind amidst the sparkling rays from the sun.

It is a lovely sight, further accentuated by the sweet pleasant scent in the air; one that sends one into a state of euphoric divinity.

A scene that is synonymous with that of spring.

The beginning of spring often lifts one's spirits as the cold (and perhaps dull) colors of winter transitions into brighter hues and glimpses of the sun beams make its way into the skies.

It is a depiction of hope and of life, as animals and plants which have gone into hibernation over the cold season springs back into life with the warmth finally making its presence.

It is for this reason the Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring festival.


The Chinese or Lunar New Year is commemorated by the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar; which falls between 21st January and 20th February.

The Start of Spring takes place from the 4th to the 18th of February, and this marks the beginning of the lunisolar calendar as the season is the first of the 24 solar terms.

This is also the commencement of the Farming season; or the 'farming calendar' in general, despite the oddities of the differences between the seasons between the north and south of China where the cold winter still prevails.

Traditionally, due to the vast lands and rich soil present in the mainland China, farming or agriculture has a long history and historically, dates back to the first of the means of living for the population back then.
It makes logical sense too; with the low cost to start up and the need to feed one's mouth (not to mention family).

Crops are the main sources of sustainability alongside the obvious part of one's income; thus tossing the whole farming activity into the limelight as it spearheads the economy of the nation.

The cold winter pauses the growth of the crops or rather, wilts them away while farmers are forced to take a break and waits for the arrival of the warmer season which is more favorable for the living (both men and plants).

Spring is therefore not just a mere concept of hope, but rather, it is the reality that the people awaits as everything, just like the flowers, are just blooming with hope.

It is for this reason the Lunar or Chinese New Year is celebrated as a brand new season; a whole new beginning for that is the meaning of Spring and the start of a new calendar year.

It is the beginning.

We have decorated our houses, offices and buildings with floral themes for this very reason, as the festivities loom near; in welcoming the New Spring.

We call it the Chinese or Lunar New Year, we call it the New Spring, but do we really know the underlying meaning behind all of it?
The origins?

Or are we merely looking forward to the new beginning that comes with the change of the new calendar?

The meaning is not just about why flowers are dominating the theme, or why the Spring denotes the beginning of the calendar.

The meaning which brings a definition to the whole celebration and in understanding our own roots and identity.

Everyone celebrates for a reason, but most of all, the meaning of a celebration precedes that for in understanding and knowing the meaning, it makes all the more sense when it comes to enjoying the season.

The meaning is important, it is crucial, but most of all, it makes everything much more meaningful.

It brings on the meaning and more spirits as we celebrate the festival; and as we welcome the new Spring, the new beginning and hope.

The sparks of the fireworks and the cheer from the festivities may fade away, but it is the Meaning that stays on.



*Author's Note: 
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