By Christina Kim - January 04, 2017


No one can tell us how to live our lives; that is for certain.

Every one of us have our own ideas on how to make our life the most meaningful one possible.

Taking it step by step, we always strive to make the most of our time here.

Well, almost every one of us, that is.

There are also those who can't stand the thought of living and attempt to end their lives as soon as possible; perhaps we do not know what they have gone through either.

Everyone has their own ideals of how their life should turn out to be.
One's own unique definition.

Life, is viewed differently in each of our own perspective; shaped by the beliefs and the environmental factors that surround us.

Some view life as a journey.
Some view life as a quest.
Some view life as a commitment.

It does not matter the way we view life, for we each define our own lives.

We aim to achieve many things in life and we aim to perfect our lives to our best abilities.

Sometimes, we may even get lost in that mission of achieving what we want in our lives that we probably forgot the very essence of life; which is Life itself.

We forgot to LIVE that Life.

There are many definitions of Life, but what's the point if we are not living that Life we ourselves defined?

At the same time, we have also probably envisioned the many ideal accomplishments or that  perfect life we want to live at the end of all the efforts and our journey, that we have probably gotten clouded with that fact staring at us right back in the face.

That ultimately, Life does come to an end.

Yes, the final chapter in life is not defined by the many successes and also the accomplishments but rather, that final breath of life.

We all come to this world to live and then, like it or not, we will someday depart the world as well; though we know not when.

Perhaps death is not a favorable topic and is one that many choose to shy away from; and that could be the very reason we choose to delude ourselves with that accomplished ending.

That dream we want to live.

Without an End?

It is interesting when you think about it and a rather bewildering question that comes to mind would be, 

"Why do we bother to Live, when we know we are going to Die anyway?"

The answer is simple, because We don't Live to Die; rather, we are Dying to Live.


We want to continue living as long as possible.
We want a life that is worth our time.
We want a life that is truly ours
We want that time we have in our lives, well spent and fully optimized.

We all know for a fact that we are going to leave someday; depart by death but yet, we want to live.

No one really wants to die.

No one wants to live their lives just waiting for deaths.

Even those who attempt to end their lives; do change their minds at the very last minute (unless in extremely exceptional cases).

Every one wants to live.

Every living one, will not just give up on living just because that end is death.

Look at a little animal; be it an insect or a cat or dog, as they are dying, they are also struggling so hard to live.
They also deny that pain they go through and strive so hard to stay alive.
They FIGHT against their fates.

It is truly remarkable that it could bring tears and just stirs up the emotions in you.

Take that very tip from the whole concept of life itself; that we are not shaken by what we encounter in life.

We may not succeed in what we do; we could fail.
We could go through the worst times in life, more than once.
We could feel like giving up on everything.

We could feel like it is the End of the World sometimes when things go awry and everything seems to be crumble down.

But, it is Not the End.

We still bounce back and get ourselves back on the road.

At least, most of us do.

We don't know when the end comes either, neither do we know HOW it will come but that did not stop any one of us from living right?

We will never be able to predict the outcome of any decision or our actions; or if our road is the right one.

Then again, we can't predict when we will stop breathing either.

So, what makes us feel like a total failure and give up when we are still breathing?

Remember, we don't Live to die, we are all still Dying to Live....

Keep that in mind, and as long as you breathe, make the most of that life and LIVE....


*Author's Note: 
This is not a sponsored/promotional post, and solely based on author's personal opinions and do not represent the general public. 
Experiences vary from one individual to another.
You do not have to agree with me.

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